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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tropical Pucker Punch eJuice by Twist eLiquids Review - eJuice.Deals

Tropical Pucker Punch eJuice by Twist eLiquids Review

Tropical Pucker Punch eJuice by Twist eLiquids promises to bring a punch of refreshing fruit flavor to your vape tank. Our mission today is to determine just how accurate the promise is! I’ve had the pleasure of sampling some of the e-liquids from Twist eLiquids, but this will be my first official review of the brand. Tropical Pucker Punch eJuice happens to be one of their “mystery” fruit flavors, in which the actual fruits are shrouded in mystery. Since the actual fruits aren’t listed in the official description or anywhere on the label, this will be a unique flavor to review and I can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s jump into the review now, starting with the unboxing! 


Twist eLiquids has quite a large lineup of fruit, menthol, dessert, and other flavors in both freebase and nic-salt ejuices. We here at are proud to announce that we carry a little bit of everything from the Twist brand, allowing you to browse amongst our pages and pick out what you like! Let’s start out with the unboxing of this fruit punch ejuice now!

The two 60mL bottles come neatly packaged in a slim box, with the company brand and the e-liquid flavor name clearly stamped on the box in colorful letters. The background of the label and the box is a light silver that gradually fades into a dark silver. There are multi-colored bubbles that reminded me of carbonated water, but it doesn’t really fit the description of a “fruit punch” vape juice.

The box and the bottle label contained all of the same information, such as the warning label that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical. The nicotine level of 3mg was listed clearly on the top flap of the box as well as on the right and left sides. The company’s social media handle and bottle size were located on the bottom of the left and right sides of the box. The rear of the box had a gold medal image, along with the description that the Twist eLiquids company has won awards and presents this specific flavor. I also noticed that there was another warning label, list of ingredients, and company manufacturing information.

Located directly beneath that is the company website. I typed in the Twist eLiquids website and found it to be slightly confusing, as these e-liquids are available for sale within the US as well as internationally. When I tried to see how much the actual company sells their e-liquids for, I was redirected to a third-party website called Daddy’s Vapor. This was a little confusing as I was under the impression that Twist eLiquids was its own brand and company, but apparently Daddy's Vapor is the true parent company.

The actual label on the bottle was a bit more informative than the box. On the far left side of the label, I noted the various warnings, restrictions, and social media hashtag. It was in this section that I noted the ingredients in the e-liquid are actually kosher, something not listed on the box’s list of ingredients. Again, I found this a bit odd, but some companies choose to use kosher VG and PG for various reasons. The VG/PG ratio was listed directly above the barcode as a 70/30 VG/PG blend, with the expiration date listed directly below the barcode. I like this, as many companies either stamp the expiration date on the bottom of the bottle or not at all. The VG/PG ratio was a nice touch to have clearly marked, especially since the 70/30 blend is my preferred mix. Now that we’ve extensively covered the unboxing, let’s check out the fill-up!


Tropical Pucker Punch by Twist eLiquids comes in a two-pack of 60mL bottles for a total of 120mL. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll review the first 60mL bottle that I shook out of the box. The cap was child-proof, but unscrewed easily in a matter of seconds. I filled up my tank with ease, thanks to the slim fill-tip that required only a few light squeezes. The color of the e-liquid was completely clear. This surprised me for two reasons: 1) normally perfectly clear e-liquids come in a dark stained bottle but both the 60mL bottles were also completely clear. 2) Almost every e-liquid that has nicotine in it has a yellow tint. Some are more noticeably yellow than others, but this e-juice had absolutely no traces of yellow in it.

The consistency was extremely watery and even after a few gentle taps, the liquid was sloshing against the sides of the bottle. I held the open bottle near my nose to see if there was an identifiable fruit flavor that would clue me in to how it would taste when I vaped it. There was an extremely light fruit scent that reminded me of berries and a faint aroma of oranges. Overall, it smelled like a fruit punch beverage. I was very curious to see how this e-liquid would taste in cloud form, so I prepped my taste buds for this fruit flavor and took my first puff.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of fruit-flavored e-liquids. However, most of the fruit flavored e-liquids that I enjoy have the flavors pre-printed on the label or listed description. This ends up biasing me to hunt for those flavors within the cloud rather than guessing it based off of the taste alone. The description for Tropical Fruit Punch was extremely confusing: “exotic tropical fruit extracts.” I had no idea what to expect going into this taste test, which was a bit unnerving. But I was determined to see if this fruit punch e-juice had any defining flavors that I could detect. I took my first hit and paid close attention to both the inhale and the exhale. On the inhale, there was a light but distinct sweet flavor. It reminded me of strawberries and I do remember the heat of the cloud firing on the back of my tongue. On the exhale, I thought I detected notes of grape and a slight tartness that could have been cherry.

The re-inhalation of the clouds was very sweet and wonderfully pleasant. I found myself enjoying this fruit punch flavor, even though there was no specification as to which “tropical fruit extracts” made up this e-liquid. I also noted that the flavor had a good balance between being overly sweet due to the fruit flavor and becoming bland or boring. I vaped this flavor for about three tank fill-ups before desiring a stronger fruit flavor. The throat hit was a little on the lighter side, and I found myself wanting to chain-vape for more of the nicotine hit rather than the flavor.

If you think you’d like to try Tropical Pucker Punch by Twist eLiquid, you can get it right here on our website for only $18.99. Make sure to check out the nic-salt version of this vape juice too, as well as all of the other Twist eLiquid products we have available!


While I can’t say I was impressed with this e-juice, it was light on flavor but kept this light sweetness throughout the entire vaping session. Personally I would have liked a stronger throat hit and a more pronounced fruit flavor. It would have been nice to know exactly which fruits I was tasting rather than blindly guessing, but perhaps that’s part of the fun. For these reasons, I’d have to rate this flavor a 6 out of 10. There wasn’t anything wrong with this e-juice and it certainly kept my taste buds happy. But there wasn’t any of that WOW factor that I like in my fruit vape juices, making the name Tropical Pucker Punch a bit misleading, as I didn’t find anything powerful in the flavor that was strong enough to punch my taste buds into happy land. If you’re looking for a smooth and calming fruit flavor that is slightly above average in terms of flavor and throat hit, this might be just the e-juice for you.

What do you think about the Twist eLiquids? Have you tried this or any of the other e-juices in this brand’s lineup? Drop a comment in the section below! Vape juices are highly subjective to preferences and flavor palettes, so it’s always refreshing to hear what you as the reader think. We’ll be checking out some more of both the dessert and fruit vape juices in this line in the near future, so make sure to check back frequently! If you’re curious about our personal favorites for anything fruit flavored (or anything really), you can always reach out to us via phone, email, or social media. As always, we look forward to hearing from you soon! Until then, may your vape tank always be full of delicious e-liquid, and may the resulting clouds be sweet and puffy and everything you want in your cloud chasing session!

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