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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

7 of the Best Tasting Vape Juice Flavors for Beginners - eJuice.Deals

7 of the Best Tasting Vape Juice Flavors for Beginners

Do you even vape, bro? Nearly 1 in 20 people in the U.S. do now. Seriously, if you haven't tried to vape yet, you should consider it.

It's not just a new way to smoke a cigarette, it's way more than that. Vaping is a way to tingle your senses without any dangerous side effects. If you don't know what to try first, you're in the right place.

We want your first puff to be a good one. Don't just inhale whatever your buddy is craving at the moment. They might be into some really complex, possibly weird, combinations.

The best thing about vaping is the variety of flavors. Be like a kid in the candy shop and try the best tasting vape juice.


Top 7 Best Tasting Vape Juice for 2019

This list is our opinion, based on personal experience and sales. These flavors accurately recreate what they advertise.


1. Circus Cookie E-juice

Up first we have the classic cookie flavor. Now, many e-juice brands will try to mess with the cookie formula. Sometimes it's cookies and cream, chocolate chip, or even peanut butter cookie.

Honestly, just stick with the cookie and you'll be fine.


2. Holy Cannoli French Toast E-Juice

We like the Holy Cannoli brand for our favorite flavor of French Toast. It's like inhaling Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal without the bad crash. It's sweet but also retains the toasted bread flavor.


3. P.O.M. by Nude

For something sweet, yet fruity, we have to go with the P.O.M. juice. Nude is notorious for their accurate flavors and have exploded in popularity. The P.O.M. flavor is a combination of pineapple, orange, and mango. 


4. Salted Caramel Macchiato eJuice by Barista Brew Co.

Coffee-flavored e-juices can often miss the mark. That's not the case with Barista Brew Co's lineup. We choose the Salted Caramel Macchiato as a great beginner flavor. It offers a smooth coffee flavor with a balanced sweetness, thanks to the salt notes.


5. Air Factory Blue Razz

For pure candy fun, we have to pick the Blue Razz. This is the ultimate in fruity candy e-juice flavor. The Blue Razz is essentially a blueberry/raspberry taffy in vapor form.

The best part about a vapor taffy flavor is that it won't turn your whole mouth blue.


6. Red's Iced Apple Juice

Apples are another flavor that can be difficult to recreate in vapor form without producing bitter notes. Luckily, Red's has their formula figured out because it tastes just like a red delicious apple. There's just enough sweetness here that keeps it from tasting like candy.


7. Naked 100's Go Nanas

We end with a dessert/fruit e-juice that is the ultimate in beginner flavors. You can't mess up banana flavor. The rich fruit is faithfully reproduced here with the perfect sweetness.

This is one of the best e-juice bases to choose when you start wanting to experiment with mixes.


Get Your Vape On

Now that you have a great starter list of the best tasting vape juice, it's time to stock up! A lot of these e-juices have the propensity to sell out quick. Get the best deals for all of these popular brands and flavors right here.

e-Juice Deals is a respected and reliable vape dealer with over 30,000 returning customers.

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