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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cucumber Cooler by Tropic King eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Cucumber Cooler by Tropic King eJuice Review

In the vape juice world, the last flavor you expect to hear in a vape juice is a vegetable, namely a cucumber. But before you write if off completely, think back to your high school days when cool cucumber was one of the nicest scents you could wear. In the adult perfume section, both DKNY, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs all have delicious fragrances that center around cucumber as the main scent. Today we’ll be checking out an e-liquid called Cucumber Cooler by Tropic King that features cucumber, watermelon, and lime. This unique list of flavors caught my attention, and I’m excited to be sharing that with you today. Let’s jump right into the unboxing, the fillup, and of course, the taste test!


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Grapefruit Gust eJuice by Tropic King. The e-liquid flavor was delightful but had some unpleasant effects with my tank’s o-ring (you’ll have to read the review to find out more about that!). Thankfully, Cucumber Cooler eJuice did not have the same effect and I was able to safely use this e-liquid for several tankfuls with no issues before writing this review.

Tropic King is part of the Dripmore parent company and is well-known for producing delicious e-liquids with fantastic flavors. There are six e-liquids in this lineup and all of them have some sort of tropical twist. The packaging was so calming and colorful, as well it should be with a flavor like cucumber included! A light woodgrain background had the Tropic King logo branded with the e-liquid name located neatly beneath it. The flavor of the e-liquid was listed neatly in colors corresponding to the flavor (cucumber was in dark green, watermelon was in red, and lime was in light green). There was a large banner on the bottom of the box warning that this product contained nicotine and that nicotine was an addictive chemical. The Dripmore slogan “Drip with us” was boldly displayed on the top of the box, as well as the nicotine content of 3mg.

The e-liquid label had all of the same information as the box, just in different locations. The far right section of the label listed the allergy warnings, age restrictions, and a number for poison control (which is something that not many companies list). You can check out our article about what happens if you accidentally touch or swallow e-liquid, but it's comforting to know that DripMore provides this information right on the label. There was also the Dripmore hashtag and website, along with the company headquarters. On the left side of the label was the ingredients, which show that the VG/PG ratio is 70/30, and the warnings, along with the nicotine content and sales restrictions. It was interesting to see that the VG and PG used are USP grade, and that the flavor extracts were of a food grade level.

The Dripmore website has Cucumber Cooler eJuice listed for sale at $25, but here at, we sell it for only $11.99! That wraps up the Unboxing section of the review, so let’s head over to the Fillup and see what this curious e-liquid smells and looks!


All of the Tropic King e-liquids come in a clear 100mL chubby gorilla bottle, and Cucumber Cooler is no exception. The e-liquid had a delightfully watery consistency that was fun to slosh around in the bottle. The color was a light yellow that reminded me strongly of lemonade (but of course, you should never drink e-liquid). The e-liquid bottle was secured with a child-proof cap that quickly unscrewed once I broke the seal. The fill-tip was thin but just wide enough that I rapidly filled my tank in a matter of seconds, mess-free.

I held the bottle to my nose to see what it smelled like and was met with a very faint sweetness. I ended up squeezing the bottle firmly to force the smell to intensify and was able to detect a smooth cucumber and rich watermelon scent. I also thought I detected a light citrus undertone, perhaps from the lime. I was curious to see if such a light scent would equate to a light vape flavor. I filled up my tank with some hesitancy and took my first hit.


Cucumber Cooler eJuice by Tropic King is the first cucumber e-liquid that I’ve tried, so my curiosity was piqued from the moment I saw the title. I’ve enjoyed using cucumber lotions and cucumber-scented perfumes from time to time, so I was extremely interested to see how cucumber would translate in a vape juice flavor.

My first puff was a true delight, as I instantly tasted the light and refreshing flavor of watermelon. I tasted watermelon and a hint of lime on the inhale, but it the exhale was really where the watermelon and cucumber flavors came alive. The cucumber was smooth and refreshing and added perfect balance to the light taste of the watermelon. There was also a bit of a sour flavor right at the end and a faint drying sensation on my tongue, which I immediately attributed to the lime.

The throat hit was strong and I was careful not to take multiple hits quickly to risk a coughing fit or an uncomfortable burning sensation in my throat. I also felt a lightly dizzying sensation when I took too many hits too quickly so that’s something to be careful of if you have sensitivity to nicotine. But this isn't to say that the throat hit was overwhelmingly harsh. It actually made the e-liquid satisfying from just a single puff, which is great if you're looking for a quick hit to pacify your nicotine cravings.

The re-inhalation of the clouds is where I really found the cucumber flavor, whereas the watermelon and lime were more prevalent in the actual exhale. I was delighted that the e-juice kept its flavor after multiple hits and never tasted bland or stale. I filled up my tank several times with this flavor, and noted that the consistency remained watery even after sloshing around in the hot tank. Sometimes e-liquids have a tendency to thicken and clog your coils, but this one kept both its consistency and its color.


Cucumber Melon was a flavor that I probably wouldn’t have tried had it not been from the Tropic King lineup. The use of cucumber in a vape juice can be a turn-off, but after having such great success from other DripMore e-liquids, I took my chances with this e-juice and I’m glad I did! The long-term use of this e-liquid was extremely pleasant and I had no problem using this vape juice all day for two days. I think the name Cucumber Cooler is a bit misleading, as I found the cucumber to be more of a secondary flavor. I rate this flavor as an 8 out of 10, as I felt the watermelon to be the most defining flavor. The lime was also a bit hidden behind the watermelon and the cucumber flavor, but all three flavors came together to unanimously create a delicious e-liquid.

Have you tried any of the other cucumber flavors on our site? What are some of your favorite DripMore flavors? Post a comment below and share your thoughts! DripMore isn’t the first company to use cucumber in their flavorings, but I must say that it has made me more open to trying other cucumber-flavored vape juices.

If you have any skepticism on trying this or any of the other flavors on our site, you can always reach out to us via email, phone, or social media. Here at, we’ve personally sampled all of the e-liquids that we offer and can easily offer some recommendations based on your personal flavor preferences. Check back with us tomorrow for an article that discusses the pros and cons of using disposable cartridges versus a traditional vape mod. Until then, we hope your tank is full of your favorite e-liquid and that the ensuing clouds are as refreshing and delicious as Cucumber Cooler eJuice by Tropic King!

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