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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Hardware 101: Overview of Common Vape Coil Types - eJuice.Deals

Vape Hardware 101: Overview of Common Vape Coil Types

The ultimate vape experience depends upon your preferences as well as choosing the best vape hardware for the job. Every vape mod includes the same basic parts, the battery, mod, tank, e-liquid, and coils.

This article focuses on a key component of a mod's atomizer, the vape coil. The coil is the wired part of the vape's tank. Let's take a look at the common vape coil types and see which one is best for you.


What Is a Vape Coil?

The common term for an atomizer head is a vape coil. The coil is actually a component found inside the atomizer. The atomizer head contains a coil made of thin wire along with wicking material.

The vape coil heats up to a specific temperature, which creates the vapor. The type and quality of the vape coil influence your vaping experience.

Vape coils are made from select pure metals. The most common are stainless steel, kanthal, and nichrome. Some are made from titanium or nickel.


Vape Coil Types

When it comes to coils, you have no shortage options. Depending on the experience you want, you'll choose different resistances and materials. Let's take a look at those, starting with the vaping mode.


Power Mode Coils

Power mode is the basic mode on a vaping mod and the easiest to use. If this is your preference, then you can go with a vape coil wire that's only safe for use in power mode. Your vape wire will be stainless steel, kanthal, or nichrome.


Temperature Control Coils

Temperature control is a more advanced mode. You have a greater degree of customization.

For instance, rather than dialing your wattage only, you can also set temperature limits. If you set the temp to 400F, your mod won't heat the coil above that temperature.

You must also lock the resistance of the vape coil if your mod has that capability. There are several extra steps to vaping in temperature control mode though some find it worth the effort.

Temperature control coil must be made from nickel, titanium and stainless steel only. You've probably noted that stainless steel is listed here. It's versatile, so many choose it so they can switch modes without having to switch coils.


Vape Coil Resistance

Vape coils also differ in terms of resistance. Resistance depends on the vape wire's gauge and diameter. The number of wraps in the coil matters as well.

The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire. A higher gauge means higher resistance. Coils with higher resistance require less power to heat.


Premade Vape Coils

Premade coils come in different forms. Simple round-wire coils are one strand of wire that wraps around a coiling rod to create the coil.

The other type of pre-built coils is exotic coils. These use several strands of wire and have different looks and shapes. Clapton, twisted, and braided coils are some examples.

Exotic coils have more surface area. As a result, the produce denser clouds packed with more flavor. Note that more surface area also means more heat and can drain your e-juice and batteries all the faster. 


Which Type of Vape Coil Is for You?

It's all about preference. If you want an atomizer that lasts a long time, economy is the way to go with a simpler coil. If you want a richer experience, then the more exotic coils may be for you.

After you experiment some, you'll find the best fit. If you have questions about vape coil types, please contact us.

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