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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Maintenance: Tips on How to Clean Your Vape - eJuice.Deals

Vaping Maintenance: Tips on How to Clean Your Vape

You know the vape juice flavors you like. Somehow though they just don't seem to be as strong as they were. Your vape just doesn't perform as well as it used to. There could be a simple reason: your vape is dirty and clogged up.

It's time to give your vaping device a clean bill of health. Get that right and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite aromas again. Here's the lowdown on how to clean your vape for great results.

Get to Know Your Device

Most pen-style vapes come in three parts. There's the tank which holds the e-juice. This is often combined with the atomizer. Then there's the coil which is the heating element which converts the liquid into vapor.

Finally, there's the power source part of the unit. Box mod versions have a larger housing and more powerful batteries.

How to Clean the Tank

It's particularly important to keep the tank clean when you're switching flavors. That will mean there's less risk of one flavor contaminating another. More often than not a quick rinse will be enough.

Here's what to do:

  • Pour some warm water into a bowl  
  • Detach the tank and dispose of any remaining e-juice
  • Place all the tank components in the bowl and give them a good wash
  • It's fine to use a drop or two of mild detergent if necessary
  • Dry everything off with a paper towel
  • Leave the components to dry for fifteen minutes or so before reassembling

For a deeper clean, follow the instructions above. But, before placing the parts in a bowl of water, give them a really good wipe with some unflavored vodka. This will get rid of e-juice deposits. Use a toothbrush to clean any stubborn areas.

Follow the remaining parts of the process as outlined above.

Cleaning the Vape Coils

Your vape coils are going to need replacing at some point, especially if you use your vape regularly. They can wear out and that's going to have a negative impact on the flavors you enjoy. Unfortunately, if you wet the coils, they'll just burn out.

You need your vape to work at peak performance especially if you are using one to give up smoking. So how do you know when to change the coil?

If it's dark and crusted over that's a sure sign. If you're getting a burned taste or less vapor production, then that could be another signal. A leaky atomizer is also something to watch for.

To change the coil, you would usually remove the tank. Then twist the coil to the left and unscrew it. Having disposed of the old coil, screw in a new one and attach the tank back onto the device.

Knowing How to Clean Your Vape

Keeping the tank of your device clean and understanding when to change the coils are important. They're both going to help you get optimum effect from the flavors you enjoy.

If you know how to clean your vape, you'll have many happy vaping days ahead. Read here for a more detailed explanation of the anatomy of your vape.

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