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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Air Factory eJuices - eJuice.Deals

Best Air Factory eJuices

Air Factory Vape Juices

Air Factory is one of the more storied brands in vaping. Their complete lineup of eJuices includes high-VG ejuice, nic salts and long lasting disposable vapes. The master formulators at Air Factory have managed to create a great line-up with authentic flavors.

Using high-quality ingredients and exacting quality control standards, Air Factory focuses on delivering a clean and consistent taste. They have a flavor and ejuice for every vaper. Today we will look at the best Air Factory e-liquids. This lineup of freebase eJuices are affordable and perfect for lower resistance and direct to lung vaping.


Air Factory eJuices

Air Factory Ads

Air Factory eJuices are sold in 100ml bottles. They have a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. This is a classic ratio which provides excellent vapor production. There are two popular ways to vape high-VG vape juice. Traditionally, the sub-ohm vape mod and tank is the go-to device for regular eJuices. An increasingly popular device choice is the vape pod. There are many more powerful vape pods on the market with sub-ohm coils that excel at vaping standard eJuice.

An important feature of Air Factory eJuice is the use of freebase nicotine. These are lower nicotine vape juices. If you are looking for potent nic salts to vape in a low wattage vape pod, the eJuices reviewed today may not be suitable for your needs and Air Factory Salts would be a better fit.

In the case of both Air Factory Salts and eJuices, most of the flavors feature the flavors that most adult vapers prefer. This means plenty of tropical fruit, beverage, confection, and berry flavors.



Nic Salts versus Freebase Nicotine

The difference between high-VG vape juices and nic salts comes down to the nicotine that is used in each, although there are high-VG juices with zero nicotine. Freebase nicotine was the original type used in vaping; it is excellent in lower potency vape juices but gets a bit harsh at higher strengths (over 18mg). Nic salts on the other hand use benzoic acid to change the structure of regular or freebase nicotine. This lowers the pH level, making nic salts less harsh when added at higher strengths.

While there is no reason nic salts cannot be used in lower strength vape juices, there is no reason to do so as freebase is suitable. On the other hand, nic salts allow lower wattage vape pods to deliver satisfying performance as they are available in nicotine strengths generally ranging between 25 and 50mg. Prefilled vape pods and modern disposable vapes are possible because of nic salts.


 Mouth to Lung versus Direct to Lung Vaping

MTL versus DL vaping

There are two major styles of vape juice, nic salts and high-VG freebase eJuice, and these correspond with the two major styles of vaping. Direct to Lung vaping is what the Air Factory eJuices reviewed today are designed for. This style of vaping works best with powerful vape pod kits and vape mods. The amount of vapor and free air flow delivers vapor directly into the lungs and produces massive clouds.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping is very popular. Disposable vapes, lower wattage vape pods and even the original cigalikes all were designed for MTL vaping. This style is thought to more closely mimic combustibles. It works best with lower vapor production. Lower wattage is required and there the device itself can be smaller.  


Best Air Factory eJuice

The best Air Factory eJuices are optimized for clouds and flavor. They feature sweet and balanced fruit notes. They rely heavily on go-to flavor profiles that are incredibly popular with adult vapers. The available nicotine strengths are 0, 3 and 6mg. The 100ml bottle provides a lot of vaping.


Air Factory Blue Razz eJuice

Air Factory Blue Razz eJuice is a great version of an incredibly popular flavor. A blend of fresh fruit flavors merged with hard confection notes, there is a dose of tartness that makes for a perfectly balanced flavor.


Air Factory Berry Rush eJuice

Air Factory Berry Rush is a perfect mix of succulent berry flavors. The sweetness level is tempered and perfect for a high-VG vape juice. The tartness adds great flavor depth. It is easy to see why mixed berry medleys incredibly popular. Air Factory’s version is one of the best.  


Air Factory Mint eJuice

Air Factory Mint eJuice shows how well cooling mint works in a high-VG vape juice. Generally, this flavor is associated with nic salts, but the sweet mint notes provide a balanced all-day vape experience.


Air Factory Synthetic Blue Razzberry

Air Factory Synthetic Blue Razzberry eJuice shares some DNA with the Blue Razz flavor but boasts even smoother notes using synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine.



Air Factory Melon Lush eJuice

Air Factory Melon Lush eJuice is a popular combination of honeydew melon and watermelon flavors. A fusion of confection and fruit notes, there is no shortage of tart and sweet flavor tones. Honeydew melon makes such a remarkable flavor, often more compelling to the vaper’s palate than the fruit itself.


Air Factory Synthetic Aloha Strawberry

Synthetic nicotine allows for crystal clear flavors. Air Factory Synthetic Aloha Strawberry eJuice is a great example of juice how much flavor clarity can be delivered in a high-VG vape juice. This is not your ordinary strawberry flavor. Bold sweet pineapple notes and creamy coconut flavors create an amazing tropical fruit inspired vape. A great eJuice that never tires the taste buds.


Air Factory Mix Berry eJuice

Air Factory Mix Berry eJuice is the second berry medley flavor on this list. There are saltwater confection notes that elevated a bold combination of fruits and berries. Sold in 60ml bottles.


Air Factory Custard Tobacco eJuice

Adding smooth and sweet flavors to a tobacco flavored vape juice is a proven formula. The flue-cured tobacco flavor has earthy sweetness, but the edges are smoothed with smooth vanilla notes. Air Factory Custard Tobacco eJuice melds dessert and tobacco flavors. 


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