Holiday Vapor Co. - Raspberry Cake Review

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Holiday Vapor Co. - Raspberry Cake Review

Holiday Vapor Company's Raspberry Cake is surprisingly, this is an excellent vape flavor, because it tastes exactly as it sounds: like a raspberry cake! The raspberry is crisp and clean, and the cake flavor provides a rich cake-y aftertaste that is just as memorable as an actual baked delicacy. This flavor is perfect for those who love fruit flavors, but are looking for a thicker more dessert flavor that doesn’t taste heavily of custard or cream. It’s also a good choice for those who like a good dessert vape, rich and frosted just like a frosted birthday treat.

The liquid is a dark amber, which is due to the 3 MG of nicotine. The juice has a nice liquid consistency, not sludgy or too thick. The juice gives  a clean throat hit, no coughing or spluttering due to overpowering nicotine. And the 60 mL bottle is a great assurance that you won’t run out of birthday cheer due to constant fill-ups.

The 70/30 VG/PG ensures voluminous clouds that offer a fruity perfumed vapor over all who are nearby. Now instead of waiting for your friends to spring that surprise party as you walk through the door, you can have your birthday present all day with this frosted fruity yumminess!

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