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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Yogi Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar Eliquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Yogi Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar Eliquid Review

I’ve had my eye on Yogi eLiquids for a while now, mainly because I rarely see a company that describes their e-liquids as being granola-flavored. As an avid lover of granola, I was extremely curious how that would translate into a vape juice. With all the weird and crazy flavors out there, I was looking for something unique that wouldn’t break my taste buds. Yogi has quite a few tasty-sounding flavors on the market, but are any of them worth the hype? That’s what this review intends to find out! I wound up buying three of Yogi’s granola flavors, which I’ll take the next few articles to go over in depth. Today we’ll be checking out the Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar by Yogi and see if the cloud is worth the drip!


I was charmed by the design of both the box and the bottle. The box felt like recycled cardboard (even though it didn’t say that on the packaging) and the brand name Yogi was boldly displayed on the front in large letters. The top of the box had a checkered green layout that looked like part of a picnic blanket and the words “Top Shelf”, “Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar”, “60mL”, and “3MG” were displayed in easy to read font on each side of the box. There was a warning on both the front and the back that stated that this product contains nicotine, which is an addictive chemical.

The label wrapped nearly all the way around the clear bottle, but left enough space to allow the user to see how much liquid was left in the bottle. This warning label was also clearly marked on the front of the e-juice bottle. A disclaimer and other warnings were also listed on the back of the bottle, as well as the ingredients and place of origin. The liquid itself was a dark amber color, much like honey. I’ve found that many dessert flavors are yellow due to the heavier flavors (like custards and baked good flavors) as well as the nicotine. The consistency was fluid and moved easily from side to side in the bottle. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing, let’s check out the fill-up!


The cap was child-proof but I was able to unscrew it without much difficulty. As soon as I removed the cap, I raised the bottle to my nose to get an idea of what it smelled like. I detected a thick syrupy scent of apples and cinnamon. I didn’t really smell any granola but granted, that’s a tough smell to pinpoint. I did like that the drip tip was thin to ensure easy and mess-free fill ups. I was able to fill up my tank quickly (within a few seconds) and noted that e-liquid moved around a little slower in the tank (compared to how fluid it was in the bottle). I observed that the ejuice was clear enough to not worry about clogging the coil, yet thick enough to not be concerned about burning it. Once my TFV16 tank was full, I prepared to take my first hit.


Yogi eLiquid’s website was extremely outdated and only showcased their original flavor, so we’ll have to go with the label's description of the flavor: apples, cinnamon, and granola. I was able to detect the cinnamon and apples in the smell test and was curious to see if the same flavors would present themselves in the actual vape cloud. I did indeed taste apples in the inhale and cinnamon on the exhale, but again, it was very difficult to pinpoint the granola flavor.

There was an underlying thickness that I was able to taste that’s not usually present in other apple cinnamon flavors, so perhaps that was the granola flavor. The cinnamon wasn’t spicy and strong to the point where you feel like you’d start spitting out flecks of cinnamon, but rather smooth and a very nice touch to an apple flavor. The apple flavor was sweet and warm, much like baked apples. I noted that the apple flavor wasn’t aggressive and tart like some pure fruit e-juices, but actually a calming cloud of soft cinnamon apple goodness. If you’ve ever had the Quaker oatmeal packets for breakfast, this flavor tasted a lot like the apple cinnamon one. Both the inhale and exhale were sweet and flavorful, and the aftertaste was just a lingering taste of cinnamon.


Overall, I’d give this flavor an 8 out of 10. I’m not a huge fan of dessert flavors, but since it was granola and apple, I was extremely curious to see how granola translated into the vape juice. The cinnamon and apple flavors were extremely easy to taste, but the granola kind of got lost in the powerful flavors of the fruit and spice. I loved the packaging, the liquid consistency and color, and the fact that as a dessert flavor, this e-juice had a very strong and pure taste. I would warn you not to try this flavor expecting to be biting into a crunchy bar of cinnamon apple granola, but as a dessert flavor, I thought this vape juice was pretty good! If you’re a fan of dessert flavors with a touch of fruit, I definitely recommend this flavor.

If you’re a sweets and fruit e-liquid fan, I’d recommend you check out our other apple flavors (like Reds Apple eJuice and To The Max!) and see what you think! If you’ve tried this flavor and swear you can taste the granola, post your comment below! Vape juice reviews are very objective because everyone has different tastes. I’ve tried to share my honest opinion on this e-liquid flavor and I hope it’s helped you make an informed decision on your next e-liquid purchase. Make sure to check back with us in the next few days, where I’ll be reviewing Yogi Lemon Granola Bar! As always, may your tank never be empty and your clouds full of delicious and satisfying flavor!

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