Peach Pearadise Review

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Peach Pearadise Review

This is by far my favorite peach flavor, and I’ve been looking for a long time for such an exquisite fruity e-juice. Upon first opening the 60 mL plastic bottle, my sense of smell was delighted to detect such a perfect peach scent. I couldn’t wait to get this into my tank and see if the smell matched the taste. And I was astounded to take my first hit and realize that it actually vapes better than it smells!

I was blown away by the excellent combination of two hard to find flavors. The two flavors alternate with each puff. Sometimes the peach seems to be the only flavor, and then other times, the pear is just as crisp and juicy as a freshly picked fruit. It also gives a slight tanginess at the end of the exhale which is awesome. This is an uncommon blend of 80/20 VG/PG so the flavor is dominant and the clouds are thick and puffy.

The 3 MG of nicotine gives an excellent throat hit that is not overwhelming but definitely present. I highly recommend this as an all day vape, maybe even an all-week vape! I still haven’t gotten tired of it, and I try to ration myself so that I can keep the flavor for as long as possible. This is absolutely my favorite fruity flavor vape and I strongly recommend it to those in search of a great peach/pear flavor.  

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