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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DVNK by Cookie King eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

DVNK by Cookie King eJuice Review

Remember those fun cookie snack packs in the ‘90s that came with creamy frosting, just perfect for dunking? Yeah, that’s the one...Dunkaroos! While they were discontinued in 2012, they were re-introduced earlier this year (although I highly doubt they’ll be the same awesome snack as they were back then). For those of you who enjoy either the original snack or the new version, you can also enjoy this tasty treat in e-liquid form! DVNK eJuice by Cookie King has sought to create a rich and creamy flavor that bursts with the same flavor as your favorite cookie treat. We’ll be reviewing this e-juice rendition of Dunkaroos today and hopefully the flavor is just as good as, if not better than, the original snack cookie!


DVNK eJuice is one of the three cookie flavors from Cookie King, and the second flavor that I’ve tried from the Cookie King lineup. We carry all three of these cookie vape juices, plus several other brands like Candy King, Tropic King, Milk King, and the corresponding menthol and nic-salt versions. All of the King brands are from the parent company DripMore, a vape juice kingdom that offers premium vape juices at attractive prices. DVNK eJuice goes for $14.99 on our site, but it can go for much more in store and other vape juice sites. Let’s unbox this bad boy and see what we’re looking at!

The packing for DVNK was so clever and well-thought out. The background of the label was yellow, but showed an excited crowd cheering as a cookie (smothered in white frosting and sprinkles) was “dunked” into a basketball net. The company logo is clearly marked in the front of the bottle with the e-liquid name directly under it. I was amused to realize the o’s in “cookie” were actually chunky chocolate chip cookies, complete with a fluffy baker’s hat on the top of the word “cookie.”

There is some extremely fine print underneath the e-liquid name that shows the bottle size (100mL) and that the product is not a food product, despite being a fruit-flavored liquid, and is designated for vaping. This last part confused me a bit, since cookie-flavored vape juice is clearly not a fruit, but this may have just been a generic type that nobody caught. I noticed it also on the company website, so if you know the reason why a dessert e-liquid is marked as a fruit-flavored vape juice, please let me know! A large warning banner on the bottom of the label denotes that this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical.

On the left side of the label, there was an ingredient list, various warnings, sale, and age restrictions. This part of the label also had the nicotine content (3MG) stamped in large red and white letters. The ingredient list listed the VG/PG ratio as 70/30, but I would have liked to see this more clearly marked than just casually mentioned in the listing.

The right side of the label contained allergy warnings, age restrictions, and strict warnings not to ingest the product, as well as Poison Control information. The company hashtag #DRIPMORE, Dripmore website, and manufacturing information were marked clearly on the bottom of the label as well. The expiration date and batch number were stamped on the bottom of the actual bottle in slightly smudged bold print. And that concludes our summary of the unboxing. Let’s move onto the fill up and see how this vape juice looks and smells once in the tank!


All of Cookie King’s bottles come in chubby gorilla 100mL bottles, and each one comes with a childproof cap. I was able to easily unscrew the cap and, thanks to the slender fill-tip, I was able to quickly fill my tank sans any mess. Just be careful not to be overzealous in squeezing the bottle, as I’ve had some issues with tanks overflowing in the fill-up. I noticed that the e-liquid consistency was watery and moved around easily in the bottle, which is slightly odd since it’s a dessert e-liquid.

I held the bottle to my nose to get a whiff of the e-liquid’s scent and immediately fell in love. The smell of crisp and crunchy graham crackers attacked my nostrils and I closed my eyes in happiness. I also easily detected vanilla undertones and I sorely wished I could drink this delicious smelling e-liquid. However, as ingesting e-liquid can be extremely dangerous, I resisted the urge and simply sat there appreciating the rich sweetness.

I noticed that the e-liquid had a reddish yellow tinge to it, although that lightened slightly once in my tank. The e-liquid looked like it was a safe consistency that wouldn’t clog my coils or burn quickly in the cotton. After thoroughly inspecting the color, scent, and consistency of the vape juice, we’re now ready to check out my favorite part of the review: the taste test!


Any time there’s an e-liquid that emulates a specific food product, I’m immediately intrigued. Dunkaroos were beloved by all (except for sugar-conscious mothers), so DVNK has quite a bit of pressure riding on it! The DripMore website was surprisingly curt in the description of this flavor, only noting a “graham cracker and vanilla” flavor. I’m a huge fan of vanilla flavored e-liquids especially so I eagerly took my first hit.

The inhale was warm and sweet, with a very light cookie flavor. The exhale is really where this flavor came to life, as the resulting clouds were chock full of flavor. The graham cracker flavor was sweet and buttery, and if I closed my eyes I could easily imagine biting into a thin and crispy graham cracker. I tasted vanilla right at the end of the exhale, but it was bold and creamy and sweet. I easily detected notes of sticky vanilla frosting and was delighted! The e-juice left a very pleasant aftertaste of sweet and smooth, with a very detectable cookie flavor. The re-inhalation of the clouds had a delicious vanilla aroma that I couldn’t resist inhaling again through my nostrils. The throat hit was smooth and satisfying, without an unpleasant burning or harsh sensation.

I’ve had multiple people try this flavor and they absolutely loved it, citing the Dunkaroo cookie flavor was spot on. I actually went through three tankfuls of this e-liquid in a matter of two days and can easily recommend this as an all-day flavor. The flavor never went bland or got boring, never lost its strong sweetness, and always satisfied my craving for something sweet with just a single puff. Because the flavor was so tasty, I found myself taking more and more hits to keep that sweet taste in my mouth and on my tongue. There was nothing artificial or overpowering about this vape juice. The graham cracker and vanilla flavor coincided beautifully to create a vape juice that was pure and sweet with every puff.


DVNK eJuice by Cookie King was a delicious cookie e-juice that now ranks highly in my collection of dessert vape juices. The flavor was smooth and creamy, instantly soothing in taste and throat hit, and all around an extremely impressive vape juice. There was an excellent balance between the graham cracker and the vanilla, and it was a delight to re-inhale. The label was creative and came beautifully packaged. I was able to use the vape juice for multiple back-to--back fill-ups over several days, and I appreciated the flavor remaining strong and sweet for the entirety of using it. For these reasons, I rate it a 10 out of 10. I highly recommend you grab a bottle today, especially if you’re a fan of the childhood snack it’s named after!

Have you tried DVNK by Cookie King or any of the other flavors from Dripmore? What are some of your favorite cookie flavors that you’ve tried? Share your experiences in the comments below! We always love to hear from our fellow vapers around the world!

We look forward to hearing from you about any questions or comments you may have, either via email, social media, or phone call! We only have one more cookie e-liquid to try called Lemon Wafer, having already reviewed Choco Cream eJuice by Cookie King a few weeks ago, so check back with us soon to read that final Cookie King review. Until then, we hope your tank stays full of your favorite all-day vape juice, and that the resulting clouds are puff and stuffed full of flavor!

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