Fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Review

Fresh & Sour Strawberry Shocker Review

Strawberry is usually a difficult flavor to properly capture into a good e-juice. There’s strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshake, strawberry candy, and the list goes on. This juice however, introduces a sour kick to your usual strawberry cravings. The liquid definitely has a terrific strawberry scent, and you can slightly detect the sour scent as well. The liquid is clear and flows easily inside the bottle, which will ensure a good clean coil for several fill-ups. Surprisingly, the 3 MG of nicotine is very subtle and nearly undetectable. This is great for people who aren’t comfortable vaping a high nicotine content and are concerned with fits of coughing and a harsh throat hit. The taste is delicious, with a very strong strawberry candy flavor. Remember those candy lollipops that you dipped into sour powder and you had both sour and sweet? Imagine that, with much more sweet than sour. The sour comes at the end, a subtle aftertaste that you might miss if you’re not looking for it. The exhale definitely brings out the sour more, but be careful not to expect a one-eye squinting type of sour. The 70/30 VG blend produces a happy cloud of sweet smelling strawberries, but only you as the vaper can experience the secret sour at the end!

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