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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Good Ole' Custard eJuice by Big Bottle Co. Review - eJuice.Deals

Good Ole' Custard eJuice by Big Bottle Co. Review

When money is tight and you’re looking to stretch your vape dollars as far as they can go, you’re in luck! Big Bottle Co. specializes in creamy desserts and crisp lemonade flavors that come in big 120mL bottles for a ridiculously low price. But aren’t you a little curious to see if this flavor is worth the price? That’s where we come in! Today we’ll be reviewing one of their most popular flavors: Good Ole’ Custard. If you’re searching for a sweet and creamy dessert e-liquid, you may have stumbled on this one and been curious about the taste. That’s where we come in! We’ve reviewed another one of the company’s e-liquids called Electric Lemonade eJuice (which you can check out here), but for now, let’s jump right into the dessert e-liquid review today and see if Good Ole’ Custard is right for you!


Good Ole’ Custard eJuice makes its debut in our review with its eye-catching and informative label. I particularly liked that there were so many different colors and fonts that were still readable and appealing. The company’s name (Big Bottle Co.) was placed in the center of the label in bold block letters. Right below that was the nicotine content (I had the 3mg one, but it also comes in 0mg or 6mg) as well as the bottle size (4 fl. oz./120mL). The e-liquid’s name was located right above the brand name, in a playful font that got larger with every letter. Almost every possible shade of brown was used for the color scheme, ranging from light tan to chocolate brown, making you remember that this was indeed a creamy dessert e-liquid. Two distinct nicotine warnings were on the label, stating again that this product contains nicotine, and that nicotine is an addictive chemical.

On the far left of the label were the necessary warnings about nicotine being an addictive chemical, medical cautions to those with various health issues, and strict instructions not to swallow or use on the skin (you can read more about what happens if you swallow or touch e-liquid here). There was also an ingredient list, which is how I found out that the VG and PG were of Kosher grade. Big Bottle Co. is only available for sale within the United States, so if you’re reading this from a different country, you’ll have to drop by for a visit to try it!

On the far right of the label, you can view the Big Bottle Co. company crest, as well as the nicotine content (located directly below the crest). The manufacturing and distribution infor is located just below the nicotine content, allowing you to see that this is a product proudly made in the USA. There’s also the company website where you can check out the rest of the e-liquid flavors available. Good Ole’ Custard goes for $24.95 on the company website, but you can buy it right here at for only $11.99!

One thing that I noticed was that while the nicotine content and website were mentioned twice on the label, there was no information about the VG/PG ratio or an expiration date. Only by consulting the company website did I learn that this e-liquid is an 85/15 VG/PG ratio. I would have liked to see this on the label itself, especially when it’s obvious that the company put a great deal of thought into the design of the actual label. The expiration date isn’t a big deal, but it’s a nice feature that many companies have recently started stamping on their label. I was also a bit confused why the acronym I.C.E was marked right next to the nicotine content on the front of the label. Usually that means that the e-liquid contains menthol, but there’s no mention of menthol in either the description or the ingredient list. If you have any idea why this acronym is on this particular e-liquid, please let me know! Now that we’ve covered the unboxing, let’s check out the fill-up!


The clear 120mL bottle comes with a child-proof cap that twists off easily to reveal a slim fill-tip that makes fill-ups quick and mess-free. I also loved that the label left enough of a gap between the edges to allow viewing of the color and consistency. The color was a dark amber, with a reddish hue (it reminded me of iced-tea). The consistency was watery enough to alleviate my concerns about clogging my coils, in spite of it being a dessert flavor. The color worried me a bit though, as the darker e-liquid flavors have a tendency to stubbornly remain in the coil’s cotton even after you’ve changed the flavor. If you’re switching to a different flavor after you’ve vape it, be prepared to taste the remnants of this e-liquid before reaching the new e-liquid flavor.

I unscrewed the cap and held the bottle to my nostrils to inspect the scent of the e-liquid. I was delighted to detect a thick and syrupy scent of vanilla and custard. It smelled absolutely delicious and I wasted no time in filling up my tank. I noted that once in the tank, the e-liquid’s consistency was a bit thicker, although the color remained the same. I only hoped that the flavor from the scent taste was similar to the flavor in cloud form. Without further ado, let’s check out the taste test section of this review!


On the website, Good Ole’ Custard is described as a “creamy vanilla custard with a touch of cinnamon sugar and nut.” My first puff of the e-liquid was delightfully sweet and creamy, definitely reflective of the custard flavor. I could easily find the smooth vanilla flavor and the rich full-bodied flavor of the custard. I definitely tasted the sharp and spicy flavor of the cinnamon, so that was a delightful surprise. I couldn’t taste any nut flavor, but perhaps it was more of an undertone in the vanilla custard flavor. The first part of the inhale has a touch of vanilla custard, but it really comes through on the exhale. The cinnamon accent is probably the best part of this e-liquid, as it’s a surprise that’s usually forgotten until the last few seconds of the exhale.

I really wanted to like this flavor because of the strong first hit, which had a ton of vanilla and cinnamon flavor. However, I did get a dry mouth sensation at the end of the exhale, which, while it was rectified with a quick swig of water, wasn’t the greatest feeling after having such a tasty cloud. I also noticed that the flavor faded after multiple hits, leaving a bland and tasteless cloud in my mouth. This may be due to the VG/PG ratio of 85/15. There’s a lot of emphasis on VG for greater cloud production, whereas PG is used for flavor intensity. I definitely agree that the clouds were wonderfully big and puffy, but this was lacking in long-term flavor intensity.

I wasn’t thrilled with having a bland vape juice with the taste of cinnamon at the end, especially after such a great few hits in the beginning. I really wish the vanilla custard flavor was stronger and longer lasting, but since it wasn’t, I can’t recommend this as an all-day vape flavor. But if you’re looking for something light and slightly sweet, you may very well prefer this e-liquid to the other strong all-day flavors that we’ve reviewed.


Ultimately, this was a unique review that I’m torn between wanting to like and wanting to change for a stronger dessert flavor. Because of that, I have to give this e-liquid a rating of 6 out of 10. The packaging was so well done and had so much thought behind it that you can see the company really does care about details. The flavor was awesome in the beginning, for maybe the first five or ten pulls. The cinnamon was heavily present in every exhale, but since this is supposed to be a vanilla custard flavor, I would have liked to taste more of that. The bland taste at the end of the tenth pull was disappointing, as some of my favorite dessert vape juices have cinnamon in them. Good Ole’ Custard might be good if you’re wanting a light break from all of the heavily flavored dessert e-liquids, but I wouldn’t advise you to expect to taste a thick spoonful of custard in every flavor. The dry mouth sensation was a turnoff as well, requiring a sip of water to rejuvenate my mouth. I would love to see more of a vanilla custard in this e-liquid, but you may disagree.

Have you tried any other flavors from Big Bottle Co.? What are some of your favorite vanilla custard flavors? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Each vaper’s taste buds are different, and if you disagree with anything I’ve said in this review, please voice your opinion and tell me why! For the low price and the large bottle, Good Ole’ Custard by Big Bottle Co. might be just the e-liquid flavor you’re looking for! Check back with us tomorrow for another e-liquid review, this time from the company HMBL! As for now, I hope your tank is always full of delicious e-liquid and your clouds always puffy and full of flavor!

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