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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VOOPOO: A New Way to Vape - eJuice.Deals

VOOPOO: A New Way to Vape

At E-Juice Deals, we’re more than just juice. In addition to our hundreds of e-juice options, tens of thousands of loyal customers have also made us their number one choice for vaping devices as well. We have partnered with several of the most popular brands of vaping devices and work hard to maintain close relationships with our vendors to pass our savings onto you!





VOOPOO (pronounced vew-poh) is one of the fastest growing vape manufacturers in the industry. Initially, VOOPOO’s mission was to serve the medical and industrial markets, but with such a firm foot in the tech industry, VOOPOO decided to expand into the vaping industry. In 2017, VOOPOO, a China-based company acquired the U.S Brand Woody Vapes and officially entered the vaping industry.



VOOPOO looks to create the best mods and starter kits to provide the best vaping experience. The company holds the record for the world’s fastest vape firing speed and all VOOPOO devices have a power compensation mode which makes them safer and longer lasting. Each product in the VOOPOO brand is both durable and versatile.



VOOPOO at E-Juice Deals


VOOPOO has both entry-level products as well as hardware for seasoned vapers. The latest innovation from VOOPOO is the GENE Chip, which allows gives devices a lot of power and customization features. We are so excited to be able to offer you this revolutionary GENE Chip technology by way of the VOOPOO Drag, The VOOPOO Drag Mini, and the VOOPOO Drag 2.



The VOOPOO Drag Mod uses the 32-bit GENE Chip for extensive output setting, uses a dual high-amp 18650 rechargeable battery layout and output to 157W of power. This device supports Ni200 nickel, titanium, and stainless steel heating elements and features an OLED display screen. This kit comes with the VOOPOO Drag 157W Box Mod, micro USB charging cable, and user manual. The VOOPOO GENE Chip technology is also featured in the VOOPOO Drag 2 and the VOOPOO Drag Mini Kit that are both available for purchase at our online shop.



Other VOOPOO products featured on our site include a 5-pack of VOOPOO Uforce Coils that are available in resistances from 0.13ohm to 0.6ohm; the VOOPOO Uforce T1 Tank that features a slide fill method and can hold 8mL of e-juice; and the VOOPOO Uforce T1 Black Frame Resin Edition Tank.



To check out these funky new vape mods and products, click over to E-Juice Deals to get your VOOPOO mod today!



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