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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Ejuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Ejuice Review

Take a trip down memory lane with this spin-off e-liquid rendition of your favorite childhood candy! Grape Apple eJuice by Cloud Nurdz promises lush clouds of plump grapes and crunchy green apples in every puff. Grape Apple eJuice is the first e-liquid I’ve tried from the Cloud Nurdz collection and I’m curious to see how the clouds taste in comparison to the crunchy green and purple candy. Only one way to find out! Let’s check out the unboxing of this intriguing vape juice and see if it’s something you’d want to try!


As a child, I always loved the double flavored crunchy candy of Nerds and was delighted to see that there was now an e-liquid rendition of it. I stocked up on three of Cloud Nurdz flavors, and will be reviewing them over the next few reviews. The one I’m trying today is their grape apple version, which would mean that the candy’s colors would be green and purple. Cloud Nurdz picked up on this, which is why their packaging comes in complimentary colors to the actual candy.

The 100mL bottle comes in a large thin-cardboard box. This was a little deceiving, as the box looks similar to the ones that hold two 60mL bottles (for a total of 120mL). The information on the bottle was the same as the info on the bottle, with the company name displayed in a large graffiti-type of font. The e-liquid name Grape Apple is stamped twice on the label, and has reflective green and purple lettering respectively, to emphasize the e-liquid’s flavor. The 3mg nicotine content is also boldly stamped twice on the left side of the label. There is a warning banner on the bottom of the label that proclaims that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical. I’m definitely seeing a theme of doubly repeating information on the label.

The back of the label was covered in warnings, including the possible exposure of acetaldehyde. Right below this warning was a second warning that nicotine could be poisonous if it comes into contact with your skin or is possibly ingested. I’ve seen this warning before and even written an article on what happens if you get e-juice on your skin or accidentally swallowed, which you can check out yourself. Right below that warning was the ingredients list, which is where I discovered Cloud Nurdz uses food grade flavorings. I made a mental note to remember this when I finally got to the taste test and pressed on. I did see the age restrictions, sales restrictions, manufacturing information, and the VG/PG ratio clearly stamped as 65/35. This is slightly different than the normal 70/30 VG/PG rating, so I was curious if I’d taste any difference.

The expiration date and e-liquid batch number were clearly stamped on the bottom, but I didn’t see any information for the company website on the box or the bottle label. I searched it myself and discovered that the Cloud Nurdz website only sells through wholesale, so there wasn’t any listed price. We sell all of the Cloud Nurdz flavors for only $14.99. One thing I noticed on the label was that the manufacturing company (Five Star Juice) was the same for another brand we carry on our site (Barista Brew), as well as some other e-liquid companies. Now that we’ve exhaustively covered the unboxing, let’s check out the fillup!


Grape Apple eJuice by Cloud Nurdz comes in a clear 100mL chubby bottle. The label wrapps nearly all the way around the bottle, but does leave a tiny space between the label edges to see how much vape juice you have left. The bottle was sealed with a childproof cap that was easy to unscrew. The fill-tip was thin and slender and didn’t give any issues with spilling, leaking, or making my fillup messy.

The e-liquid was a reddish yellow color, similar to iced tea. The consistency was a good balance of not too watery and not too sludgy. Although the vape juice sloshed around and moved easily when I tilted the bottle, the consistency was thick enough to alleviate my concern that the e-juice would clog my coil.

I held the bottle to my nostrils and squeezed gently to get a better idea of the e-liquid’s scent. I immediately detected a thick and sweet grape scent, similar to a grape flavored lollipop. The scent was delightful and made me wish for a tall glass of Welch’s grape juice! I was excited to finally try out this vape juice so I wasted no time in loading up my tank. I prepared myself to take my first hit, so let’s jump right into the Taste Test now!


Now, I know full well that replicating the flavor and nostalgia of the actual candy is an extremely difficult thing to do in a vape juice. I went into the taste test with caution, as I absolutely love the candy and was hopeful that the e-liquid would be on point. The initial hit was a delicious flavor of apple, crisp, tart, and sweet. The exhale had a delightful flavor of strong and pure grape flavor, and both flavors combined surprisingly well! It was an absolute delightful cloud...right until the aftertaste. The flavor left on my tongue had a soapy taste to it, requiring a quick swig of water to rid my mouth of the strange taste.

I ended up taking several hits of this flavor to ensure this soapy flavor wasn’t just an odd pairing of flavors on my tongue, but nope. After the final exhale, the back of my tongue was coated in this unpleasant flavor that tasted like soapy grapes. It didn’t happen with every hit, but it happened frequently enough that I regarded the entire e-liquid with disdain and mistrust. I managed to get through an entire tankful of this e-liquid but sadly, I had no intention of refiling my tank.

Aside from that, the flavor was strong and pure. The flavor never lost its purity in both the apple-flavored inhale or the grape-flavored exhale. The two flavors often combined beautifully to leave me wanting additional hits, but that awful aftertaste simply ruined any enjoyment I got out of the vape. The re-inhalation of the clouds was much more agreeable, as the sweet fruit and candy scents wafted through the air and were a delight to re-inhale. The throat hit was smooth, but required multiple hits to satisfy my nicotine cravings. I really wanted to like this vape juice as I adore the actual candy, but unfortunately this e-liquid is one of the few that fell short on my list of e-juice reviews.


Grape Apple eJuice by Cloud Nurdz was an odd flavor to review, as it’s not the first e-liquid to imitate the actual candy. The initial cloud taste was pure and sweet and quite pleasant. But that aftertaste killed any hopes of becoming an all-day favorite. For that reason, I have to rate this e-liquid as a 4 out of 10. Perhaps the grape flavor combined with the apple flavor resulted in this odd soapy aftertaste. I’ve never experienced this aftertaste before, so I’m extremely confused why I tasted it so strongly with this particular flavor. The grape flavor and the apple flavor were smooth and refreshing, and I hate that the aftertaste ruined what was otherwise a tasty cloud. Mind you, this aftertaste came a good five seconds or more after the last of the grape flavor had been exhaled. Whatever the reason, this e-liquid could use some improvement to eliminate this unpleasantness.

Have you tried this e-liquid before with different results? Is this aftertaste common with other grape or apple e--liquids? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll be trying out two other e-liquids from the Cloud Nurdz lineup, so hopefully the same aftertaste won’t present itself in the other vape juices. If it does, I’ll know that it exists in this lineup and may be a manufacturer issue, perhaps something with the type of flavorings they use.

If you’re curious about Grape Apple eJuice by Cloud Nurdz or any other e-liquid we carry on our site, let us know! You can get in contact with us via social media, phone call, or email. We understand that e-liquid taste is purely subjective, which is why we’ve tried every single product we offer. We can offer insight, recommend something to your preference. Check back with us soon to read our next review, and as always, may your tank be full of delicious flavor and may your clouds be mouthwatering and satisfying for as long as your taste buds desire! 


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