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New York Gov. Expedites Ban on Flavored Vape Products - eJuice.Deals

New York Gov. Expedites Ban on Flavored Vape Products

Last week, President Trump announced plans to ban flavored vape products at the federal level. In a tweet over the weekend, Trump seemed to clarify his position that he wasn't against vaping, but did not want to make sure it was "safe for all,":

Even if Trump did pass such a bill, it would have to get approved by the Senate and Congress before getting passed into law. This process will typically take 12 to 24 months, which means there isn't an immediate threat to flavored vape products at the federal level; however, lawmakers are pushing for flavor bans at the state level and these can take effect much quicker.

In the most recent event, New York Governor Cuomo has taken executive action to ban flavored vape products across the state. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) reports that the bill is being fast-tracked by Cuomo and includes the following initiatives:

  • “State Police and Department of Health (DOH) partner to immediately ramp up enforcement efforts against retailers who sell to underage youth – possibilities of criminal penalties.
  • “Advances legislation to eliminate deceptive marketing of e-cigarettes to children and underage youth.
  • “DOH Commissioner, Dr. Zucker, will hold an emergency meeting with PHHPC to ban e-cigarette flavors.”

If passed, this bill could produce an immediate 90-day ban on the sale of flavored vape products and enforcement of the law could begin as early October 4th of this year. 

While this bill will not put an end to New York's teen vaping issue, it will have a catastrophic impact on the vape industry in New York. 

Consumers will be cut off from the products that helped them to stop smoking and NY vape shop owners would be forced to close their doors due to the decline in sales.

This will have not only a negative financial impact for thousands of New York residents, but it could also lead to an increased number of teen cigarette smoking, which has decreased by a whopping 28.4% over the last year alone. Vaping has been a thorn in the side of big tobacco corporations, but with the crushing blow this ban would deliver to the e-cigarette industry in New York, big tobacco could begin to regain their influence. 

We cannot allow this ban to happen in New York or in any other state. Vaping has changed the lives of millions of Americans, with flavors being one of the strongest contributing factors. If lawmakers pass these harmful bans on flavored vape products, it will reverse all the progress that has been made by this industry.

Take Action in the Fight Against E-Cigarette Flavor Bans

Right now, we need everyone's support to defend the vape industry and protect our way of life. Below are several ways to take action:

Take Action Against Federal Vape Flavor Bans

Take Action Against New York Vape Flavor Bans

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