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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fire Man by One Hit Wonder eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Fire Man by One Hit Wonder eJuice Review

One of my favorite summer beverages is pink lemonade, crisp and sweet and refreshing. That’s why I’m very excited to present Fire Man eJuice by One Hit Wonder as our e-liquid review today! What better way to extinguish the flames of your desire for sweet and flavorful vape juice? This e-liquid boasts the flavor of freshly squeezed lemonade, with a hint of cranberry sweetness. This will be the first non-dessert e-liquid from One Hit Wonder, and I’m very curious to see how it compares to its creamy and custard-flavored counterparts. We’ll start with the unboxing and work our way down to the much-anticipated taste test. Let’s begin!


We’ve reviewed several of One Hit Wonder’s prized e-liquids, each met with some degree of success. Most of the e-liquids are dessert-centric and come in a wide variety of custards, creams, and sweets. Fire Man, however, is an e-liquid rendition of a fruity beverage.

Fire Man eJuice comes in a chubby gorilla 100mL bottle, encased in a thin paper box that’s as colorful as it is playful. Both the bottle label and the box are covered in cotton-candy pink and chrome yellow colors wonky waves, with an enormous “Fire Man” symbol and lettering smack in the middle. The box even displays the official flavor description on the right side, but oddly enough, not on the actual e-liquid label. It would have been nice to see the description on the e-liquid label as well, in case you misplace or damage the box. But it was great to see the company take extra initiative to display the description in the first place.

The company name One Hit Wonder is listed in bold lettering at the top of the label, with the words “Top Shelf E-liquid” and “Nicotine Salts” listed prominently near the bottom edge of the label. The required nicotine warning that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical was listed in a text block on the e-liquid box, but not on the e-liquid label itself.

The rear of the bottle’s label displayed the e-liquids name (Fireman) again, along several amusing silhouettes for the e-liquid’s information. The bottle’s size (100mL) was a fire extinguisher and the nicotine content (3mg) was a fire hydrant, while the VG/PT ratio was simply listed as 80/20. Several customer warnings were clearly listed, such as keeping the product away from children, sale and age restrictions, and the manufacturer’s info. The nicotine content, VG/PG ratio, and flavoring content were also clearly marked in the ingredients list, which is how I discovered that the flavoring content makes up 20% of the e-liquid. Lastly, the expiration date and batch number were stamped on the underside of the bottle to allow the user to see the recommended shelf lfe.

I’ve realized that all One Hit Wonder e-liquids are made with nicotine salts and TruNic 2.0. This confused me for a bit until I did some research. One Hit Wonder uses nicotine salts to provide a stronger throat hit, so you’d only need “one hit” of this “wonder”-ful (see what we did there?) vape juice to satisfy your nicotine cravings. This e-juice is meant for sub-ohm tanks, no matter what nicotine content you use, and should not be put into a pod device that uses actual nic-salt vape juice.


We mentioned in the unboxing that Fire Man eJuice comes in a chubby gorilla 100mL bottle. This bottle is sealed with a childproof cap that is easy for adults to unscrew. Once the cap is off, a very thin fill-tip is revealed, making fill-ups quick and easy. I will warn you that I had to exert a bit of force to squeeze the bottle. Be careful if you do this, as I’ve had the extremely unpleasant experience of forcing too hard and the entire fill-tip cap pops off and sends e-juice EVERYWHERE!

The bottle has a black child-proof cap, but the rest of the bottle is clear. The edges of the label stop just far enough apart to allow the vaper to see the amount of e-liquid left, as well as the color and consistency. True to its description, the e-liquid was a light yellow due to the 3mg nicotine content (similar to actual lemonade), with a slightly thick yet slightly watery consistency. I found the consistency similar to the dessert-flavored e-liquids offered by One Hit Wonder. This surprised me, considering that this e-liquid is more of a fruit flavor whereas fruit e-liquids are more watery (think Naked 100 consistency).

I unscrewed the bottle’s cap and held it to my nose to see how the e-liquid smelled. I was blown away by the intoxicating sweetness that attacked my nostrils. It smelled like pure cane sugar, sweet lemons, and pink taffy candies all in one. My mouth instantly watered, and I grew more desperate to try the e-liquid the longer I smelled. Of course, you should never ingest raw e-liquid or allow it to come in contact with your skin. But my goodness, the longer I smelled the e-liquid, the more I craved an actual glass of pink lemonade. I eagerly filled up my tank with this delicious smelling e-liquid and prepared to take my first hit.


Now, I’ve tried lemonade e-liquids with some modicum of success, such as Pink No. 1 by Twist eLiquids, Pink 0°eJuice by Twist eLiquids (the menthol version), and Peach Lemoande eJuice by Vapetasia. But Fire Man is the first pink lemonade I’ve tried that advertises “a hint of cranberry.” My first hit features a warm and light fruit inhale, faintly tasting of pink sweetness. The exhale was where my taste buds were truly delighted. There was a dleiciously tart flavor of lemons, extremely similar to the actual pink lemonade made from my favorite CountryTime powdered drink. The cranberries delivered a delicious tartness and a fruity sweetness that was highly enjoyable. Now, I’m not usually a fan of lemon flavored e-liquids, but this time, the lemon was delightful! It wasn’t overly sour, but smooth and tart and refreshing.

The throat hit was indeed smooth and satisfying, without an overpowering kick or dizzying effect. There was no sour or stale aftertaste, and the flavor’s purity and authenticity was present in every single hit I took. The re-inhalation of the clouds carried more of a lemonade flavor than the exhale, but I was thoroughly floored with how tasty this e-liquid was. I ended up using this e-liquid consistently for about 4 days, enjoying the flavor again and again.

I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed this e-liquid, mostly because pink lemonade is such a lightly flavored beverage. Therefore, it makes it difficult to replicate in e-liquid form without making it bland, watery, or unimpressive. One Hit Wonder definitely hit the mark on this particular e-liquid rendition, and I can happily say it’s my favorite lemonade vape juice that I’ve ever tried. Of course, you might feel differently, but that’s okay! E-liquid preferences are highly subjective, which can make writing e-liquid reviews tricky at times. However, I do hope you’ll try this vape juice and let me know what you think!


This was such an enjoyable pink lemonade flavor, which I’ve mentioned is difficult to do because of the light flavor nature of the actual beverage. The actual flavor, scent, and professional packaging made this vape juice an all-day favorite for me. The flavor was crisp, sweet, and wholly refreshing. I tried this vape juice in the month of December, but can easily see myself enjoying it in the summer months as well!

Overall, I’d rate it as a 10 out of 10. There was nothing that I could find wrong with the flavor. It tasted exactly like pink lemonade, the cranberries provided a tart and fruity sweetness, and the flavor was pure, long lasting, and authentic. I could immediately detect the flavor without reading the description, and loved how strong the lemonade flavor was. The throat hit was satisfying, thanks to the TruNic 2.0 nicotine salts.

Have you tried Fire Man or any of the other flavors from One Hit Wonder? What are some of your favorite lemonade (pink or otherwise) e-liquids? Make sure to post your stories and experience in the comments below! We always love to hear from vapers around the country. If you have a question about anything in this article, are curious about our recommendations for your next vape juice, or have questions about any of the e-liquids we sell, reach out to us! We’re available via phone, social media, and email. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you on your cloud-chasing journey. Check back with us soon for another e-liquid review, commonly asked vape question, and general information about vaping. As always, we hope your tank is filled to the brim with your favorite all-day vape juice, and we hope that your clouds stay puffy and are always full of delicious flavor!

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