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The Vaping Ban Won't Stop Teens from Vaping and Here's Why - eJuice.Deals

The Vaping Ban Won't Stop Teens from Vaping and Here's Why

With a growing number of teens vaping, The e-cigarette industry has received a lot of backlash during the last several months. Following several deaths that were allegedly caused by vaping, the situation has intensified even more, ultimately leading to Trump announcing plans to ban flavored e-cigarette products.

While many think a flavor ban is an answer to this problem, it's highly unlikely that the flavor ban will actually stop teens from vaping.

As with any kind, there are always going to be those that try to undercut legitimate sellers and those that seek to gain a profit from selling products that are not safe or that are not of the same quality. Vape shop owners rightly fear that a ban on flavored vaping products would significantly undermine their businesses and make it impossible to keep the doors open. A significant number of vape users switched to vaping in an effort to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, many shop owners fear that making vaping illegal or making vaping products harder to get will either turn people back on cigarettes or will create an even bigger market for black market or street vape products that have no way of being tested for safety.

Will a Ban on Flavored Vaping Products Stop Teen Vapers?

If the proposed sweeping bans on vaping and flavored vaping products do go into effect, they will cause thousands of businesses to shut their doors. These businesses and above the board shops are selling products that are regulated by the FDA and are therefore safer than the products being sold on the black market and being sold on the streets. This type of ban would not stop teen vapers but would instead force them to seek their flavored vape juices from unreliable sources which would be the only alternative to the previously safer shops.

A sweeping ban such as the ones that have been proposed would be a massive hit to these small businesses and would make an even bigger market for those that are selling vape products that are not regulated and that are decidedly not safe for users. In the long run, banning vaping is not going to stop those teens that want to vape from doing just that. At most, it will take away the option for safe vape products for current users.

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