Bubba Jug | Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Review

Bubba Jug | Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Review
This flavor is a very interesting blend of a summer favorite and a popular candy flavor. The flavor actually comes in an adorable little jug, and includes a slim pen fill-up that makes it extremely convenient to take this flavor on the go. The 3 MG of nicotine gives the liquid a dark yellow color and the consistency of the juice is slightly thick but not sludgy. The flavor when you uncap the bottle is blue raspberry, but the actual vape has a distinct cotton candy flavor. Just think of it as a blue cotton candy at the your favorite theme park. This is a great flavor for when you’re tired of all the candy and fruit flavors and want to try something new. the VG/PG blend is 70/30 which gives off a nice puffy cloud of and it is absolutely delicious to smell. The inhale is a little strong on the nicotine, which is great for the more advanced nicotine vapers who like a good throat hit. There is a slight thick aftertaste left on the tongue, which is very like how cotton candy melts on your tongue and leaves a smile on your face and has you coming back for more. Since this is a very strong flavor of cotton candy, I would recommend this if you’re looking for a strong candy flavor, not a strong raspberry taste. The raspberry tanginess is gotten more through the exhale and the scent of the clouds. All in all, it’s a thick flavor that I set down and come back to every once in a while as a refresher for my vape taste buds.
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