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Want Your Vape Battery to Last Longer? Here are a Few Tips for You - eJuice.Deals

Want Your Vape Battery to Last Longer? Here are a Few Tips for You

Just about every vaper would agree with the need for the batteries of vaping devices to last longer. No matter how large your battery capacity is, you'd always appreciate if it can last a little longer. Nothing is more annoying than your battery running out in the middle of a vaping session. Thankfully, there are many tips that can help extend your battery's life and ensure your vaping sessions can last a little longer.


Before we proceed, it is essential to note that there is no way to determine how long a particular battery will last. The typical lithium-ion rechargeable battery is supposed to last for up to 350 cycles. There are a lot of factors at play here, including the quality of the storage facility the battery was in before you purchased it as well as the ever-present possibility that it may have a minor manufacturing flaw. Although the manufacturer may give you an estimate, there's no guarantee that it will match the battery's actual performance. With that said, there are time-tested ways that you can care for your batteries to ensure their performance is optimal.



1. Choose the Right Battery for Your Device


If your device works with removable batteries, then you must choose the right battery. Manufacturers usually have information specifying which type of battery to use for a particular device. Choosing the right batteries is essential for the best performance and your safety. Don't cheap out when buying batteries. Top-tier batteries are usually made of high-quality materials, thus their price. If you use a high-end battery, it is going to last way longer than a cheap one.


You don't just need the right battery for your device, but also the right charger for the battery. Each battery has a specific amperage that it is designed to charge. Also, batteries produce heat when they are being charged and used. Using a charger that is not compatible with a battery may work, but it will affect the battery's performance and may also pose a safety risk.



2. Don't Wait Until Your Battery is Completely Empty Before You Recharge


Studies show that lithium-ion batteries last longer if you do not wait for them to discharge fully before recharging them. Please don't allow your battery level to fall below the 50% or 40% mark before you recharge it. If you do this over an extended period of time, you will find that your battery lasts longer without any degradation in its quality.



3. Don't Charge Your Battery up to the 100% Mark


It may seem counter-intuitive to say you shouldn't let your battery reach the 100% mark before you stop charging it, but this is the case. Just like you shouldn't let your battery fall below a certain level before you charge it, don't let it hit the 100% mark before you stop charging – maybe stop at 90% or 95%. This will ensure your battery capacity remains relatively good, and your battery lasts longer.


Also, make it a point to remove your battery from the charger once the battery strength has reached a desirable level. Some vapers make the mistake of leaving their batteries to charge overnight, so it hits the 100% mark and continues to sit plugged in for hours. This reduces the lifespan and capacity of the battery.



4. Store Your Batteries Properly


Storage is another thing to consider if you want to get the best performance out of your batteries. How do you store your vape batteries? Do you toss them in a box with other things? What temperatures are they stored? All these things play a role in determining how long your battery lasts. Keeping your battery at the right temperature is important when storing it and also when charging and using. Exposing your battery to high temperatures can affect the chemicals used to make it and affect its performance. You can store your batteries in a dry plastic bag or box that is not exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources. Never put your batteries under heavy objects. Take your batteries out of your device before you store it. Also, charge your batteries before you put them away. This will not only make them last longer but is also convenient since they'll be good-to-go whenever you need replacements.



5. Keep the Batteries Clean


Another commonly overlooked tip for ensuring that your battery lasts long is to keep it clean Do not allow any buildup on your battery. Clean your batteries with a Q-tip from time-to-time. If anything spills on the battery, take the time to clean it off immediately. If your battery is clean, the connection is likely to be strong, which means you will enjoy your battery's full capacity. This, in turn, makes it more likely that your battery will last longer.



6. Keep Your Vaporizer Off When You're Not Using It


Another no-brainer way to extend your device's battery life is to ensure that your device is off every time it is not being used. Although this may seem obvious, not many people do it. It is easy to forget and leave your device on after taking a puff or two, to be fair. Turning off your vape device when you stop vaping is a habit some of us will have to make a conscious effort to learn. However, it will pay off as the battery life of your device will improve remarkably.


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