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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz eJuice Review

Calling all candy lovers! Today we’ve got an e-liquid flavor that claims to make your taste buds geek out in a lovable nerdy way! It’s called Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz, no doubt inspired by the red and yellow pebbled candy. Out the entire Nerds candy flavors, red and yellow were always my favorite, so I’m extremely excited to be able to try out the e-liquid rendition of the sweet. Strawberry Lemon is the second e-liquid from the Cloud Nurdz lineup; you can check out the Grape Apple eJuice review as well, but for now, let’s see how this childhood treat is in e-liquid form!


I found Strawberry Lemon to be an excellent pairing of flavors for several reasons. First off, strawberry is a vaper favorite and is one of the few fruit flavors that’s found in both fruit and dessert e-liquids. But it can get boring all by itself, which is why you need a little oomph to really enjoy it. Secondly, lemon is an excellent complimentary flavor that brings balance to overly sweet flavors, yet doesn’t twist your taste buds in an overly sour flavor. I have high hopes for this vape juice, so let’s start out with the unboxing and work our way down to the taste test.

Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz comes in a 100mL chubby gorilla bottle. The bottle comes in a thin paper box that looks like it might hold two 60mL bottles, (which is a little deceiving). The paper box is brightly colored with red and yellow abstract shapes and had all the same information as the bottle’s label, such as the company name, flavor name, nicotine content (3mg), and bottle size (100mL). I was amused to note that both the nicotine content and the flavor name were listed twice on the label, although I’m not sure why this was necessary. A nicotine warning label was listed twice as a wrap around on the bottom of the label, stating that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical.

On the back of the label, all of the warnings were listed, including one about the possible exposure of acetaldehyde. A different warning was listed directly below, stating that nicotine can be poisonous if handled directly or ingested. You can check out my article about what happens if you get e-juice on your skin or accidentally swallowed, so make sure to use caution when filling your tank with all of your e-juices. Directly listed beneath that warning was the e-liquid’s ingredient list. I was intrigued to note that the flavor extracts are food grade, but again, don’t try to drink this e-liquid just because of that. Lastly, I noted the sales and age restrictions, manufacturing information, and the 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

The batch number and expiration date were stamped clearly in black on the bottom of the bottle, which were both clear and legible. One thing was a bit odd to me though: there was no information about the company website, which would have been better to include than a double listing of the nicotine content and flavor name on the side. A quick Google searched helped me find the Cloud Nurdz website, which is where I discovered that the company only sells their e-liquids wholesale. Here at, we sell Strawberry Lemon for $14.99, so you can stock up on as many bottles as you like! If you like the e-liquids from Cloud Nurdz, the manufacturing company Five Star Juice also manufactures Barista Brew, which we also carry! That wraps up our section on unboxing, so let’s move on to the fill-up section of this review!


I really liked that Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz was in a clear bottle, with just enough room between the label edges to see the amount of e-liquid left. The childproof cap twisted off easily enough and had a slim fill tip that made fillups easy and mess-free. I was happy that even with overzealous squeezing, the e-liquid didn’t overflow and my tank was filled quickly.

The e-liquid’s color was extremely clear, despite having a 3mg nicotine content. The consistency was very watery, and sloshed around easily within both the bottle and the tank. I was a bit concerned that the consistency might burn too quickly through the coil’s cotton, so I made a mental note to check on that once I took my first hit.

Being that the liquid was flavored to taste like strawberries and lemons, I was very excited to take my first whiff of the e-liquid. I was a little disappointed that the flavor was so light in scent. I had to lightly squeeze the bottle to get any kind of scent, which is when I detected a faint fruity sweetness. I smelled a mix of tart lemons and sweet strawberries, but nothing that overwhelmed my nostrils. I was curious if that same faintness would carry over into the actual taste test. But nothing daunted, I filled up my tank and prepared to take my first hit.


I tried Strawberry Lemon on a brand new coil and went through about three tankfuls before writing the review. I noticed that the inhale was very warm and smooth, but was basically tasteless. The exhale however had a very crisp and clean fruit flavor. The lemon immediately noticeable, and had a wonderful zesty flavor that was light and refreshing. The strawberry was light and sweet, with a warm flavor that was instantly soothing. This didn’t have a candy flavor at all, but more of a fruit combination that was refreshing and airy.

The flavor reminded me of the actual strawberry lemonade beverage, thanks to the light and sweet flavor. It wasn’t a strong flavor, but the crisp flavor made this vape juice extremely pleasant to use all day. It didn’t grow bland after multiple hits, but the lightness of the flavor made me wary of taking multiple hits back to back. This definitely seems like a flavor that would cause burnt coils, but for the three tankfuls I used, my coil was just fine.

Unlike the Grape Apple eJuice from Cloud Nurdz, there was no aftertaste or lingering flavor. The clouds were a delight to re-inhale, and I definitely got more of the lemon flavor in the re-inhaled clouds. I’m usually not fond of lemon flavors, but the combination of the summer berry with the tart citrus was an excellent pairing.

My only complaint would be with the throat hit. Despite the 3mg of nicotine, the throat hit was extremely light and almost non-existent. Other e-liquids with 3mg of nicotine have usually delivered a smooth throat hit and satisfying kick of nicotine that only require one puff to pacify the nicotine cravings. Strawberry Lemon didn’t have that punch of nicotine and for that, I was a little disappointed. However, the flavor was so light and refreshing, I almost forgot there was nicotine in it. If you’re looking for a light and airy strawberry-lemon vape juice with a light throat hit, you’ll undoubtedly love this e-liquid.


If I had to rate this as a candy e-liquid, I would be very hard-pressed to do so. This really didn’t taste like a Nerds candy imitation at all! But the sweet strawberry and tart lemon blended beautifully together as just a fruit vape juice. And since I’m skeptical on lemon flavors, this was quite a pleasant surprise! I rate it as an 8 out of 10, only because it was much lighter than I was expecting, didn’t taste at all like a candy flavor, and the throat hit was very disappointing. But for crisp and airy fruit flavor, this was an excellent e-liquid. It’s officially made the list of my favorite fruit vape juices and would definitely be a solid addition to any summer vape juices. The entire vape session with Strawberry Lemon was sweet, light, and refreshing.

What are some of your favorite lemon and strawberry vape juices? Have you tried any of the three Cloud Nurdz e-liquids? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments below! I have one e-liquid left in this brand’s lineup, called Peach Blue Raspberry. Blue raspberry is yet another flavor I’m skeptical of looking forward to, as many e-liquids fall short of delivering this flavor. But since it has peach, I’m all for it!

If you’ve got questions about Strawberry Lemon by Cloud Nurdz, as well as any other vape juice we have in our store, you can always reach out to our fantastic customer service team. We’re here for you via email, phone call, and social media. We’ve personally tried all of the e-liquid on our site and can provide insight to vape juices you might like (I highly recommend trying our Mystery Box). We had one customer write in asking about what’s used in the actual flavorings, so we’ll do some research on that and try to have an answer for you in our next article. Until then, may your tank be full of your favorite all-day vape juice and may your resulting clouds be delicious and full of flavor!

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