Washington Gov. Signs Order to Ban Flavored Vape Products

Washington Gov. Signs Order to Ban Flavored Vape Products

Last Friday, Washington Governor Inslee, signed an executive order that will ban all flavored vape products for a period of 120 days.

The ban has not yet taken effect; however, the State Board of Health is expected to adhere to Inslee's order and issue the ban at their next meeting on October 9th. 

Once the ban has gone into effect, Washington will join New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, as the fifth state to issue a ban on vape products.

Economical Impact of the Washington Vape Ban

While Governor Inslee, along with other supporters of the vape ban, claims that vaping has become an "epidemic," there remains no valid evidence proving that flavored vape products are actually the cause of the respiratory illness-related deaths that began this witch hunt.

Despite the clear lack of evidence supporting the Washington vape ban,  Governor Inslee's executive order will temporarily force them into law.

Once the ban has gone into effect, flavored vape products will be illegal and Washington businesses will be forced to remove all flavored vape products from their shelves.

While legitimate businesses will be forced to adhere to the vape ban, it will not solve this problem and it will not prevent people from obtaining vape products. Due to the ban, vape products will be removed from legitimate businesses, however, they will still be available on the black market.

With the inability to purchase vape products legally, some will simply turn to the black market, which would fuel crime and deter the economy further.

Health Impacts of The Washington Vape Ban

Perhaps worse than the negative impact the Washington Vape Ban will have on its economy is the devastating impact it will have on its people.

Most vapers rely on e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking and some have been vaping for over a decade. Vaping is more than an activity or a lifestyle, it's a source of relief, a refuge, and an important component of many people's lives. 

Needless to say, the impacts these vape bans will have on many vapers can be devastating.

Take Action Against the Vape Bans

As vape bans continue to impact the residents of more and more states, it's most important now more than ever to not lose hope and stand up to support the industry and each other.

This industry is facing a big threat, but with the support of each vaper, there's no challenge this industry can't overcome. To find out how you can get involved and take action, check out the Call to Action resource centers below:

If you're a resident of New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Washington, our prayers go out to you. Keep your head up, the fights not over and every vaper is here fighting to stop these vape bans. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the vape industry can endure anything.


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Kelly R Bemis - October 8, 2019

Vaping saved me from the grip that cigarettes had on my life. I am very picky about my flavor of ejuice and have that right as a 36 year old women to want to smoke flavors that taste good. If I wanted tabacoo flavor I wouldhave stuck to this cigarettes. Taking away candy flavored e-juice will not stop children from smoking e-cigarettes. What I have noticed they smoke them to look cool and do not care what flavor they are using. Just like children do with cigarettes. The people who care about about flavor and brands are the adults. I’m expecting the opposite effects your hoping for will take place. Adult will stop because of lack in flavor leaving more for the children. They don’t care about candy flavor they are not picky because their not old enough to be. They will smoke whatever the

James Tidwell Jr MD - October 8, 2019
The components of vape juice. Propylene glycol (IUPAC name: propane-1,2-diol) is an organic compound with the.  chemical formula CH3CH(OH)CH2OH. It is a viscous, colorless liquid which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. Inert BUT Containing two alcohol groups, it is classed as a diol. It is miscible with a broad range of solvents, including water, acetone, and chloroform. In general, glycols are non-irritating, have very low volatility and very low toxicity.4 Food Grade

Is it safe to vape vegetable glycerin?

The very short and sweet answer is YES, you can! There is no specific reason why vaping 100% pure vegetable glycerin, is going to get worse when we look at it from a health perspective. Vegetable glycerin is a benign ingredient which has been graded as safe to ingest by the Food and Drug
Administration.Dec 16, 2017

Nicotine in e-liquids can come from a variety of different sources, but it most notably is extracted from a plant in the tobacco family (though not from the same tobacco which is smoked). It is the same type of e-liquid commonly used in Nicotine Replacement…therapies. Food Grade

The vape ban is ALL about the billions of dollars lost by the tobbaco industry. If there was a major concern for human health cigarette smoking would have been banned years ago.

James Tidwell Jr MD - October 8, 2019
Fyi, The CDC Stated

Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.
The Tobbaco industry has loss billions of dollars since vaping began. Politics is MONEY related not your HEALTH.

James Tidwell Jr MD - October 8, 2019

The CDC SAID that 1,390 people die daily from cigarette smoking and tobacco related illness (second hand smoke), Yet 808 PEOPLE from vaping from the whole year and they turn it into a witch hunt. The real reasons for the Ban is BECAUSE the tobbaco industry has lost 59 million dollars a month for the last 5 YEARS. With a 11 percent ddecrease in smoking related illness.. that’s the real reasons.

Kara Hensley - October 3, 2019

I must add that,after watching my sister die of lung cancer, from cigarettes,six years ago,this is why I quit smoking and started vaping, I can actually breath now and have taken my little dog for a walk evary day for five years,I couldn’t make it around my block with him when I smoked cigarettes!! Vaping has saved my life!!!

Kara Hensley - October 3, 2019

If these people are so concerned about our health,why are the still allowing the sale of alcohol and tobacco?? Why don’t they offer medical insurance to those of us who can’t afford it??!! This will hurt economy, not help it!! It’s our choice of what we put in our bodies, people work hard for their money,we should be allowed to spend it as we desire!! As long as we’re not hurting any except,maybe, ourselves, I don’t see a problem!! Waste our tax-paying money on something reasonable!! This is completely uncalled for and I will help in any way I can!! Thank You for your time and concern for us who enjoy vaping!!

noah shields - October 2, 2019

They’re all idiots paid by the tobacco companies I got one word for them the middle finger

Lanai Murray - October 2, 2019

It’s all about money!!!

Lanai Murray - October 2, 2019

Iam really upset by this. Its about control. I quit smoking ciggarittes this is the only thing that has ever helped me. It is wrong! They should come up with a law that if a minor gets caught with vaping they get a ticket. If someone mixes juice with thc that is a minor should get into trouble. Take away from everyone!? We r adults! Take away pot and alcohol and ciggarittes then.
I’m not happy about this I’m angry!

Lori Ballard - October 2, 2019

I was a smoker for over 30 years!! Choking out my husband and our 5 children!! When vaping came along I was able to quit and have been vaping for 7 years! I know that they get abused but that’s not my purpose! It makes me so angry that a few people who take advantage could ruin my alternative to smoking!

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