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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tres Leches by Coastal Clouds eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Tres Leches by Coastal Clouds eJuice Review

If you’ve ever had a craving for something sweet but wanted just a pinch of Spanish flair, then you’re probably no stranger to the Tres Leches cake. I’ve had the pleasure of sampling several scrumptious squares of this dessert from different restaurants and my favorite part is always the sweet milk the cake is soaked in. The sweet caramel flavor with a rich creamy texture makes my mouth water as I type this. Which is why I’m very excited to try the Tres Leches eJucie from Coastal Clouds. I’ve had the pleasure of trying two other flavors (Maple Butter & Peach Tea) and was delighted with how delicious they both were. Let’s see if Tres Leches eJuice is as good as the real thing or if it’s better left alone as the tasty dessert!


You may have noticed that there are two pictures when it comes to any of the Coastal Clouds product images. That’s because Coastal Clouds had to rebrand all of their images and packaging to comply with FDA regulations. But not to worry! Whichever packaging you get, you’ll be getting the same delicious flavor.

Coastal clouds has thirty different e-liquids, ranging from fruits, menthols, and dessert flavors. The sheer number is staggering when you realize just how much variety a single company packs into their vape juice lineup. I loved that the Tres Leches was simply marked and packaged. The entire thin paper box was black, with white lettering and white banners. The packaging was a far cry from their previous design (mouthwatering dessert pictures and bright lettering), but it does have a more sophisticated look that won’t be accused of targeting underage users.

While the box was black with white lettering, the e-liquid label was white with black lettering (like a mirror effect). The brand name Coastal Clouds was clearly displayed on the front of the label, along with the revised brand logo. The bottle size (60mL) and nicotine content (3mg) displayed in a black banner above the brand name. The name of the flavor (Tres Leches) was displayed towards the bottom of the label, along with a disclaimer that this was not a food product and is intended for vaping use only.

The left side of the label was just a simple banner that stated that this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. The right side of the label listed various warnings, age and sale restrictions, and the number for poison control if the liquid comes in contact with the user. The ingredients list and manufacturing information was listed toward the bottom of the label, along with a barcode for scanning. The expiration date and batch number were clearly stamped in yellow ink on the bottom of the bottle.

All in all, this was a very professional and simple design that appealed to the sophisticated user rather than enticing an undreage user. The only complaint I had is that I wasn’t able to find the VG/PG content on either the box or the bottle’s label. I consulted the Coastal Clouds website but it wasn’t listed there either. I checked a few other websites that sell Tres Leches, and confirmed that it was a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Since the price wasn’t even listed on the company website, I can only offer you our price of $10.99, which is a fantastic price for such a unique flavor. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing, let’s check out the fillup!


Tres Leches eJuice comes in a darly tinted (almost black) 60mL bottle. I had to hold the bottle up to the light to see how much e-liquid was in the bottle, as well as the consistency. However, the darkness of the bottle made seeing the color of the e-liquid virtually impossible until I filled my tank. I unscrewed the bottle’s childproof cap with ease and noted that the slim fill tip fit neatly in my tank’s fill port. I was careful not to squeeze the bottle too hard when filling up, but the bottle felt durable and didn’t overflow when I exerted firm pressure.

As soon as the liquid began to fill my tank, I noted that it was a very light, almost clear color. This would explain why the bottle was so dark, as sunlight can cause the sugar in the ejuice to caramelize and turn darker. The consistency was very watery and moved easily in my tank. I brought the open bottle close to my nose and took a hesitant breath to see what this liquid smelled like. My nostrils were met with a thick caramel scent, with underlying notes of sweet cream. I recognized it instantly as the trademark scent of tres leches cake and was very excited to see how this flavor would taste once I vaped it! I eagerly prepared to take my first hit of this dessert vape juice, memories of the tasty treat flooding my mind.


For those of you who have never tried an actual piece of Tres Leches cake, it’s a sponge cake that is soaked in three different types of milk: heavy cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. The result is a very light yet very wet piece of cake that almost melts in your mouth. The flavor is smooth and light and sweet, and pairs very well with an after-dinner coffee.

However, when I held the bottle to my nostrils, I detected a very strong caramel and milk scent. This flavor was downplayed somewhat when I took my first hit. The inhale was a light sweetness that intensified on the exhale. There was more of a milky cake taste in the exhale, something I didn’t detect when I smelled the e-liquid in the bottle. However, I will say that the scent of the caramel sweetness was stronger than the actual cloud flavor. There was a gentle caramel sweetness that remained on my tongue after the exhale, which was lovely.

The re-inhalation of the clouds was extremely sweet and pleasant. When I closed my eyes I could almost see the cake in front of me! The throat hit was soft but satisfying. I didn’t get any burning sensation or feel the need to cough. I will say that there was a slight dizzying effect if I took multiple hits too quickly. If you’re sensitive to nicotine, definitely go easy on the chain vaping!

There traditionally isn’t any caramel used in the actual tres leches cake, but it is definitely a strong flavor in the vape juice. The flavor was actually very light and sweet, very similar to caramel coffee creamer. It didn’t grow bland or stale after multiple hits and I filled my tank several times due to the long-lasting flavor. I found many similarities to Coastal Cloud’s Maple Butter eJuice, such as the rich sweetness and delicious scent of the re-inhalation. However, I found Tres Leches to have a gentler taste than the cloying sweetness of the brown sugar in Maple Butter.


I’ve never had Tres Leches in e-liquid form and I must say that I was delighted! I rate it an 8 out of 10 for several reasons. The caramel scent in the scent of the actual e-liquid wasn’t as strong in the actual taste test. There was a thick cake taste along with a milky sweetness that makes it an excellent wake-and-vape flavor, particularly because it pairs wonderfully with your morning coffee. I wouldn’t limit this flavor to just breakfast though. I easily vape this flavor all day, and I’m sure you will as well!

Do you have any favorite breakfast vape juice flavors? What else have you tried from the Coastal Clouds lineup? Share your experiences and preferences in the comments below! Tres Leches eJuice by Coastal Clouds is the only tres leches cake flavor I know of, and it was truly a masterful blend. I know that flavor preferences and vape palates are widely argued, but you’ll have to see for yourself if you like this dessert e-liquid. If you’re curious about any other dessert flavors we offer or aren’t quite sure which flavors you might like, you can always reach out to us via email, social media, or phone. We’ve tried every single flavor on our website and we’re confident we can give you some insight as to what you might like. If you prefer to be surprised, you can always check out one of our mystery bag deals and be surprised! Come back next week, where we’ll have another e-liquid review on Vapetasia Royalty II, the first tobacco review we’ve ever done! Until then, we hope your clouds are smooth and sweet, while your tank remains ever full!

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