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What It Takes To Get Voted The Best Vape Shop Online - eJuice.Deals

What It Takes To Get Voted The Best Vape Shop Online

With more than 10,000 vape shops now open and operating across the US, there's a lot of competition to be the best. If you want your customers and clients to think of you as the best shop online, you're going to have to work hard and be clever about your outreach. Once you find the perfect pitch to your clients, you can build your reputation until you're at the top of search results online.

Here are 4 tips for getting to the top of the rankings.


1. Ask For Reviews

One of the best ways to become the best vape shop around is to have lots of dedicated customers. One of the best ways to get loyal customers is to have loyal customers. Your new customers will only know how loyal your current customers are if they can find out online.

Having your most loyal customers post reviews online is the best way to get new clients. Ask them to rate you on Facebook, Yelp, or whatever site most of your clients are on.

When you have lots of positive reviews online, search engines will notice and rank you even higher when people search for a vape shop online.


2. Respond to Questions and Comments

Loyal customers will ask you questions or leave you comments on your social media profiles. The best way to show customers that you care is to respond to them as soon as possible.

Responding to every bit of feedback you get in under 12 hours is the best way to show clients and would-be clients that there's someone there behind the screen.

Even negative comments should be seen as a way for you to grow. Respond graciously and carefully and you can attract new customers with your positive attitude.


3. Run Some Promotions

Promotions are a great way to win new clients. People love free stuff and deals. Show your customers that you want to make them happy by offering coupons, exclusive deals, and discounts on older products.

You can build an email list to let people know, gather phone numbers when customers check out, or even send real snail mail.

Whatever way to choose to get in touch with customers, you'll make them happy with deals.

Connect your promotions to an informative blog and you can build up your reputation that way.


4. Reward Loyalty

Nothing gets people coming back again and again like a loyalty program. Give them a point for every dollar they spend and then give them a free item when they hit a certain level. Give them options to hold out for longer to get better items and you'll see sales start to climb.

People love free stuff as much as they love to build a relationship with their vape shop.


Being Rated The Best Vape Shop Online Takes Work

Once you become the top-rated vape shop online, you'll have to defend your crown constantly. You'll need to keep managing to make customers happy, responding to complaints, and finding ways to innovate. It's constant work but should be massively rewarding.

Winning new customers means telling everyone the benefits of vaping, so check out our guide to help massage your sales pitch.

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