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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Serenity eJuice by Zen Haus Eliquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Serenity eJuice by Zen Haus Eliquid Review

Are you ready for yet another sneak preview of a vape juice before we make it available on the site? Yeah you are! I’ve got some sweet Serenity eJuice by Zen Haus all loaded up in my tank and I’m ready for the puffing! The real question though, is...are you? Hell yeah! Let’s take a look at this delightful e-liquid from Zen Haus, a sub brand from Verdict Vapors. In addition to making refreshing fruit concoctions, Verdict Vapors is full of bold tobaccos, icy menthols, warm desserts, and nic-salt versions of their most popular flavors. We’ve already reviewed Meditation by Zen Haus, which you can check out here. Let’s dive headfirst into the sweet and fruity clouds of the Serenity eJuice and see what all the hype is about!


Serenity eJuice by Zen Hause brings the relaxing flavors of creamy coconut, ripe mango, and tangy pineapple all in one cloud. I loved how all of the flavors were clearly written on the teal label, complete with the Zen Haus logo and distinctive font. Many times with uniquely named e-liquids, you have to look up what the flavor is before you know what flavors to expect (like Farley’s Gnarly Sauce by Bad Drip Labs, a strawberry and kiwi bubblegum e-liquid). I’m a huge fan of coconut and mango flavors (particularly S.C.P. from Nude eJuice), and this e-liquid piqued my curiosity by having all of the tropical flavors in one!

The e-liquid comes in a dark black plastic bottle, a bit of a nuisance if you’re trying to see how much e-liquid you have left. The label was half teal (front) and half white (rear) wrapped nearly all the way around the bottle and showed the 3mg nicotine level in the top right corner. The bottle size is listed on the top left corner, but since you get two 60mL in the box, you’re actually getting 120mL for a great price. The white label on the rear contained all of the necessary information of warning labels, manufacturing information, ingredients, and sale information. I was a bit curious why the VG/PG ratio wasn't listed on the label or the box, but I checked the company website and found that the vape juice is a 70/30 blend (the most common ratio for e-liquids). The site is also listed as $24.99, but once we launch it on our site, you can bet we’ll list it for an equally awesome price!

It’s worth noting that the label had salt nicotine in their ingredient list, as well as a statement that said 100% foreign grown tobacco. Now this e-liquid is meant for use in a traditional sub-ohm tank, not a nic-salt pod, so this was a bit confusing. The flavor also doesn’t mention anything about tobacco in the description or the ingredients, so again, not quite sure why this was even on the label. If any of you guys have an idea as to why, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think! The label also said that this vape juice is only allowed to be sold within the United States, so if you’re reading this and would like to try it, you’ll have to come here to visit! That wraps up the unboxing part of the review, so let’s check out the next part of the review: the fill-up!


As I mentioned in the unboxing, the 60mL bottle is a very dark black plastic that makes it nearly impossible to see inside. However, the child-proof cap was unscrewed easily to reveal the slender drip tip, great for quick and mess-free fillups. I held the bottle to my nose and after a few quick squeezes, I could smell the scent of the e-liquid within. I immediately detected a rich and creamy scent of coconuts. There was also a faint undertone of both the mango and the pineapple, but the coconut scent easily overpowered both of those scents. It smelled absolutely mouthwatering and I was sorely tempted to drink the e-liquid just to sample that delicious sweetness. Seriously, don’t try to drink this (or any other e-liquid) as it’s dangerous to your health. A few drops on your skin or excess vape juice in your mouth are fine (check out our article on that here), but no matter how good an e-liquid smells, especially this one, don’t drink it!

I was able to easily fill up my tank, thanks to the thin drip tip. And once my tank was full, I was able to see the color and consistency. The vape juice was almost clear, with an extremely light yellow tinge due to the 3mg of nicotine. The consistency was a good balance between not too watery and not too sludgy, which helped alleviate my fears that this e-juice would burn or clog my coils. And now that we’ve gone over the scent, color, consistency, and fill-up, it’s time to see how this tantalizing vape juice tastes!


Zen Haus’ description of this flavor says that it’s “an exotic blend of mangoss, sweet golden pineapples, and tropical coconuts.” It certainly carried the scent of all of the above, with a delicious emphasis on the coconut. I took my first hit and got a very light and faint taste of mango. But on the exhale...OMG! Right away the coconut slammed into my taste buds and the mango danced on my tongue, with pineapple right at the end. The creaminess of coconut was very strong, and the sweetness of the mango lasted on my tongue long after I had exhaled. The pineapple was the binding flavor that tied it all together, leaving me wanting more.

I will say that I reviewed this vape just on a fresh coil and this was easily an all-day flavor that I enjoyed for four straight days, loving every puff. As a vape reviewer and someone who gets easily bored with flavors, this was an excellent one. I got the faint underlying taste of burnt cotton if I didn’t wait long enough between hits, so you’ll need to be careful not to chain vape this flavor. This flavor dried my mouth out a little over the course of the four days that I had it in my tank, but a quick swig of water cleared that right up. The name definitely lives up to the taste, as it was a very relaxing flavor that smelled every bit as good as it tasted. The clouds were delicious to inhale, and everyone near me asked what flavor I had in my tank.


I absolutely fell in love with this flavor. I wasn’t expecting to like it this much, but it was a flavor that kept on giving the more that I vaped it. The creamy coconut blended with sweet mango and ripe pineapple was so smooth and refreshing. I’ve only reviewed one other Zen Haus e-juice flavor, but this one surpasses it by far. I definitely recommend this to any vaper wanting a flavorful and sweet e-juice, a smooth throat hit, and 120mL of all-day vape juice for an excellent price. I rate it a 9 out of 10, only because of the occasional warning of a dry hit from the juice being a little thin. The bottle color was annoying and inconvenient, but aside from that, the label was very well done in regards to being colorful, easy to read, and informative.

There’s still two other flavors from Zen Haus that we’ll be reviewing in the next few days: Rebirth and Nirvana. I know we’ve been doing a lot of fruit flavors these days, which is my fault since I can’t get enough of the fruit and candy flavored vape juices. But I’ll start doing some dessert and custard flavors soon so we can mix it up a bit. Is there any flavor on the site you’d like me to review? Have you tried any of the Zen Haus flavors before? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! I love reviewing e-juice honestly to give you a better idea of what to expect.

There’s so many flavors on our site that it can seem a little daunting to pick one and hope that it’s good. But for now, we’ll work through all of the vape flavors we have and keep you posted on which ones we review! That’s all for now, but I promise to have another review uploaded soon! Until then, vape happy my friends! May your tank be overflowing with delicious all-day vape juice and may your clouds be full of refreshing and mouthwatering flavor!

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