Montana Issues 120-Day Ban on Flavored Vape Products | eJuice.Deals

Montana Issues 120-Day Ban on Flavored Vape Products | eJuice.Deals

On Tuesday, Gov. Bullock of Montana enacted a temporary ban on flavored e-cigarettes and vape products.

The ban will take effect for 120 days––the maximum number of days allowed by state law–– from October 22, 2019, until February 19, 2020.

Details of the Montana Vape Ban

The emergency ban was issued by the State Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday morning to allow the state to investigate 21 "vaping-related" deaths that occurred recently throughout the state.

Montana will be the seventh state to issue a ban on vape products, along with New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Washington, and Rhode Island.

Once the ban goes into effect, the sale of all flavored vape liquids and products will be prohibited, online and in-stores. This includes all vaping products that include nicotine, CBD, or THC. 

In order to comply with the ban, businesses in Montana will be forced to remove all flavored vape products from their shelves by October 22, 2019. Unlike the vape bans in some other states; however, business owners will not be required to destroy their existing inventory of flavored vape products.

Could this be a promising sign that the temporary vape ban will remain only temporary?

Join the Fight to Help #StopVapeBans

As vape bans continue to impact the residents of more and more states, it's most important, now more than ever, to not lose hope and join the fight to #StopVapeBans. 

Learn how you can get involved and take action against vape bans by checking out the following resources:

If you're a resident of New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Washington, or Rhode Island, our prayers go out to you. Keep your head up, the fights not over and every vaper is here fighting to stop these vape bans. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the vape industry can endure anything.

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Levi Clayton Quinn - October 11, 2019

It’s the thc stuff not the e juice. Vaping saved my life this won’t stop me I’ll make my own

Vince Corter - October 10, 2019

I think it ashamed that a person like myself can not put in their own bodies. When the state senators in congress can do what ever they like they can drink their whiskey and smoke their big cigars but that’s all good because that’s what they enjoy. I just wish they would leave stuff alone because there have been no study or I think that there’s no one is padding the senator’s & congress pockets…

jordan - October 10, 2019

Guess what………

………non smokers….

…………die everyday

Pamala Maston - October 10, 2019

That’s stupid why put a ban up? What u can’t investigate without a ban.

Brandi Lee Gregg - October 10, 2019

Goverment failed us when it started seeing people dying from tobacco use and all the cancers incrued of it… Maybe they are trying to tell us that people that have never smoked before that now use a vape product shouldnt die….but what they fail to know as the vape pods and juul’s have a high concentration of nicotine than these mods you see people carrying around.
I started smoking when i was 11… And stopped by using a 24 nicotine and now reduced down to a 3 mg micotine. What I’m saying is that these products help if you really want to quit. Not it you want to start. Think responsible is all.

ryan - October 9, 2019

The tobacco industry is mad that everyone is vaping instead of buying cigarettes. And the people who died from vaping obviously had health issues, iv’e been vaping for 7 years had no problems.

Clifford Beatty - October 9, 2019

I would like to know if the local, state & federal Government know that they are forcing small business owners to close down there shop’s and basically losing there income and those of there employee’s?

Anonymous - October 9, 2019

If vaping goes i will still boycott tobacco for a lifetime.

Emily Pai - October 9, 2019

i have never protested once in my life if the ban goes through nation wide u can bet I will be there protesting. I am not killing anyone else but myself. This is MY choice.

Richard Rudd - October 9, 2019

why because we vapers dont buy you as a tobacco company does

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