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Trump Announces Plan to Ban Flavored Vape Products - eJuice.Deals

Trump Announces Plan to Ban Flavored Vape Products

September 11th, 2019 – Following a push by the US Food and Drug Administration to regulate vape products, Trump stated in an announcement from the White House that the FDA would be enforcing a new e-cigarette policy that could effectively ban flavored vape products, including but not limited to e-liquids/vape juice, vape pods/cartridges, and disposable vape pens. Once those final parameters are set, some products could be completely pulled from shelves. Azar stated in the announcement:

"It'll take several weeks for us to put out the final guidance that will announce all the parameters around the enforcement policy, and then there will likely be about a 30-day delay to effective date, as is customary,"

Azar went on to state that all other flavors of vape out there other than tobacco could potentially be eliminated. Companies who manufacture the flavors of vape other than tobacco would get the opportunity to submit their products to the FDA for approval, but the products would not be allowed on shelves until approval is granted.

All of these changes are following the recent headlines of supposed vaping-related deaths caused by sudden lung disease and reports of lung illnesses related to vaping in the United States. While the federal and state agencies like the CDC, the FDA, and state-level health departments are working to draw definitive conclusions about what caused the deaths and if there is an actual link between the cases, clear explanations or connections are currently not available.

What Could This Mean for the Vape Industry?

It seems as if certain vape brands will be paying the ultimate price here, but sound conclusions these products are to blame are not yet available. The investigations have found that several people who have reported illnesses due to vaping were using CBD or THC oil vaping products. Vitamin E acetate oil, which is used primarily in cannabinoid -related vape products, is also undergoing a lot of scrutiny as a potentially risky agent.

What Are the Chances the Administration's Plans to Ban E-Cigs Will Proceed?

It's very possible restrictions on vape could get tighter in spite of consumer kickback and resistance. Many consumers have turned to vaping as an alternative option to traditional cigarettes, and have found success. For them, vaping is worth fighting for.

A deadline of May 2020 was initially established for vape manufacturers to submit their products for FDA approval, but the recent turn of events may bring that deadline even closer.

As of now, the bill to ban flavored vapes has not been signed, however, consumers and vape manufacturers are gearing up to defend the industry.

Influential vape brands including Naked Vape Juice, Air Factory e-Liquids, and Vapor Beast have banned together and raised over $150 million to fight the ban.

In addition, a petition to stop Donald Trump from signing the federal flavor ban on e-cigarettes has been posted by We the People.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures. As of 1:30 PM (PST), around 50,000 people have joined the fight and signed the petition. It's halfway there already, but we need everyone's support here.

Get involved and join the fight to defend vape flavors by signing the petition here: Petition Against Federal Flavor Ban on E-Cigarette Products


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