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How To Get Vape Juice Out Of Clothes - eJuice.Deals

How To Get Vape Juice Out Of Clothes

Welp, it happened! Somehow, you managed to get your precious vape juice somewhere other than your vape tank. Maybe it’s on your favorite sweater, your brand new jeans, or worse, your white collared dress shirt! Nothing ruins the mood quicker than a dark sweet-smelling stain on your clothes, but fear not! Here at eJuice.Deals, we know how stressful this can be (especially since we’ve gotten e-juice on our clothes at some point) and we’re here to save the day! Whether from a leaky tank, improperly screwed bottle cap, or droplets from your vape juice dropper tip, here’s some ways we’ve discovered to get those pesky stains out!


It’s very tempting to want to panic and try to frantically scrub the e-liquid stain out, especially if it just happened. The more you scrub at the stain, the deeper you’ll drive the e-liquid into the fabric. Instead, wet a clean washcloth with warm or hot water. Carefully dab the wet washcloth on the stain and repeat until you believe the stain is gone. The hot water will loosen the liquid from the fabric and the clean washcloth will absorb the e-liquid stain. Make sure you use a clean area of the washcloth every time you dab at the stain. Rinse the garment under warm water and allow it to air dry; once it’s dry, check to see if the stain is gone. Usually blotting is enough to get it out, but for the more deeper set stains, keep reading to see some of our other methods.


If you already panicked and scrubbed the stain trying to make it better, don’t worry. There’s still another few steps you can try. No doubt you’ve seen ads on TV that boast the magic of their oxygenated cleaners (you can figure out which is the most popular based on the merging of the words “oxygen” and “clean”). You might even have some in your laundry room. If you do (or if you can acquire some), simply shake out a little bit of the powder onto the stained area. Add a little bit of warm water, not so much that you soak the material, but enough so that you can mix the water and powder into a paste. Let it set for a few minutes and then toss it into the washing machine, either by itself or as you do do your regular load of laundry (don’t forget the detergent!). Once the load is complete, I recommend air drying it, as the actual dryer heat might permanently set the stain.


At this point, you should be somewhat proud of your e-liquid for being so frustratingly stubborn that it wants to stay on your clothes. There is one final step you can try: dish soap. Have you ever seen the one famous soap commercial about how it’s safe to wash cars, dishes, and even oil-soaked ducklings with their brand of dish soap? Well, now you can try to remove the vape stains as well! As we’ve discussed in a previous article (which you can check out here), your vape juice is made up of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). PG is an oil-based liquid that delivers both flavor and a throat hit. Since oil-based products are incredibly resistant to being removed, dish soap might be the last resort you can turn to in the removal of vape juice from your clothes.

Start out by making sure the stained clothing is completely dry. Drop a few drops of dish soap onto the stain and vigorously scrub the soap into the stain. Allow this to set for at least 5 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water. Make sure the water is not cold, as this could also permanently set the stain. Finally, toss the stained clothing into your washing machine, set the water temp to the highest recommended for the particular garment, and add in your favorite laundry detergent. Once the washing cycle is complete, allow the clothing to air-dry completely. You can repeat these steps as often as you think necessary.


Obviously, time is of the essence for any stain removal, and the same holds true for vape juice stains. If you’ve tried all these steps and this stain still persists, you have a few options. Try your local dry cleaner, as they are skilled with cleaning garments on a daily basis. You can either donate the garment, give it to a family member or friend who doesn’t care about stain, or tear it into scraps for various DIY projects. Instagram has endless possibilities on what to do with old clothes, such as embroidery designs, jeans into shorts, shirts into baby or pet clothes, shorts into handbags or wallets, and even plant holders!


Unfortunately, e-liquid spills and stains happen to all of us. But as long as we act quickly and don’t panic, we can usually get the stains out and laugh about it later. These methods are meant to advise you on how to get stains out of your clothing. There are different methods to try when it comes to leather, suede, carpet, and other materials. In my next article, I’ll tell you what happened when an entire bottle of vape juice leaked out into the bottom of my Michael Kors purse! Not a fun day, but the stains are gone and at least my purse smells sweetly of my favorite vape juice.

If you have a different method, I’d love to hear from you and urge you to leave a comment below. Have a funny story about how you got e-juice on your clothes? Post your story in the comments and let us know how it happened and how you resolved it. For the most part, stains and spills can be removed and repaired so that it’s nothing more than a memory. But if not, at least you know how to be more careful in the future. For right now, we bid you farewell, but we’ll see you soon in our next article! Happy vaping everyone!

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