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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Big Bottle Co. Electric Lemonade Eliquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Big Bottle Co. Electric Lemonade Eliquid Review

With a name like Big Bottle Co., you can rest assured that you’re getting a ton of e-liquid for an amazing price. But just how good is the flavor in these big 120mL bottles? We’re about to find out! I have an insane sweet tooth when it comes to vape juices, so I always try to pick out flavors that look like they’ll taste as sweet as they sound! Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co. is the first e-juice I’ve tried from this lineup, and I’m as curious as you are to see how good this vape juice is. Let’s start with the unboxing and see if the lemon (or lemonade in this case) is worth the squeeze!


The bottle comes as a large 120mL chubby gorilla bottle with a bright label and an eye-catching design. A bright blue stripe raced along the label, interrupted by two lightning bolts that Zeus himself would have been proud of. The company crest was stamped on the far right of the label, with the company website and company address listed underneath. There were two large warning labels that proclaimed that the product contained nicotine, and that nicotine is an addictive chemical, as well as a warning listed on the far left of the bottle. I was a little confused with the addition of I.C.E. on the label, as there wasn’t any mention of the e-liquid being mentholated in the description. But then I also noticed that this acronym is listed on every single one of the bottles from Big Bottle Co. I honestly don’t know why it’s on the label and even after trying to research what it might have meant, I still came up empty. If you have any idea why this is listed on the label, please drop a comment below and enlighten me!

While the size of the bottle (120mL) and the nicotine content (3mg) was listed, I didn’t find the VG/PG ratio anywhere on the label. It was only after consulting the site that I found the ratio to be 85/15. I would have preferred this to be on the actual label, as the VG/PG ratio is vital to cloud chasers. My e-liquids are usually 70/30, so this ratio was a welcome change to my vape tank. There was a good size gap between both ends of the label, making it easy to see the color and consistency of the e-juice. It was completely clear, with the faintest tinge of yellow from the nicotine content. The consistency in the bottle was very watery and sloshed around easily in the clear plastic bottle. I was curious to see how the consistency was in the tank, which brings us to our next stage: the fillup!


I had no trouble unscrewing the child-proof cap and was pleased to see that the fill tip was slender and long, making it easy to fill up my tank. I held the bottle to my nose to get an idea of what the eliquid might taste like. My nostrils were immediately met with a sweet and sugary aroma, almost like a blue Jolly Rancher. I didn’t smell any of the lemonade flavor, but I figured it would show up once I actually vaped the e-liquid. I filled up my tank and noticed that after I had vaped it, the liquid moved around much lazier in the tank. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The last thing I want to mention before describing the taste test is that with the e-liquid being so fluid and clear, I wasn’t worried about staining or clogging my coils. If you have a dessert e-liquid in the tank and want to switch to a different e-liquid, it often takes a while before your coil can deliver the new flavor. Since this is more of a sweets/beverage flavor, I wasn’t too worried about a flavor carry-over if I wished to change my e-liquid. Now that we’ve gone over everything about the unboxing and fillup, it’s time for the moment of truth, the information we’ve all been waiting for...the taste test!


The Big Bottle Co. website was energetic and full of color, making it way too easy to lose track of time sifting through their many e-liquids. The description of Electric Lemonade eJuice was “a blue raspberry lemonade that’s supercharged to give you a jolt of flavor.” The smell test had a sweet and strong blue raspberry scent to it, making my taste buds water with desire. I took my first hit of this flavor and held it for a few seconds to really taste the flavor. I detected a tangy flavor on the inhale, which I attributed to the lemon part of the ejuice. The exhale, however, was very disappointing. I got a faint taste of blue raspberry that faded just as quickly as the clouds did. I tried it again three more times but felt like the flavor faded even more with each additional hit.

I also noticed that the clouds were very dry and bland. I found myself in need of a refreshing swig of water to bring the moistness back into my mouth. This happens often with blue raspberry flavors and unfortunately this e-liquid was no exception. The scent of the clouds were weak as well, with barely any detectable scent after the first two seconds. Usually with vape clouds, your taste buds are met with a delightful burst of flavor that keeps you wanting to take additional pulls. With this ejuice, I felt myself wishing for a different ejuice in my tank. And I was so looking forward to trying this flavor too!

Lemonade and blue raspberry flavors are usually delightful in beverages and candy, but in a vape juice, this e-liquid was sorely lacking that proclaimed “jolt of flavor.” If you’re wanting a flavor that’s extremely light and faintly sweet, you may very well enjoy this e-liquid. As for me, I was left wanting that strong punch of flavor that you find in real life foods and drinks. I will say that the clouds were smooth and the initial taste of the vape juice was good. But it fell so far beneath my hopes and expectations in the succession of pulls that I actually emptied out my tank in favor of a stronger flavored e-juice.


I wanted so badly to like this flavor, as the word “electric” in the name made it seem like it was full of flavor. Unfortunately, since the flavor was way too light for my liking, I’d have to give it a 3 out of 10. I feel like the “electric” part of the name was misleading and I was sorely disappointed. I didn’t like how my mouth was left feeling dry after only a few pulls, which would have been extremely unpleasant had I not had access to water. I barely tasted any blue raspberry, and the lemon was only on the inhale. I can’t recommend this to any vaper looking for a delicious punch of flavor of lemon and blue raspberries, as the name suggests. But if you’re looking for a smooth and airy e-liquid every once in a while, this might be the e-liquid for you! The packaging was bright and energetic (just like the website), and I appreciated the affordable price on such a large bottle ($24.95 on the company website but $11.99 on ours!).

Have you tried this flavor before and felt differently about this review? I’m so curious to hear from other customers of this juice and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Are there other ejuice flavors you’ve tried from Big Bottle Co. and liked? Let us know your experience with those or any other blue raspberry/lemonade flavors you’ve tried. I know that every vaper’s palate is different and it’s difficult to judge whether or not you’ll like a flavor based on the description alone. If you still would like to try Electric Lemonade or any other flavors by Big Bottle Co., let us know what you think! Check back with us next time for another e-liquid review, this time on the new custard flavors from Jam Monster! Until then, vape happy my friends, and may your tank always be full of delicious refreshing flavor!

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