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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping to be Available on Prescription-Only Basis in Australia - eJuice.Deals

Vaping to be Available on Prescription-Only Basis in Australia

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced that vapers will need a doctor’s prescription to purchase electronic cigarette products by June 2021. This decision does not only affect vaping products but also other nicotine products like snuff and chewing gum.
Currently, due to public health concerns, the sale of vaping products is illegal everywhere in Australia (apart from South Australia) except for medical use. According to the TGA’s statement, the sale of electronic cigarette products will remain banned in Australia. However, only those with a prescription will be permitted to import these items from overseas for use. Importing electronic cigarette items without a prescription will essentially be illegal, and border agents will seize the items. Also, the importer may be fined.
“To support smoking cessation, the requirement for a prescription would provide an opportunity for patients to consult with their medical practitioner as to whether e-cigarettes or other products containing nicotine are right for you as an aid to stop smoking,” the statement from the TGA said. “Medical practitioners are well placed to support smoking cessation and advise on how to reduce the risks associated with nicotine use.”
This proposed regulation had been open to public consultation until Nov. 12. A final decision is expected to be announced sometime in December, and the ruling will come into effect in April or June 2021.
This is just one of several initiatives by the Australian government to curb smoking and the use of nicotine products, particularly among the youth. It is also expected to facilitate smoking cessation by providing legal access to nicotine products. The TGA statement said the proposed decision would not affect products like nicotine gums, sprays, and patches that help smokers quit.
While Australian vapers may not like the new ruling, they’d be glad to know that the TGA noted that under the new ruling, electronic cigarette products would be available in online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies to aid smoking cessation.
So what does this mean?
If you are an Australian and need access to electronic cigarette products, you will have to consult with a medical expert. If you do not have a prescription, you will need to consult your doctor or medical examiner to write one or obtain one on your behalf from a pharmacist. Pharmacies will primarily be in charge of ordering and dispensing vaping products to people with prescriptions.
At the moment, it is unclear what the requirements will be for people to get a prescription when the new regulation comes into effect. However, it will hinge on proving that somehow, using electronic cigarette products is effective at helping you stay away from smoking. This may be tricky. Medical experts will have to assess your medical history and use of electronic cigarette products to reach a conclusion.
Although the proposed regulation will restrict the importation and use of electronic cigarette products, if you want an electronic cigarette product that does not contain nicotine, you’ll be able to purchase them from local stores without any restriction.
Could other countries adopt similar laws?
At the moment, it appears to be highly unlikely that other countries will follow Australia’s lead and make it mandatory for people to get licenses to purchase electronic cigarette products. Australia is currently the only country in the world that is pushing this agenda. However, based on the results of this initiative, it could be something that other countries adopt.
It is important to note that while there are some restrictions on vaping products in markets across the world, Australia is one of the only countries where the sale of electronic cigarette products is illegal.
Medical experts and governments across the world agree that the use of electronic cigarette products is a viable way for smokers to kick the habit. Therefore, we’re unlikely to see a complete ban on vaping products. However, with growing concerns over the increase in vaping among young people, there is a possibility that the vaping market will face stricter regulations.
Buying from Ejuice Deals
At Ejuice Deals, we have a huge collection of vaping products. We go the extra mile to comply with both federal and state laws regarding the sale and shipping of electronic cigarette products.
For international orders, currently, we only ship to Canada. If you choose to buy from us and have your products forwarded by a third-party with a US or Canada address, we bear no legal responsibility for that. However, we recommend all vapers to adhere to their local laws regarding the sale and use of electronic cigarette products. We only sell electronic cigarette products to adults, i.e., persons aged 18 years (or 21 years) and above. If you have any questions about vaping or the products on our site, feel free to reach out to us via 1 (888) EJUICE-1 or
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