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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 Best E Juice Flavors You Should Try in 2019 - eJuice.Deals

5 Best E Juice Flavors You Should Try in 2019

Whether you're new to vaping or looking for a new flavor, there's a huge range of choices.

Figuring out which vape flavor works for you can be tough. There were over 7,700 flavors in the murky past of 2014, and that number has only ballooned since. You'll need to sift through the market to find the right fit for you. Or you can get some experts to help.

That's why we're here with five of the best e-juice flavors you should try in 2019.


1. Dinner Lady Mango Tart

If you're the kind to luxuriate in an endless dessert, this could be one of the best vape flavors for you.

This mango tart flavor invokes mangos in cream baked inside a shortbread crust. It's the kind of thing you'd order at a restaurant just to please your inner five-year-old. And you'll enjoy it, no matter what your adult self is trying to say about it.


2. Circus Cookie

You might not know it yet, but you could be looking for the opulence of a frosted cookie combined with the high-wire feats of the circus.

Circus Cookie is a fun-filled mix of soft-baked cookie coated in pink frosting. It conjures up images of candy floss and a front row seat, with a flavor profile sweet enough to tame a lion. Throw on some colorful sprinkles, and it's enough to make a clown weep.


3. Air Factory Mystery

Not enough? Need to go weirder?

Fall down the rabbit hole with Air Factory Mystery. This is a strange and convoluted blend of taffy, berries, and fruit-as if a ball of taffy were rolled around in a fresh-picked bucket of nature's bounty.

Air Factory Mystery's strange and shifting taste makes it a flavor sensation, but also a great discussion piece. How many top vape flavors can say that?


4. MOO Coffee Milk

Looking for a taste that invokes a little Monday morning pep? You don't always have a coffee machine on hand, so try this little number instead.

MOO Coffee Milk mixes a silky smooth cold brew coffee with fresh creamer. It's sure to help you shake away the cobwebs and get that mental caffeine hit by association if nothing else.

Bust this one out when you feel that mid-week slump, and you'll soon start to perk up.


5. Kohiba Bourbon Tobacco

Sticking with the grown-up theme, here's a vape liquid that combines two fantastic adult tastes.

Conjuring up a night in the saloon, Kohiba Bourbon Tobacco combines rich, bold tobacco with an aged bourbon to bring out your inner cowboy.

Pair it with a hike for an outdoorsy experience, or find a rustic bar and wait for Doc Holliday to saunter in.


The Best E-Juice Flavors for 2019

These are just a few of the best e-juice flavors you can try in 2019. But the truth is that the flavor combinations out there are endless. Don't be afraid to experiment-you could find your perfect flavor friend.

If you're ready to shop your 2019 e-juice flavor, you can do it here.

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