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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The 3 Best Sour Patch Flavored Vape Juices You Must Try - eJuice.Deals

The 3 Best Sour Patch Flavored Vape Juices You Must Try

As a kid, my number one favorite candy was Sour Patch Kids. Every Sunday, I’d head over to the corner bodega and wander around the candy aisle, pretending to search for the perfect candy. All the while I knew which one I wanted and I’m pretty sure the clerk did too. When I tired of looking at all the chocolates and bubblegums, I’d wander back to the soft and chewy candies sprinkled with sour sugar. That beautiful yellow and green package called out to me like a siren’s song. Before I knew it, I’d picked up several packs, handed over my cash, and skipped out the door.

Those memories are very special to me and every now and then, I’ll buy a pack of Sour Patch Kids for old times sake. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that several companies actually make their version of sweet and sour candy vape juice! I’ve had the pleasure of trying 3, which I’ll review today. You can check out two of the three vape juices I review right here at! I’ll include the links for those two when we get to them. And now, without further ado, let’s check out the e-liquid version of sweet and sour gummy candies!

Batch eJuice by Candy King

Batch eJuice by Candy King was my favorite of these e-liquids for the fantastic flavor and how easy it was to use the bottle. Candy King is a sub-brand of DripMore, who also makes Tropic King, Cookie King, and Milk King. Their flavors are usually very flavorful and last a while due to being sold in 100mL bottles. This was the second sweet and sour candy vape juice I had tried, and it quickly became my favorite. Although the packaging has gone through many changes since the first time I tried it, the flavor remains the same. What always surprised me about this e-liquid is that no matter the nicotine content, it was always a completely clear e-liquid. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30, which is standard for all of their e-liquids.

The plastic bottle was a little difficult to open, as the cap is a large child-proof one that is sealed tightly with plastic seals that must be broken. Once I was able to successfully twist the top cap off, I quickly filled up my tank. I was impressed with how quickly I was able to fill up my tank even though the drip tip was extremely thin and narrow. Be careful that you don’t fill up too quickly and don’t pay attention, or else the liquid will spill out of the top of the tank and you’ll be left with a sticky mess to clean up before you can take your first puff. Immediately upon unscrewing the cap, I could smell the sour flavor of the e-liquid, mingled with a sweet citrus. I wasted no time in filling up my tank and examined the liquid inside. The clear liquid was consistent and moved around easily through the tank. It wasn’t watery enough to burn the coil and it was just thick enough to not clog it. I was pleased with the color and consistency and eagerly took my first hit.

The flavor was immediately sour on the inhale and made me raise my eyebrows in surprise. The exhale was smooth and soothingly sweet, just like the commercial of first being sour and then being sweet. I was delighted with the freshness of the flavor and didn’t experience any dry mouth or threats of burnt hits, despite vaping at 150W. I vaped this flavor for several days without getting bored of it and was truly disappointed when the bottle was empty.

I rate the e-liquid as a 9, only because I would have liked the throat hit to be a bit stronger. The e-liquid was so clear it seemed like it was a 0mg nicotine content. I found myself chain-vaping this flavor and most likely burnt my coil out from constant use, not because of the e-liquid’s consistency.

Lemon eJuice by Naked 100 Fusion

Lemon eJuice by Naked 100 Fusion is Naked 100’s take on the favorite childhood candy. It’s actually the first e-liquid rendition of the candy I ever tried. Since it was from an extremely well-known brand, I was curious to see how it would measure up to the actual candy. The 60mL bottle was clear and so was the liquid, despite containing 3mg of nicotine. The label was very cute and showed lemons, limes, and a familiar shaped gummy candy. The VG/PG ratio was 70/30, one of the most popular rations in e-liquid.

The bottle was easy enough to open, but after a while I found that the e-liquid dropper became a little difficult to unscrew. I also wasn’t happy that the 60mL was a glass one, but I do see that now they come in a childproof plastic bottle with a much better screw-off lid and a thin bottle tip for easy refills. My first whiff upon unscrewing the top was a gentle whiff of sourness. It wasn’t quite lemon-y, lime-y, or candy scented, but just a light sour flavor. I filled up my tank with the liquid and noted that it was very watery, sloshing around easily within the tank. This got me a little concerned because many watery e-liquids will burn the coil much easier.

Nevertheless, I filled up my tank and took my first puff. The flavor was light and clean, with a hint of lemon and lime, followed by a tinge of sweetness. The first few puffs were flavorful, but over time the flavor felt flat and like it was right on the edge of giving a dry hit or a burnt flavor. Maybe this is because I vape on a high wattage (150W on a TFV12 coil), but with a high VG, this shouldn’t have been an issue.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this e-liquid a 6. I felt like the liquid should have been thicker and more flavorful. The name brand is one of the most well-known in the industry, but I’ve tried nearly all of their flavors and felt the same way. I also wasn’t happy with the glass bottle and dropper that didn’t fill up all the way. I didn’t like that the liquid was so clear even though it had 3mg of nicotine. And finally, I didn’t like that the flavor was only good for a few hits and then felt like I was vaping a flavorless nothing.

Savage Patch by OG Patch

Savage Patch by OG Patch is a less known brand that specializes in sweet and sour candy flavors. Now the other two brands you’ve undoubtedly heard of, as they’re heavy hitters in the vape industry. But despite being the underdog, this e-liquid was my number two favorite, beating Naked 100 easily. This e-liquid comes in two 60mL bottles, adding up to a whopping 120mL for a similar price as the well known brands.

The liquid was clear and had a very faint yellowish/pinkish hue to it, thanks to the 3mg of nicotine. The label was playful with the graffiti style font and showed citrus slices tangled in a vine of green sourness. The VG/PG ratio was 70/30, which is what I prefer my e-liquids to have. The plastic bottle had a plastic child proof seal that was a little difficult to twist off, but screwed on and off very easily. Tank fill-ups were a breeze thanks to the thin plastic drip tip (no detachable glass droppers here!).

My first whiff of the e-liquid was shocking, as it smelled exactly like the actual candy, right down to the sour sugar crystals! It smelled like sweet citrus, sour sugar, and chewy goodness all in a vape juice. I filled up my tank eagerly and noted that the consistency of the juice was an excellent balance of not too sludgy and not too watery. My first hit of the vape juice was smooth and perfectly sour on the inhale, while sweet and citrus-y on the exhale. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was vaping the actual candy in e-liquid form. My one complaint was that the vape juice left my mouth feeling dry after a few hits. The flavor was excellent, but I found myself getting a glass of water after vaping this juice for a few pulls.

I rate this e-liquid as an 8.5 because of the excellent sweet and sour flavor. The liquid was thick enough to keep a smooth flavor and watery enough not to clog the coils. I loved the two 60mL plastic bottles and the fact that this was a lesser known brand. If not for the dry mouth sensation after a few pulls, I would have loved it even more. I was able to vape this all-day for three days straight, which is unusual for me because I get bored with flavors often and need a change-up.


If you’re a fan of Sour Patch Kids or any sour flavors in general, you’ve got to try these delicious vape juice flavors! I understand that e-liquid reviews are very difficult because taste buds are subjective and therefore difficult to describe. However, I’ve tried to do my best in offering my true opinion on each of these vape juices. If you’re curious to see the different renditions of your favorite childhood sweet, my advice would be to try the Batch by Candy King. It’s much easier to find this flavor, as most online and in-store retailers will have it. Savage Patch by OG Patch did seem to have more flavor, but it will be difficult to find this one easily as you would Candy King. And Naked 100 I would avoid altogether, as the watery consistency and fading flavor aren’t something I enjoy in a vape juice. What are your thoughts on the e-liquids we’ve reviewed today? Do you know another sweet and sour flavor that’s similar to these? Drop a comment below! We always love to hear from you. Until next time, fellow vapers! Enjoy your sweet and sour clouds for days and may your tank never be empty!

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