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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eJuice Storage: Tips for Preserving Your Extra Vape Juice - eJuice.Deals

eJuice Storage: Tips for Preserving Your Extra Vape Juice

You have been building your collection of eJuice and now you have several bottles to choose from. Do you know the correct way to store them to protect the juice integrity and the flavor?

You definitely don't want to open a bottle to find out it has gone bad.

Some people want to know does eJuice expire?

There isn’t a specific expiration date but most agree that it should be used within about a year to get the best taste and result. Since you have a variety of flavors to choose from, you want to keep all of them fresh!

Here are a few basic tips for the proper eJuice storage to protect your investment and your flavor!

Avoid Direct Heat

Heat is the enemy when it comes to your eJuice flavor.

Heat creates a chemical reaction to perishable items; which is why most of your food is kept in the refrigerator. The hotter a substance gets, the more of that chemical breakdown occurs. In terms of your eJuice, this means direct heat will greatly change the flavor.

Your eJuice storage should be in a cool and dry place in your home away from direct sunlight.

Do not place near heaters, stoves or even where candles are frequently burned. A vape juice storage box is ideal because it will keep your eJuice cool and dry and can even lock for safety.

You can store in your refrigerator, but that isn't necessary.

It can even be stored in your freezer if you need to preserve your juice for a long period of time. It will not freeze, but it will thicken up a bit. When you are ready for it, it will need to be warmed up to room temperature before using.

You definitely should not ever try to store it in your car. When you take it on the road with you, keep it on you and avoid leaving it in the car for any long periods of time. The heat and direct sunlight inside your car will spoil your eJuice quickly.

The Effects of Light and Air on eJuice Storage

Exposure to air and light also have a negative effect on your eJuice.

UV rays from the sun and oxygen from too much air will weaken the nicotine. Oxygen reacts with the nicotine and produces cotinine. This is a chemical process that happens over time and the longer this goes on, the less nicotine that remains.

Storage Tips for eJuice

The best option for your vape juice storage is tinted glass bottles. Plastic bottles are ok, but only for short term storage. Tinted bottles will help keep out direct sunlight and preserve the flavor.

Keep the bottle screwed on very tightly to avoid access air getting in. In fact, if you have just a little eJuice in a larger bottle it would be better to pour it into a smaller bottle for less air.

It is also a good idea to label your eJuice bottle with the date of purchase. If you have lots of bottles and use them all from time to time you can keep track of which ones are older.

In addition to correct storage, there are also ways to make your vape juice last longer.

The Bottom Line

Your vape juice collection is an investment that you want to take care of. Following these simple and basic eJuice storage tips will prolong the life and flavor of your favorite bottles.

Our goal is to provide helpful information and a fantastic product. If you have any questions, or just need some help, please let us know. 

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