Take Action This National Save Vaping Day

Take Action This National Save Vaping Day

Monday, October 7, marks a day that could alter the course for the vape industry–National Save Vaping Day.

Following President Trump announcing plans to issue a federal ban on flavored vape products, five states have issued a ban on vape products and several others are likely to jump on the bandwagon. At this point, it is clear that the vape industry is facing a serious threat and as the government's grip continues to tighten, many are beginning to worry.

Amidst the struggle, however, a positive movement has begun to take place...

Vapers and businesses from around the country are gathering together and taking a unified stance to fight for this industry and for the rights of all vapers.

With more people getting involved every day, vape advocacy groups like the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association (CASAA) are gaining serious traction. 

If the government and big tobacco thought we would just roll over and let them destroy all the progress this industry has made, they're dead wrong.

Vape Bans Status Report

Over the last 30 days, several states have rashly issued vape bans, citing false information that they know to be inaccurate. These states are Massachusets, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington.

While the bans in all five states are only temporary, they will have a severe impact on the consumers and businesses in these states.

Vape shops are being forced to remove millions of dollars of inventory from their shelves. Unable to recover the costs of the inventory, many will sadly have to shut down.

Since vape shops won't be selling flavored vape juice or vape pod systems, vapers will be blockaded from buying these products.

While some people have only vaped for a year or so, others have been vaping for over 20 years and rely on vaping as the only effective alternative to smoking.

The sudden change inflicted by these vape bans will undoubtedly have a devastating impact on their health and wellbeing.

In the meanwhile, cigarettes remain legal in all or most of the states who have issued bans. With consumers having no way of accessing vape products, but you can buy a pack of cigarettes at any gas station, where do you think many vapers will turn to?

These are just a few of the many reasons why this National Save Vaping Day is so important.

Societal Impacts of the Flavor Bans

Rise of the Black Market

Vaping isn't going anywhere, even if it's deemed illegal, and once legitimate businesses are forced by the government to cease all sales of vaping-related products, black market operatives will step in to take up the slack.

This means that vapers might find themselves in violation of the law by practicing something that was legal only a few short weeks before.

They may find themselves having to visit unsavory environments in order to procure their vaping products — after all, the most likely segment of society to deal with black market vaping supplies are established, drug dealers. Adding vapers to their customer base will only serve to strengthen their stronghold in the communities where they exist, and pushing people into the illicit market increases their exposure to dangerous substances.

States Will Face a Decrease in Tax Revenue

Communities that ban vaping can also look forward to lost tax revenue. Although there is no federal tax on vape products even though they're regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, states, counties, and municipalities are free to devise their own tax structure concerning them. Communities will lose money because the black market doesn't generate tax revenue.

Walmart Joins the Bandwagon

It isn't just certain states, counties, and cities that are deciding to ban vaping — major retailer Walmart has recently jumped on the anti-vaping bandwagon. Although this is probably welcome news to indie vape shops, it speaks to a larger picture that's not so great because bandwagons tend to be contagious — and those indie vape shops will find themselves out of business if the current momentum against vaping continues to increase.

Take Action This National Save Vaping Day

Stop Vape bans this National Save Vaping Day | eJuice Deals

While the state of the vape industry is pretty scary right now, the fight is far from over. As the industry continues to unify, we'll have more than just a fighting chance against our opponents but, now more than ever, it's most important now more than ever to not lose hope and stand up to support the industry and each other.

This industry is facing a big threat, but with the support of each vaper, there's no challenge this industry can't overcome.

Now more than ever, it's crucial that every one of us stands up for what we believe in and defends this industry. Find out how you can get involved in this National Save Vaping Day by checking out all these resources

Visit and Learn

Take Action

  • Join the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternative Association (CASAA). They're nonprofit, but their cause could use your support.
  • Call or write public officials in your area and urge them not to support vape bans
  • Participate in National Save Vaping Day

Thank you for reading our latest report. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a message and we'd love to hear from you.


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E.Imes - October 8, 2019

Vaping was promoted as a safer way to smoke which is why I started vaping to cut down and quit smoking cigarettes using a safer way to do so. As it turns out they are way more hazardous then cigarettes. I feel that there should be more regulations on them but an all out ban is just stupid

Kim - October 8, 2019

I smoked tobacco for 43 years and have COPD. 3 years ago I was only able to stop through the use of vaping! My Doctor is absolutely thrilled and tells me I did a good thing, that my lungs sound GOOD, not “better” but GOOD! No other product helped me stop, and believe me, I tried them all; even prescription. If there is a petition to sign, or any other way I can help stop this ban (which you can’t help but think is supported by big tobacco) please advise. Thanking you in advance, sincerely: Kim Fox

Jerry keimach - October 8, 2019

I had my first cig at age 9, I’m 75 now and finally quit only 5 mos ago! I’ve tried tried the gum, patches and lozenges over the years and just threw money away. I have cood fro Cigarettes and that will never get better, but since i started vaping, with
, i have not looked back. I am at 0 nic and love desert flavors and without that sweetness i wouldd have trouble. I buy from my local vape shop and it would really hurt if they were not around. Our neighboring state has issued a ban on vapes, but still sells cigs and has legalized pot, which i am not against. Its the cigs that iur politicians are ignoring due to all the money big tobacco pays them systems,

Damien and lacey - October 8, 2019

We both quit smoking by vaping and we enjoying not having the stigma of being a smoker anymore. If these products are removed I’m afraid we will return to smoking cigarettes and that’s not they way either of us want to go. We both are willing to fight for our right to choose. Government is getting to big trying to hide real issues of world wide or national government policies with these types of issues using these issues as smoke screen for the media to cover when all the while the sneak a bill through that effects everyone unnoticed. We all need to stand up and fight against big government. Stay out of lives and business unless we are hurting others.
Just let us know what we can do to help the fight.

Rhonda jenkins - October 8, 2019

I always had a feeling something like this would happen, since so many like myself were able to quit cigarettes due to vaping! If they are going to ban vaping because teens are dying from it , I suggest it’s time to ban alcohol and cigarettes since they are able to get ahold of those too. How many deaths have been caused from teens underage teens driving while intoxicated? Many yet where is the ban on alcohol? I will fight for my rights to vape. With these bans including the state of Oregon which is now also apart of the ban I will not substitute cigarettes for vaping ever!!!!! Quit stepping on my rights government!!!!!!

Kathleen Reinke - October 8, 2019

First off since when can our government tell us what we can and cant do with our bodies whether it’s good or bad.If kids want to get their hands on something they pretty much can. You can go into any store and by the cbd products like they are candy but no one stops kids from buying that. Most deaths from vaping is from mixing products that your not supposed to. Doctors prescribe pain killers and xanax to many people and that’s killing more then a vape but drug companies give them such a kick back that’s ok. They are so worried about the propylene glycol when it’s in all packaged foods. all kinds of dressing for salads. So take all of it off the shelf if your gonna ban one ban it all-cigarettes, alcohol, flavored cigars and all your packaged foods which contain all the same products. Just cause the government dont have their take.this is just another way for our jacked up government to get there greedy hands in the pot. Who are they trying to kid wake up people if we all dont stand for the things we want pretty soon they will be telling us when we can use the restroom.

Kathleen Reinke - October 8, 2019

They are so worried about the propylene glycol it’s in all packaged foods all kinds of dressing for salads. So take all of it off the shelf if your gonna ban one ban it all-cigarettes, alcohol, flavored cigars and all your packaged foods which contain all the same products. Just cause the government dont have they take.

Reece - October 8, 2019

Its is not the vapes that r doing it it is the thc carts it is not right or far for them to take away vape juice when that is not the cause off ppl getting sick

Kathy Langford - October 8, 2019

I am 66yrs old I smoked before birth coming from parents who smoked!!! I quit cigs 18mos ago, bad flu put me in hospital, left there and got a new supply of mark10 devices and cartridges, have not lit a cig again. I have used vape for 10 yrs where cigs were outlawed!!! I like my flavored e juices. leave us alone. I bought cigs at 10yrs old from cig machines for 25 cents a pack!!! Teens are going to try whatever they want. So government these folks who have died are vaping crap they should never even try, laced with deadly chemicals. You buy crap from behind the counter and have no idea what the hell is in the juice? guess what it can kill you. I buy my uice from very reputable sources and have no issues. Also no one should vape the salts the nicotine is too damn high, my own opinion. Good Luck too all of us responsible vapors!!

Tyler - October 8, 2019

I’m going to be totally honest. I’ve been vaping for close to 8 or 9 years and I hate tobacco flavors as much as I hate cigarettes, they just made me want a cigarette, I think there should be a larger scale group of us working toward the ban of just cigarettes, that’s the main problem with all of this, seeing as how cigarettes are the cause of so much death in our country.

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