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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Berry Amber by Twist Eliquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Berry Amber by Twist Eliquid Review

To quote the infamous furry blue Monster of a popular TV show: “C is for Cookie”...Cookie Twist that is! Today we have a yet another strawberry delight, this one as a dessert vape juice. Strawberry Graham, now renamed Berry Amber, is the delicious pairing of sticky strawberry jam and crispy golden graham crackers, topped with a drizzle of wild honey. Cookie Twist puts a warm spin on a popular holiday treat, resulting in what I hope will be a tasty all-day vape juice. Let’s see if my guess is correct! We’ll start off with the Unboxing and work our way down to the Taste Test!


Cookie Twist is one of many Twist eLiquids options. From menthols, desserts, fruits, and other flavors, Twist eLiquids has tackled every section of the flavor market. Even more surprising, Twist eLiquids is a subsidiary of Daddy’s Vapor, an e-liquid powerhouse that produces some of our favorite brands like FRYD eLiquid, Milkshake eLiquids, 360 eLiquids, and Lost Art!

I loved that even though there’s 120mL of e-liquid in thin paper box, it’s separated into two 60mL bottles. This allows the user to carry around a smaller portion of e-liquid, ration off their bottles accordingly, and all around just easier to handle. The box comes in a dark red color with a background of a honeycomb design. The box has the company logo displayed in big block letters on the front, along with the e-liquid’s name below. I loved how the design matched the description (honeycombs = honey/graham crackers and red = strawberry).

All of the information on the box was the same as the e-liquid bottle’s label, including the large warning label stating that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical. I appreciated that the nicotine strength (3mg) and bottle size (60mL) were located dead center for quick reference. Located on the left side was the company’s Instagram handle, company website, bottle size (again), and the VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

On the back of the label, I found several warnings and the ingredient list, as well as the sale and age restrictions. I loved that the actual expiration date was printed on the label right beneath the barcode, instead of being hastily stamped on the underside of the bottle. The ingredient list surprised me a bit, as the VG and PG were of kosher grade, while the flavorings were both artificial and natural. Reading this had me insanely curious to jump to the taste test, but let’s work through the fill-up first and then get to the actual taste of this vape juice!


I loved that this two-pack comes in two 60mL bottles. Sometimes the 120mL bottles can be large and bulky and it becomes annoying to travel with. These two 60mL are perfect for sharing, carrying, traveling, and rationing out while using!

Both of the bottles were slim unicorn bottles that required very light squeezing to fill up my tank. Each bottle came with a childproof seal that was easy to twist off. Each bottle had a fill tip that was slender enough to fit perfectly into my tank’s fill port. The bottles were perfectly clear and there was enough space between the label edges to see how much e-liquid was left.

The consistency was a perfect thickness: not too watery that it would burn my coils, but not too thick that it would clog them. The color was true to its name: amber, similar to honey or maple syrup. My curiosity was piqued to see what this intriguing e-liquid smells like. I unscrewed the bottle and held it directly underneath my nose.

I immediately smelled the warm and comforting smell of graham crackers, with a touch of cinnamon. There was also a distinct berry sweetness, which I knew to be strawberry. There was a thick dessert scent that made me very excited to try this e-liquid. Keep in mind that no matter how delicious an e-liquid smells, sampling raw e-liquid is never a good idea. Now that we’ve gone over everything in the fill-up, it’s time to tackle the Taste Test part of the review!


Since Berry Amber was originally named Strawberry Graham Cracker, I had an idea of what the e-liquid should taste like. Strawberries and graham crackers might seem like an odd combination, but Twist E-liquids seems to have a solid grasp on what cookie vape juices should taste like. Boy, do they ever! My initial hit was so full of warm cookie flavor that I immediately fell in love with it. The inhale had a velvety smooth and warm flavor, much like warm strawberry jam. The exhale had a rich cinnamon flavor, followed by a solid cookie base. I tasted notes of strawberry lightly throughout the exhale and immediately craved the real fruit. The entire vape was smooth and sweet and absolutely delicious. I found myself closing my eyes and reveling in the thick and rich flavor of the clouds. The re-inhalation of the clouds was even more enticing, as the strawberry flavor became more pronounced. The entire vaping experience was smooth and flavorful and incredibly well-balanced.

I enjoyed this e-liquid so much that I filled up several times over the course of three days. The flavor was rich and premium with every hit, and I was delighted to discover that it never grew stale or boring. The throat hit was strong and satisfying, ending my nicotine craving with just a single puff. Yet the flavor was so clean and pure that I had to stop myself from chain-vaping just to get more of this delicious flavor. There was a very mild aftertaste of graham crackers and cinnamon on my tongue, but it was pleasant and didn’t deter me from enjoying this flavor over and over again. Sometimes with cinnamon flavors, that particular spice can get overwhelming, but it was the perfect touch to the graham cracker and actually complimented the cookie flavor very well.

I did lament that the strawberry wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. A friend of mine actually mixed Berry Amber with a melon flavor for a stronger fruit flavor (I have no idea why he chose a melon e-liquid), but I loved how warm and rich the cookie taste was. Granted, the strawberry could have been more pronounced, but for a dessert flavor, this was a solid all-day e-liquid that I never regretted having in my tank. I definitely recommend Berry Amber if you’re looking for a vape juice that jives perfectly with your morning java.


Overall, this was an absolutely delightful vape juice that I was overjoyed to have in my tank. The flavor was smooth and strong, while the throat hit was satisfying and the design of the e-juice was flawless. I rate this e-liquid a 9 out of 10, only because I tasted a lot more of the cookie than I did the strawberry flavor. This was a dessert liquid instead of a fruit e-liquid, so I can understand why the cookie was stronger than the strawberry, but I still would have liked more of a strawberry jam taste. The packaging was well done, and had so many great things listed on the label that shows the company goes above and beyond for their customers.

I have a few other e-liquid flavors from Cookie Twist and I look forward to trying them out, namely Frosted Amber (previously known as Frosted Sugar Cookie) and Frosted Banana Amber (previously known as Banana Oatmeal Cookie). I’ll make sure to upload those reviews in the next few weeks, so make sure to check back frequently to see what new articles and blog posts we upload next!

What are some of your favorite cookie and dessert e-liquids? Have you tried anything from the Cookie Twist, Twist eLiquids, or Daddy’s Vapor? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! We always love to hear from our fellow vapers around the country! If you have any questions on this or any other e-liquid listed on our site, feel free to reach out via social media, email, or phone. We’re confident we can give you some great advice on yoru next e-liquid purchase! As always, we hope your tank stays full of your favorite all-day vape juice and we hope that your clouds are plentiful, puffy, and full of delicious flavor!

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