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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why Do People Vape? True Stories Of Real-Life Vapers And Why They Vape - eJuice.Deals

Why Do People Vape? True Stories Of Real-Life Vapers And Why They Vape

Vaping today has become more and more of a common sight to see on the street, at parties, and especially at car meets (calling all Subaru owners!). But a lot of the times, you don’t know why people vape. According to the news media, vaping is just another form of smoking with better flavors. According to smokers, vaping helps them cut down on their cigarette usage. And for others, it’s something their friends got them into and now they just enjoy it. Today, I’m going to give you a few examples why people vape, with real life examples from people close to me. I’ll also share my story as well and hopefully, you can comment on why you got into vaping too!


One question that I’m frequently asked is if vaping helped me stop smoking. The answer might surprise you… No, vaping didn't help me stop smoking because I wasn’t a smoker before I started vaping. So why the hell did I get into vaping? And why haven't I stopped? We’ll get to that shortly. For me, I was always an avid protestor of all things that are seen as smoking devices. I hated the smell of cigarette smoke, couldn’t understand why people loved Cuban cigars, and never had any desire to smoke weed. But one day I tried hookah once at a billiard hall and discovered that I liked the way the watermelon flavor tasted. I was still quite a novice when it came to hookah and vape devices, but my good experience with hookah made me less apprehensive about cloud-producing devices.

A few years later, I met my boyfriend. He was heavily into vaping, saying it had helped him quit smoking. I was still very stand-offish to inhaling any form of smoke/vapor, but I loved how good it smelled. Eventually he bought me my own beginner vape kit and e-juice. I remember that it was apple pie flavored and I didn’t like it at all. But once I found fruit and candy flavored vape juices, I was much happier with vaping. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe I started off with something so small and low powered. Today, I use Smok’s Mag P3 for all of my reviews and daily vape sessions (you can check out my review of this vape kit here!). Discovering my love of vape juices but finding frustration on how various vape juices taste started me on my journey of providing honest and unbiased reviews of e-liquids and vape kits. These reviews help vapers across the country get an idea of what flavor and quality of vape juice they’ll be getting before they buy it.

Honestly, I’m one of the types of people that the media loves to use as an example for why vaping is so dangerous. I have no history of smoking or need for nicotine, and yet I vape every day and enjoy it immensely. My initial reason for vaping was just because my boyfriend did it, but I found that it helped curb my cravings for sweets. I have a terrible sweet tooth and vaping all of these sweet flavors helped cut down on my constant intake of cookies and candy bars. But again, this is strictly for me and I can’t guarantee it will work the same for you as well. I’m simply explaining the reasons for why I vape. Another reason why I vape is that it enhances my alcohol experience. Some people enjoy cigarettes only when they drink; I enjoy my vape more when I have a Jack-and-Coke in my hand. And since both vaping and alcohol require you to be 21+ years old, the combination really is an enjoyable one.


Two very dear friends of mine used vaping as a way to cut down on cigarettes. In fact, one of them (we’ll call him Adrian), hasn’t had a cigarette in over 8 years! I’ll tell you his story first. He used to buy a pack every other day, smoking well over ten cigarettes a day. He first started weaning himself off of cigarettes by using the hookah pens, and then the Logic pen. Then one day, a coworker introduced him to the wonderful world of vaping. Adrian realized that with the Logic, he would spend more money buying the Logic refills (which only came in a pack of 5 and lasted about a week), very close to the price of a pack of cigarettes. In an attempt to save money, he switched to vaping. He started out with a simple rechargeable vape on 0.2 watts. As vaping progressed and improved, so did Adrian’s vape kits. Eventually he got up to 200W on a four battery mod, but this turned out to be uncomfortably bulky and difficult to carry around. He settled on a two battery mod that recommended a comfortable wattage of 120W. His favorite flavor is Killer Kustard by Vapetasia, and he prefers dessert flavors instead of menthols or sweets.

My next story is about a guy (we’ll call him Trevor) who’d been smoking ever since he turned 18.. He went through at least a pack a day but told himself he could quit when he wanted. Eventually, his health started to fail and his doctor told him he should stop smoking to prevent future health complications. Trevor went out and bought a vape, but found that instead of eliminating cigarettes from his daily routine, he actually ADDED to it! The nicotine content in the vape juice just wasn’t strong enough to satisfy his nicotine cravings. The vape kit he had was used occasionally (as long as he remembered to charge the batteries) but wound up collecting dust for the most part. Then he discovered JUUL. JUUL devices became extremely popular because of their discreet design, stronger nicotine content, and easier to buy in corner stores and convenience stores around the neighborhood. JUUL gets a lot of bad publicity because of the detrimental effect their products had on underage smokers, but we often forget the true purpose of these devices: to deliver a stronger hit of nicotine for smokers, compared to the soft throat hit of traditional vaping devices. To this day, Trevor has maybe one cigarette a month. He attributes this to the JUUL device he’s used for several months. He hopes to kick the habit completely by the end of the year and says his clothes and his breath smell better, he doesn’t have to spend so much money on cigarettes every day, and he knows that his health is improving gradually. His favorite JUUL flavor used to be the Creme Brûlée, but ever since JUUL pulled their flavored pods off the market, he enjoys the Mint flavor on a daily basis.


You’ll hear hundreds of people say that smoking is bad for you and it’s a nasty disgusting habit. You’ll hear those same people bash vaping for being an entrance to smoking, and that it’s temptation for teens and underage smokers to get into a nicotine addiction. Yet many vapers will tell you that vaping saved them from cigarettes and that they’re so happy to make the switch. Vaping has its pros and its cons, just like anything else. The cons are that yes, it’s still a form of nicotine. Vaping has indeed attracted many users who previously didn’t use any form of nicotine-delivery systems. Vaping devices and e-liquids can be accessed a lot easier than traditional cigarettes. And vaping still needs a lot of research to determine the long term effects. The pros are that vaping has helped many previous smokers kick the habit successfully. Vaping allows the user to smell better and doesn’t contain the carcinogens of traditional cigarettes. Vaping is often cheaper than cigarettes and can be used in intervals instead of smoking a single cigarette in one sitting. And lastly, vaping has brought thousands of people together in their quest to overcome smoking. Vapers are glad to share their favorite flavor, their preferred nicotine content, and their best wattage/TC temperature amongst their peers. Vaping makes social outings more enjoyable (as opposed to cigarette smoke), especially where alcohol is involved. But as the saying currently goes,”If you’re smoking, you should be vaping; if you’re not smoking, don’t start vaping.”

What are your experiences with vaping? Do you or someone you know vape as a means to help you quit smoking? What are some of your favorite memories of you and your vaping habits? Let us know in the comments below! Here at, we’re passionate about vaping as a hobby, as a fun pastime, and as a lifestyle! We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect vape juice, offer advice on the best vape kit, and any other questions you might have! Call us, DM us, or email us with any of your questions and we’ll be sure to answer your questions to the best of our abilities! Check back with us tomorrow for a tasty e-liquid review on one of our site’s e-liquids! Until then, may your clouds be stuffed full of delicious flavor and may your tank always be brimming with your favorite all-day vape juice!

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