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7 Advantages of Online Vape Shops vs Vape Shops Near Me - eJuice.Deals

7 Advantages of Online Vape Shops vs Vape Shops Near Me

When shopping for vape juice and other vape supplies, you have two options:

  • Search “vape shops near me” and then drive to pick it up at the nearest vape shop
  • Order it online from an online vape store like eJuice.Deals

So, which of the two options is the best choice?

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Online Vape Shops vs Local Vape Shops

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to this question; ultimately, it comes down to your preferences.

For instance, f you prefer a face-to-face interaction before purchasing something; or you’re friends with the owner or staff of the vape shop down the street, a local vape shop is probably a better choice for you. 

While there are a handful of scenarios when a physical store is more preferable than an online store; in most cases, an online vape shop can offer far more advantages than a local vape shop.

“What are these advantages?” you may be wondering. 

Well, that's exactly what we will be discussing today. In this article, we will compare several advantages of online vape shops versus local vape shops and how you can save more time, money, and more by shopping for vape juice online. 

1. Online Vape Shops are More Convenient for Shoppers

One of the best things about shopping online is the convenience. Not only can you shop online anytime, anywhere, but you'll also save a ton of time, money, and headaches by shopping online.

When you shop at a physical retailer, you have to get ready, leave the house, drive to the closest vape shop and wait in line just to grab a 120ml bottle of vape juice (if they actually have the item in stock).  By shopping online, you save yourself a ton of time and avoid all the extra headaches described above.

In addition, online vape stores feature easy search and navigation features that allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply pay for your order and that’s it. 

2. Online Vape Shops Carry a Wider Variety of Brands and Products

As an online store, online vape shops have far fewer restrictions than a retail store. For instance, online vape stores do not need to maintain a retail storefront or pay for a location with high foot traffic that costs more than a warehouse. By removing the extra overhead, online vape shops can invest their resources into larger warehouse space and more inventory.

In addition, online stores can leverage dropshipping, smart warehousing solutions, and third-party fulfillment options to increase their available inventory without increasing costs. 

For customers, this means more variety of vape juice flavors, better pricing, always finding products in stock and ready to ship.

3. Online vape shops offer lower prices on most products

Online vape shops have much lower overhead than retail stores and are not limited to only the customers in their area.

By selling more product and maintaining lower overhead costs, online vape shops can dedicate more resources to purchasing larger volumes of product at lower costs.

By leveraging a concept known as the "economies of scale," online vape shops can save reduce their production costs even further. 

Now you may be thinking, “that sounds awesome for the owner of an online vape shop, but why does this matter to me, the shopper?”

It’s simple. By reducing costs, online vape shops will then pass along the savings to their customers to provide more value and establish a stronger relationship. In other words, more and better vape deals, woohoo!

4. Online Vape Shops Have a Higher Standard of Customer Service

The nature of the internet creates an environment where online retailers must be extremely mindful of their digital reputation. Several bad reviews could decrease online stores average rating, resulting in hundreds of lost orders.

With the risk of earning a low-rating with each and every customer that visits the store, customer ratings are very important for online retailers and they will go above and beyond to protect their rating.

In addition, online vape shops understand that in the online market, a customer can easily go to another online store with similar offerings very very easily. To fight the constant risks of losing customers and receiving low reviews, a successful online store must truly value their customers and hold customer service to the highest standard. 

At eJuice.Deals, we quickly learned this lesson when we first launched and continue to strive to provide a premium experience for each and every customer. To date, we have served over 250,000 vapers around the world and are proud to have earned a 4.7-star average rating based on over 20,000 verified reviews.

5. It's Easier to Research and Compare Products at an Online Vape Shop

In order to earn a sale without actually being in front of a customer, it is essential for an online store to provide as much information as possible through their online store.

By creating easy access to a wide variety of helpful information, online vape shops allow customers to easily research products, compare their options, and make an informed purchase from the convenience of their home.

6. There's No "Buyer's Pressure" to Deal with at an Online Vape Shop

When you shop online, there’s no one there to hard-sell you or pressure you into buying something you’re not entirely sure you want. Even though a salesperson may genuinely want to help recommend a product to you, it naturally has an impact on your decision and could impact your buying experience. This is one of the downsides of shopping at any physical retailer.

When you shop at an online vape shop, the problem just doesn’t exist.

Plus, you can stay home, relax, and save even more money by not having to drive around and waste gas. Welcome to the good life.

7. Online Vape Shops Aren't Limited by Location

A good vape shop is like a good barber. When you find the perfect vape shop, it’s a wonderful experience; however, if you end up moving to another city or state, you’ll have to find a new vape shop near your new place, and that could be tough.

Separations are always so hard…

Unlike a physical retailer, once you find an online vape shop that’s perfect for your needs, you won’t ever have to break that special bond. Unless you move to another country, wherever you go, an online vape shop can continue to ship all your favorite eliquids and salt nic juice right to your door. At most, you may have to update your billing and shipping address. You certainly won't have to go to several different vape shops to find a certain product or which store offers the best price on it.

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