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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Candy-Lover's Guide to the Sweetest Ejuice Flavors - eJuice.Deals

A Candy-Lover's Guide to the Sweetest Ejuice Flavors

Vape juices come in all sorts of flavors from mint to bubblegum right through to coffee. It's a dream hobby for anyone with a sweet tooth!

It's time to broaden your vape flavor horizons: discover the sweetest ejuice options available and make your taste buds tingle with delight.


Will Sweet Vape Juice Help Me Lose Weight?

Some people choose vaping to quit smoking, but there is the added benefit that you could lose weight, too! Every time you want to reach for a sweet candy snack, pick up your vape pen instead.

The sweet flavors will satisfy your cravings so you'll snack less. Over time, the reduced calorie intake you've chosen by vaping instead of snacking could help you to lose those unwanted pounds.


Five of the Sweetest EJuice Flavors

We've tried and tested a lot of different flavors to find the very best vape juices for your sweet tooth. Here are our favorites:

1. Circus Cookie

A sweet hit to the back of the throat that lasts for ages, the Circus Cookie vape juice is ideal for anyone with a love of all things bubblegum.

Imagine sugar sprinkles on the top of Lucky Charms cereal, topped with a generous dollop of pink and white cupcake frosting. That's the sweetest you can get!

2. Loaded Glazed Donuts

There's no need to stop by Krispy Kreme to get your sugar fix anymore. Loaded Glazed Donuts is just one of several Donuts ejuice flavors that'll get your tastebuds riled up (without the added tooth cavities!).

Smelling like a just-baked donut still hot from the oven, this ejuice will go perfectly with your morning coffee, as an after-lunch vape treat, or any other time of the day.

3. Nude Pom

For those with a fruity craving, Nude Pom ejuice is perfect. A balanced combination of pineapple, mango, and orange lets you taste each fruit with every breath.

Perfect as a sweet and peppy mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this fruity vape juice smells as good as just-crushed pineapples.

4. Holy Cannoli French Toast

For a more sweet/savory taste that compliments a coffee on your way to work or a lazy weekend morning before brunch, you can't beat Holy Cannoli French Toast.

Maple syrup and cinnamon will waft through the air when you choose this sweet vape juice, and you'll feel like you've just had the most luxurious brunch every time - wherever you are!

5. &Milk Ejuice Combinations

We love the &Milk vape juice combinations so much that we couldn't pick just one! Each flavor is a classic pairing with milk: choose from Cookies, Donuts, and Loops.

Cookies will overwhelm you with a wave of childhood nostalgia, while Donuts has that sweet feeling to quell your mid-afternoon candy cravings. Loops is an extra-special flavor: creamy strawberry milk filled with fruity cereal.

The best bit is that you can buy the triple bundle for a reduced price, so that you can test each sweet ejuice flavor for less!


Find the Right Vape Flavor for You

If you still can't decide which is the best or sweetest ejuice flavor for you, check out this guide to help pick the best vape flavors to suit your personality!

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