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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Choose a Vape That's Right for You - eJuice.Deals

How to Choose a Vape That's Right for You

If you're new to the wonderful world of vaping, choosing the right vape for you may feel confusing. Should you choose a bigger or smaller option? Is battery-powered or USB-chargeable better?

Don't stress! We have all the information you need right here to demystify the vape purchasing process.

Keep reading to learn how to choose a vape that suits your needs. Let's get started!


How Does a Vape Work?

Although vapes come in many different shapes and sizes, they all operate using the same basics mechanisms. Let's break it down.


Vape tanks are the part of the device that hold the liquid, heating coil, and wicks. In some vapes, this part is clear.


This part of the vaping device is made of wire and, you guessed it, is in the shape of a coil. The wire is covered in an absorbent material like cotton, creating a wick. This is what absorbs the vaping liquid, acting as a vehicle for the vaporization process.


Depending on the device, a vape may run off of a replaceable battery, or one that is not removable.


The mod is the part of the vape that contains the batteries and transmits power.


What is Vaping Liquid?

So, what is vape juice? And what's in vape juice? Let's break it down.

Vaping liquid, also called e-liquid or e-juice, is the fluid that's vaporized during the use of a vaping device. It's usually comprised of vegetable glycerin, flavoring, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine, depending on the user's preference. Although these ingredients may sound foreign, they're totally safe to use.

E-juice comes in a variety of flavors. The most popular varieties are deliciously fruity or sweet, dessert-like blends.


How to Choose a Vape

Now that we know how a vape works, let's review how to choose a vape pen. After all, not all models are created equal!

In order to identify the right device for you, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Would I like an all-in-one device or a customizable device?
  • Do I have an optimal size in mind?
  • How often will I be vaping?
  • Am I looking for a vape that offers a basic performance, or something that operates on a higher performance level?

Let your answers guide you through the browsing process. When it comes to buying a vape, the easiest way to go is to shop online from a trusted retailer.

Many online retailers offer vaping starter kits, which come complete with everything you need. These are a great way to go when you're first starting out.

Choosing which vape is right for you all depends on how simple or sophisticated you want to go. And really, there are no wrong decisions!


Vape On!

Enjoy your brand new vape, whichever you decide to go with. And if you're worried you might not get it right on the first try, don't stress!

You can always upgrade to another style of device anytime. There are plenty of options to choose from.

If you feel at all lost along the way, we're here for you. Just contact us anytime for advice on how to choose a vape that suits your every need.

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