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Aqua Sweets Sour Melon is now Aqua Fresh Swell. Aqua is going through a rebrand. You might get some bottles and boxes with the alternative design as we go through our stock of Aqua products. The label design has changed but the flavor recipe remains unchanged.

Swell Ejuice by Aqua Fresh delivers a rush of sweet summer watermelon wedges sprinkled with sour sugar for a mouth-puckering sweetness that your vape taste buds are sure to love. Keep your sweet tooth cravings at bay with the lush taste of sweet watermelons and sour sugar in every cloud!

Aqua Fresh Swell Ejuice Description

Swell Ejuice by Aqua Fresh delivers a delicious deviation from the original Aqua line. Now instead of the fresh flavor of succulent fruits, now you can have the best of both the sweet and sour world. Feast on a fresh and luscious slice of summer watermelon, sliced into fat wedges and set on a silver platter to cool and refresh your parched taste buds. Each of these summer melons were hauled in by the truckload, fresh from the summer melon patches. The deep green rind splits open to reveal a dark and succulent red flesh, dripping with sweet melon juice that your vape taste buds are crying for.

These fresh fruits are tediously dipped into a candied syrup and dried until they are a chewy sweet confection. But just as you thought things couldn't get any better, an unexpected twist comes along: each fat melon slice gets rolled in sour sugar to deliver a rush of sour goodness in every puff. Feast on sun-ripened summer melons doused in handfuls of sour sugar for a rush of sweet and sour harmony. Enjoy a handful of sweet and sour melon slices, ready to delight your vape taste in all their sugary mouth-squinching glory, and presented in eliquid form as Swell Ejuice by Aqua Fresh!

Aqua Fresh Swell Ejuice Information

About Aqua

Aqua is one of the largest and most reputable brands in the vaping industry. They took the market by storm with their aggressive lineup of fruit (Flow, Mist, Oasis, & Pure), menthol (Flow Ice, Mist Ice, Oasis Ice, & Pure Ice), and fresh (Drops and Swell). Aqua decided to shake things up in the three different sections in the vape world, and delivers a rush of full-bodied flavor in every cloud. Try out the entire lineup of Aqua’s most prized e-liquids, and see for yourself how Aqua stays competitive in the vape game.