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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

11 Weird Vape Flavors for the Adventurous Vaper - eJuice.Deals

11 Weird Vape Flavors for the Adventurous Vaper

More and more people are being drawn to vaping these days, particularly the younger generations and men demographics.

One survey showed that 10% of Americans currently use vape products and e-cigarettes. That is a dramatic leap from the 3.7% of users in 2014 and 2.6% user rate in 2013!

A fervent dash to take advantage of this skyrocketing trend has lead to a massive outpouring of different e-liquids.

A group from the University of California discovered that there are currently about 460 vape brands, and over 7,700 various flavors available!

With so many flavors on the market, and prices ranging from the cheap but tasty to the expensive and lavish, there is bound to be more than a few oddballs out there.

We have curated a sampling of 11 weird vape flavors you can buy if you are feeling a bit adventurous. Read on to see which juices made the list.


1. Pancake Man

If you have been searching for a vape juice to compliment your breakfast, Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics is your ticket!

The flavor of this juice tastes like momma's fresh pancakes topped with strawberries, maple syrup, and whipped cream.


2. Pop Deez

This is a nostalgic flavor by Steep Vapors.

If you loved eating Cracker Jacks as a child, this juice will bring back the good memories of the old-fashioned treat with caramel popcorn and nuts.

As an added bonus, this flavor contains a vape "prize" in every box!


3. Taruto

This polarizing flavor by Yami Vapor aims to taste like egg custard. It's like sweet cream and egg in a bread crust, like the bizarre old-fashioned dessert.

If you love custard, this flavor is right up your alley. But the heavy cream flavor is a turn off for many vapers.


4. Pink Palmer

If you enjoy refreshing vape juices, this one by Tailored Vapors will be a holy grail for you.

It boasts a pink lemonade and sweet tea flavor combination, heavy on the sweet tea flavor. If you love drinking an ice cold sweet tea, give this odd one a try.


5. Strawberry Jam Monster

Another beloved childhood flavor on our list is the famous Strawberry Jam Monster by Jam Monster Liquids.

This vape juice imitates a buttered toast flavor with fresh strawberry jam. The flavors are so realistic it's astounding!


6. Cheesecake Fantasy

This dessert inspired flavor by Triumphant sounds awesome, but the resulting flavor doesn't quite hit the mark.

This juice tastes like an unsweetened cheesecake with graham cracker crust. Not bad... if you like diet cheesecake!


7. No. 71

This outlandish flavor by Beard Vape Co. is rumored to taste like sweet and sour peach gummy rings.

The flavor is more complex than a simple peach flavor. It tastes like the distinct flavor of the sugar covered circular confection!


8. Kiberry Yogurt

This vape juice is an edgy twist on a tropical treat by Kilo.

The flavor profile mimics strawberries and kiwi in plain yogurt, and it is a frequent favorite among fruit flavored juice loving vapers.


9. Pink Sticks

This worldly flavor is a Japanese inspired one by 7 Daze.

It takes inspiration from strawberry pocky sticks that are a favorite in Japan, but it tastes more like the breadstick with a faint hint of strawberry.

10. Circus Coconut Cake

This flavor by Circus E-liquid is a stupendous achievement for cookie lovers.

The name doesn't quite capture the magnificence of the flavor because this juice tastes exactly like Samoa Girl Scout cookies but without the chocolate drizzle.

11. Rocket Pop

The last uncanny flavor on our list is from Rocket Fuel Vapes.

It tastes like the tri-colored Americana popsicles that gave this juice its' namesake.


Need More Juice-Y Details About Weird Vape Flavors?

That was a minute sampling of the strange flavors that are out there currently.

Though some of the weird vape flavors may sound unappetizing, you may find that you enjoy them. The only way to know is to give them a try.

If you have any questions about which vape flavors would suit your palate or if you have any questions about vaping or vape products, contact us today!

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