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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Peach Tea by Coastal Clouds eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Peach Tea by Coastal Clouds eJuice Review

Kick up your feet, sit back, and relax with a tall glass of freshly squeezed iced tea in your hand. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? That’s exactly why Peach Tea by Coastal Cloud was created: to give you a mini vacation in the clouds without ever leaving your home! This is the first e-liquid I’ve tried from Coastal Clouds and I’m very excited to share my experience with you. Grab your sunglasses and some sunscreen because we’re going Oceanside with this delightful e-liquid flavor!


Coastal Clouds is an extremely unique company, in that they have themes within their brand. For example, their Oceanside theme features three e-liquids that would go well by the beach: lemonades, teas, and cigars. I checked out the Coastal Cloud website and noticed that their labels have undergone a new design. Therefore, the bottle and packaging that I’m describing may be different from the one you get. Rest assured, this is the same e-juice but just a new look.

The 60mL bottle is a completely black plastic, which hindered me from seeing the color and consistency of the e-liquid. It also prevented me from seeing how much e-liquid was left in the bottle, but I do understand that dark plastic helps extend the vape juice’s shelf life. The bottle came in a colorful thin cardboard box, with all of the same information on the label except for the VG/PG ratio (which was 70/30). On the right side of the box was an actual description of the flavor’s profile and VG/PG ratio (which weren’t even listed on the website!) as well as a trio of peaches and a surfboard stuck in the sand I found it odd that the VG/PG ratio wasn’t listed on either the bottle or the website, but since it’s the most common ratio for e-juices, it shouldn’t be difficult to remember.

The label itself was simple, playful, and downright adorable. I loved that the label had a peach colored background, with the brand name, e-liquid name, bottle size, and nicotine level all in the same color. I chose the 3mg of nicotine, but it also comes in either 0mg or 6mg. On the left side of the label was the necessary disclaimer that this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. Listed on the left side of the label was the necessary warnings, caution on how to store the e-liquid, the ingredients list, and the age restrictions for the product.

Listed just above the barcode was the manufacturing information and three warning logos that warned not to consume this product and what looked like a hookah setup, meaning that no matter how good it smells (and we’ll get to that just now!), you shouldn’t consume it. I loved that the label was so bright and cheery, which reflected well on the company. I found that Peach Tea eJuice costs $25 on the company website, but we sell it on our site for only $10.99! But is this price really worth the taste? We’re about to find out now in our Fillup section of this review! Let’s check that out now!


I mentioned earlier that the 60mL plastic bottle is a dark plastic, which makes it impossible to tell the consistency or color until it’s in your tank. Once I filled up my tank, I saw why Costal Clouds wanted a dark plastic: the e-liquid is completely clear, despite having 3mg of nicotine in it! Dark bottles help slow down the breakdown of e-juice and extend the shelf life, and this made a lot of sense why the plastic was so dark. When I held up the bottle to the light, I could see that the consistency of the ejuice was very watery and light. It thickened up once it was inside my tank, but it remained clear and was a little thicker when sloshed around in my tank.

The plastic bottle came with a childproof cap, but after a few experienced twists, it came off easily in my hand. The slim fill-tip allowed the e-liquid to flow into my tank in a matter of seconds, making the fillup extremely quick and mess-free. I held the bottle close to my nostrils to try to see what the e-liquid smelled like, but could barely detect anything. Even after a few gentle squeezes to the bottle, I could barely smell anything other than a very faint sweetness. The sweetness had a very light peach undertone but other than that, it was basically impossible to tell what the sweetness smelled like. This had me a little concerned, as the e-liquids that I’ve reviewed previously had some sort of scent that allowed me to figure out what the actual e-liquid would taste like. I’ve learned not to judge an e-liquid based on its scent alone, as some flavors that smelled delicious were an utter disappointment upon actually vaping them. I will admit I was afraid that this peach flavor would be a disappointment, but let’s check out the taste-test part of the review to see if my suspicions were correct.


I was a bit skeptical when I tried this e-juice. I’m a die-hard peach fan, both in e-liquids and the actual fruit, but so many peach flavored e-liquids have left me wanting. Most of the peach flavors I’ve tried have left me with a terrible aftertaste or such an artificial peach flavor that I ended up wasting the entire bottle. I bought this after years of not trusting the peach e-liquids available on the market, so you could say this was a leap of faith for me. Boy, was my patience rewarded!

The inhale was soft and smooth, the perfect amount of sweetness that you want on an inhale. But the exhale is where this e-liquid really shined. The peach flavor came through in such a refreshing sweetness that my eyebrows shot up in delight. The peach flavor was very strong on the exhale and faded into a light memory, much like the actual beverage does. This reminded me strongly of homemade peach sun tea, where the flavor is crisp and light and sweet, everything you want as a summer drink. The peach was so simple that it was immediately identifiable in the very first hit I took. And it left a very light drying sensation on my tongue that was just like the real flavor of peach tea does. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this flavor and kept going back for more.

The throat hit light and crisp, although I did need at least two or three hits to satisfy my nicotine cravings. The clouds were a joy to re-inhale and I smelled the peach even stronger when I did the reverse waterfall trick (which you can try here). I truly believe that the simplicity is what made this e-liquid a true delight to keep vaping. There weren’t any other flavors to overwhelm your taste buds and I loved the purity of the peach taste. I haven’t enjoyed a peach vape juice this much since I discovered the Peach Pearadise (which you can check out the e-liquid review here). I was very upset when Peach Pearadise was discontinued, but I’m very happy I found an extremely similar vape juice with Peach Tea by Coastal Clouds! I actually vaped three tankfuls back to back, so I can easily recommend this as an all-day vape juice.


I went into this e-liquid review extremely cautiously because it’s a peach e-juice. And since it’s a peach tea e-juice, I fully expected it to be watery and boring after the first few puffs. I can happily say that this was not the case at all. I loved every puff I took and appreciated the authentic peach flavor. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and it tapered off right at the end just like a swig of peach tea would. I can easily recommend this as an all-day vape juice because the flavor is so smooth and refreshing, it’s like you’re actually enjoying a glass of sweet peach tea!

The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that the bottle was a black plastic, making it impossible to see the consistency of the e-liquid (until it was in my tank). Also, the fact that I couldn’t find the VG/PG ratio listed on either the site or the bottle (but it was on the box) was a little annoying, but not a deal breaker. I’d give this e-liquid a rating of 9. As much as I enjoyed Peach Tea eJuice, I must caution you not to expect a juicy punch of peach when you try this flavor. Rather, it’s more of a soft and sweet peach flavor, extremely similar to freshly brewed peach tea. Coastal Clouds did a fantastic job with this vape juice and I can’t wait to try more of their entire e-juice lineup!

What’s the best peach e-juice that you’ve tried? Are there any other e-liquids you’ve tried from the Coastal Cloud brand? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always in search of authentic-tasting peach flavors so I’d love to know what else you’ve tried and enjoyed! If you have any questions or concerns about anything I’ve said in this review, please don’t be shy! Here at, we love to cater to our customers to make sure they have the best vaping experience possible! Check back with us soon for our next review, this time on some intermediate and expert level vape tricks! Until then, we hope your tank is full of rich and refreshing vape juice and that the ensuing clouds are puffy and chock full of delicious flavor!

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