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Vuse Partners with Rudimental and McLaren to Spark Creativity - eJuice.Deals

Vuse Partners with Rudimental and McLaren to Spark Creativity

US-based brand Vuse (known as Vype in some countries) has announced a partnership with award-winning UK band Rudimental and automobile company, McLaren, to create a four-part content series to inspire creativity in people worldwide. The initiative has been dubbed ‘Routes of Inspiration.’ The project aims to explore the people, ideas, and processes behind some major innovations in the world.


Apart from the video series, the partnership will also see other initiatives, including exclusive performances and competitions.


Vuse is known for its simple, sleek vaping devices like the Vuse Alto, Vuse Vype ePod, Vuse Vibe, and the Vuse Solo. The company is looking to celebrate its brand, connect and inspire people by working with Rudimental and McLaren. The goal is to show the world that inspiration can come from everywhere, even unexpected places.


“We’re all about inspiring and bringing people together from all walks of life through the music we create,” Locksmith from Rudimentary noted while commenting on the partnership with Vuse and McLaren Racing. “We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot at McLaren Racing, and it’s crazy to think how much synergy there is with the world of music and sport when it comes to inspiration!”


As part of the four-part content series, which you can watch on YouTube, Rudimental will visit the home of the McLaren racing team. The first episode of Routes of Inspiration has already been released. You can check it out here.


As part of the Routes of Inspiration project, Rudimental will have a live-streamed virtual concert in London to mark the end of the F1 season. There will also be a live DJ set with Rudimentary.


Vuse is not the only vaping brand to collaborate with musicians in a bid to drive awareness of its brand. Several other brands have done so over the years. However, Vuse is currently the only e-cigarette brand to have its logo on a race car in the IndyCar Series. The partnership between both companies was officially announced in February. Vuse officials revealed plans to host events to promote engagement with customers throughout the season. However, with the cancellation of live entertainment due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, it appears the decision was made to make the performance a virtual experience.


“The special activation with Rudimental and McLaren is a big move for Vuse as we look to Charge Beyond and connect with our adult consumers on a wider scale, bringing together our partnerships across music and sport,” Elly Criticou, Vapour Category Director, BAT, said. “With lockdowns still happening across the world, and the creative sector struggling because of it, we’re glad that we can provide fans with a creative outlet where they can find inspiration at home, along with enjoying an exclusive performance by Rudimental.”


Meanwhile, McLaren Racing Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Mark Waller, noted that the collaboration with Vuse represents the brand’s commitment to innovation, design, and advanced technology.


The first episode of the Routes of Inspiration series sees Rudimental visit the McLaren Racing team’s home and learn about their car. They meet with James Key, McLaren Technical Director, in the episode. The second episode will see Zak Brown, McLaren Racing CEO, and Daniel Gallo, McLaren Executive Director of People and Culture, talk about the power of collaboration and team spirit. The third episode features Piers Thynne, the production director, who will discuss the essence of the right environment for creativity. The final episode, which will be published on Dec. 11, will mark the end of the F1 season with a performance from Rudimental.


If you love car races or you are a fan of the McLaren Racing team, I won’t be the one to tell you that this content series is something you shouldn’t miss for the world. Even if you aren’t a fan of car racing, the content series is something interesting to spend a few minutes watching; you may even learn something and hopefully get inspired.


Vuse is expected to continue to work with Rudimental and McLaren Racing to develop other initiatives through 2021.


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