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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Is It Dangerous If Vape Gets On Your Skin Or Swallowed? - eJuice.Deals

Is It Dangerous If Vape Gets On Your Skin Or Swallowed?

Ahh, the curiosity of a brand new bottle of vape juice. The description is delightful, the reviews are wonderful, and the scent of the clouds is absolutely magical. But just because it seems like it might taste good, doesn’t mean you should chug a glass of straight e-liquid. And what’s with the name e-liquid? Where did that even come from? Is it harmful if you get e-liquid on your skin? How can I get it out of my clothes? And, oh dear, God what if I accidentally swallow some? These are legitimate concerns with a lot of new vapers. In this article, we’ll go over some necessary information on what e-juice is and how to keep it where it belongs (in your tanik!) rather than on your person.


While the name “e-juice” might confuse some simpletons to think that it might be safe to drink it, this is not at all the case. When e-cigarettes like Logic first came out, it was just a disposable pen with a tiny cartridge of liquid that produced a vapor when heated. This pen-style vape was designed to be thrown out and completely replaced when it was finished. In an attempt to familiarize people with what a pen-style vape was, they coined the term “e-cigarette,” short for “electronic cigarette.” While some of those disposable pens still exist today, the vape market has exploded to the point where you can simply buy a vape box mod with a huge tank and fill up with your favorite vape juice over and over again. And with an electronic cigarette, or “e-cig,” you’d need to fill up with “e-liquid” or “e-juice” when your vape ran dry.


E-juice is actually made from food-grade ingredients, also known as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). You can check out our previous article here to see the full breakdown of what is in the most common e-juices. That being said, if you happen to get some on your skin, it won’t burn or discolor your skin because these ingredients are already found in many products we use on a daily basis. Nicotine poisoning may be a risk, so please take care to quick wash your uickly to have any undesirable or even noticeable side effects. Sometimes tank fillups can be messy, especially if your tank is leaking. Getting vape juice on your skin shouldn’t be any cause for concern. If you do happen to get vape juice on your skin, just use soap and water to rid your skin of the annoying stickiness very quickly.


A few months ago, there were several of our readers asking the best possible methods to get vape juice out of clothes. If you’re in a hurry to fill up or forget to screw the cap back on your e-juice, chances are you’ve spilled it on your clothes and it left a dark stain. You can check out that article here, but a quick recap is to blot the stain with warm water and let the heat lift the stain out of the fabric. You can also try a bit of oxygenated cleaners to loosen the stain if you still see a stain on your clothes. If that still doesn’t work, dish soap is famous for being able to clean just about anything, including wildlife (remember the commercial about the duckling being soaked in dark engine oil?), car rims, and mechanical grease. The darker the e-liquid, the more likely it is that your clothes will get stained, so try to take care of the stain as soon as it happens. Worst case scenario, you can always have a comfy shirt to be lazy in the house with!


This is a very serious question for new vapers, particularly because a lot of new vapers have a lot to learn when they first start vaping. One of the easiest ways to get e-juice in your mouth is due to improper handling of your new vape kit. Overfilling the tank, flooding the coil by sucking too hard on the tip, or laying your vape on its side (causing the vape juice to leak out) are some of the most common ways you can end up with e-juice in your mouth. When this used to happen to me, I’d usually spit the e-juice out in disgust, but sometimes I’d end up swallowing some of the e-juice by accident. I never thought to panic about it until someone asked me about it. It’s highly unpleasant to have vape juice in your mouth instead of in your tank. Please use caution and do not intentionally ingest vape juice because nicotine poisoning can be a deadly result. So please don’t try this; this isn’t a stupid Tide pod contest like on social media.


And that’s it! I’ve had several bottles of vape juice that smelled so good I sampled a little taste of it to get a preview of the clouds, but never dreamed of consuming it as an actual beverage. I enjoy vaping clouds way and I’m sure you feel the same. Vape juice won’t cause any harmful effects if you happen to get some on your skin or accidentally swallow a small amount.  Are there any other vaping questions you’d like to see answered? What’s your favorite e-juice that you wish you could have as an actual beverage? Let us know in the comments below! Check back with us next time for our next e-liquid review or vape question answered! See you again real soon!

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