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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Properly Dispose of Unwanted Vape Juice - eJuice.Deals

How To Properly Dispose of Unwanted Vape Juice

We’ve all encountered that one e-liquid flavor that we absolutely hate and no longer have any desire to use. I personally have about ten e-liquids that I simply refuse to vape out, but can’t bring myself to throw out. So there it sits, in the back of my vape cupboard, turning brown and taking up space. I eventually forget about it until I need something from that cabinet and discover it again. The big question is what to do with it, now that it’s expired, discolored, and gross looking? If you’ve ever been in this position, chances are you want to be safe about your disposal, but you’re not quite sure of your options. In this article, we’ll go over some safe ways to get rid of your old e-juice, big no-no’s on what you shouldn’t do with your old vape juice, and future options that might be approved later on the line. Let’s get started!


Vape juice has an intended shelf life that ranges pretty far out from the date it was made. That being said, you don’t know how long the vape juice was sitting on the shelf before you bought. Try to make a habit of checking the expiration date (if there is one) before you buy it. If the vape juice doesn’t have an expiration date (and quite a few still don’t), make a note of when you bought it. Then you can have an idea of how long it’s been in your possession later on down that line. Vape juices don’t yet have a solid expiration time, but most are intended to last anywhere from a year to two years. If your vape juice is well past the expiration date, it’s highly recommended that you dispose of it properly (which we’ll get to in a minute).

If you’re like me and you’ve discovered that you can’t bear to puff on a particular flavor any longer, consider offering it to one of your friends who does vape. Since vapers have their own distinct flavor profiles, a flavor that you hate may very well be something your friend loves. Some shops even hold promotions that if you bring in a bottle of vape juice (opened or not) into their store, they’ll give you a discount on a new bottle of e-liquid. So before you think about getting rid of your unwanted vape juice, see if there’s a way to repurpose it! Finally, consider mixing your unwanted vape juice with another flavor that you really do like. Sometimes vape juice is really weak in flavor, but could be a great way to boost flavor in another vape juice. I’ve mixed one of Naked 100’s menthol flavors with an overly sweet fruit juice and found that it was an excellent flavor to puff on.


You may start eyeing that trash can or kitchen sink as a way of getting rid of your unwanted vape juice, but don’t do it. Some people argue that throwing vape juice down the drain can contaminate the water and start building up, similar to why you shouldn’t throw used oil down the drain. Other people argue that even though we have a waste management system, it may not be adequate enough to clean the residue effectively and cause problems if more people do it over time. Since many e-juices contain nicotine, you could be possibly exposing people to nicotine without them even realizing it. While it might seem ridiculous and far fetched, it’s a good idea to resist dumping your e-liquid down the drain until it’s been proven safe to do so.

While there isn’t a perfect answer on how to get rid of your e-liquid, there are some ways that you can be responsible. One such way is to use kitty litter. Simply pour your e-liquid into the kitty litter and allow it to clump up. Once the litter has absorbed the liquid, toss the used kitty litter in a sealable bag and throw it out with the trash as per usual. Then you can toss your empty glass or plastic bottle into the recycling bin.

If you live alone, you might be able to get away with just pouring the unwanted vape juice over a paper towel or other soiled container that can’t be recycled and not think twice. However, if you have a pet that’s notorious for rooting through the trash, this method could very well poison your beloved animal and result in a costly trip to the vet. If you have small children in your household, they may be attracted to the sweet smell and want to play with it.

You shouldn’t pour e-liquid onto the ground, even if it’s soft earth that will be absorbed quickly. Animals may be attracted to the smell and want to lick it to find out what it is. The same is true for the used kitty litter. Don't leave the kitty litter in the litterbox or anywhere that your pet can lap up any remaining e-juice. The long term effects of vape juice aren’t known yet, and you don’t want to risk accidentally harming animals or other innocent passersby. Ingesting e-juice in any quantity is never a good idea (you can check out the article on that here), so use the kitty litter as your safest resort.


I’ve often wished there was some sort of device that could vaporize the e-liquid so that I could enjoy the smell instead of suffering through the taste. That way I wouldn’t have to waste it or battle a terrible flavor while searching for a new one. But I guess that a vape diffuser wouldn’t be that well-received by non-vapers and those worried about secondhand vapor (which you can check out my article here). Until a better method is discovered, approved, or invented, kitty litter seems to be the easiest and safest way. Thank goodness kitty litter isn’t that expensive, and it’s even easier to use if you’ve already got a cat!

If you’re really serious about finding a safe way to dispose of your vape juice, you can always ask your city’s officials (usually in your city hall) and ask them what they recommend. Granted, this question might baffle them and they may not be able to give you an answer, but at least you can show that there are responsible vapers out there. Who knows, they might look into it and develop something safe and affordable. At the very least, you can take pride in the fact that you tried.

Hopefully this article has helped you realize the best way to dispose of your unwanted vape juice: good ol’ fashioned kitty litter! What are some ways you get rid of your vape juice? Do you know of a better way to get rid of old, unwanted, or expired e-liquid? Let us know in the comments below! If you have a vape-related question that you’d like answered, shoot us a text or email or reach out to us via social media! Here at, we strive to provide the best customer service possible and look forward to answering any and all questions you might have. Check back with us tomorrow where we’ll review a tasty e-liquid from yet another one of our favorite e-juice brands! Until then, enjoy your bottle of vape juice and may the resulting clouds be puffy and full of flavor!

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