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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How to Choose the Right Vape Flavors for Your Needs

Are you one of the 3.7% of Americans who vapes on a daily basis?

That's right! That number accounts for over 9 million American adults, ranging in age and race. It's safe to say that across the board, vaping has been pretty popular.

And these CDC results come from 2014. This was long before vaping began trending everywhere. Now, there are even more mods, varieties, and options for vapers.

And one of those options includes the many vape flavors. Long gone are the days of plain ol' menthol or nicotine (although that still exists). Now we have even more variety, from circus cookie to loaded glazed donuts.

That's certainly not all, either!

Does the insane variety have you wondering which flavor is best for you? We've separated the many flavors into four main categories. Choose your favorite and the rest is history!


For the Sweet Tooth

If you're a fan of sweets, the vape juice world has you covered.

Remember the circus cookie and loaded glazed donut we mentioned earlier? There's also Holy Cannoli French Toast and at least three different milk pairings. Try milk with Cookies, Donuts, or Loops, and you've got your breakfast bowl of cereal covered.

Are you more of a traditional sweet tooth? Try apple bread pudding instead.


For the Adventurous Soul

Speaking of breakfast, how do you feel about bacon-flavored vape juice? Or for a little pick-me-up, how about some Red Bull? If you're an adventurous vaper, you might try your hand (or mouth) at one of these.

Some other fun, adventurous flavors we love?

  • Cheesecake fantasy
  • Egg custard
  • Pancakes
  • Circus coconut cake
  • Rocket pop (reminiscent of your 4th of July holidays as a kid!)

And trust us. If you've thought of a flavor, chances are it's out there. And if it's not, there are ways to blend and create your own flavors.


For the Fruit Lover

Are you a fan of the fruit? Lucky for you, this is a common occurrence in vape shops. Fruits are an easy, universally-enjoyed taste.

Dragon fruit, melon, strawberry. Pineapple, berries, and guava. Watermelon and cantaloupe.

We're not talking about what's for dinner. We're talking about your e-juice!

The best part of these flavors is that they're enjoyable for long periods of time. You may not enjoy bacon-flavored vaping 24/7 (or maybe you do). But with fruit flavors, you're bound to enjoy them more often than the adventurous breeds.


For the Weirdo

Stay weird, guys. No one's gonna judge you!

Some of our favorite "weird" flavors? As in, adventurous flavors turned up a notch or two?

  • Crab legs (um, okay!)
  • Black pepper
  • Beer
  • Hot dog (no mustard or ketchup included)

As you can see, they're a little strange. But if you're feeling crazy, try 'em out!


There Are Vape Flavors for Everyone

Are you trying to kick a cigarette habit? Or are you looking for more flavor than what your average cigarette can offer?

Then one of these vape flavors may be your answer. After all, they're tasty, eclectic, and 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes!

So at the very least, you've got a cool experiment on your hands.

Now that you know what flavors you want, what vape pen is best for you? Check out this article to help guide your decision!

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