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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Strawberry Jam eJuice by Jam Monster Review - eJuice.Deals

Strawberry Jam eJuice by Jam Monster Review

Get ready to scream in fright and delight with our newest e-liquid review of Strawberry eLiquid by Jam Monster! This monstrously flavorful e-liquid might terrorize your taste buds, but you can be sure they’ll come running back for more! Jam Monster is a subsidiary of Monster Vape Labs; you can check out their other lineups that include Fruit Monster, Jam Monster, Ice Monster, etc. and so much more. I’ve reviewed several of their flavors from Custard Monster, but today we’ll be checking out a strawberry jam e-liquid that might very well steal your taste buds away!


Strawberry by Jam Monster is one of ten e-liquids in the jam e-liquid variety. They have several limited editions of their jams, as well as a Banana Jam that has definitely made me curious! But for now, let’s check out the packaging of this particular e-liquid.

The 100mL plastic bottle comes in a red cardboard box that is both playful and foreboding. The image on the front shows a red checked gingham being covered by a dripping wave of red jam. A sinister looking monster with white slit eyes peers just under the dripping jam, which I thought was an excellent design (although I’ve been told this has been removed in the newer designs). On the left side of the box, several other vape juice flavors are listed, allowing you to see which ones you can try if you like this particular e-liquid flavor. On the right side, you can view the flavor percentages of all the flavorings used in the creation of this vape juice. For this vape juice, it showed that the Strawberry Jam made up 50% of the flavoring, while Butter and Toast each made up 25% of the flavoring. The VG/PG ratio is a unique 75/25 ratio, slightly different from the popular 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

The 100mL bottle showed all of the same information listed on the box, including a dripping blob with 3mg in the center. You can also get this e-liquid in 0mg or 6mg, but I chose the 3mg as that’s my preferred nicotine content. The bottle also listed the company website (which you can check out here), as well as their social media handles and hashtags. I noted that the company website listed Strawberry eJuice for $26.99, but you can snag an excellent deal by purchasing it from us here for only $12.99! I also noticed there was a detailed ingredient list, as well as the customary warnings and manufacturing information. Lastly, I loved that there was a batch number and expiration date clearly marked on a white rectangular box at the bottom of the label. Most companies don’t always provide those, but I was delighted that this particular bottle had that information. Now that we’ve exhaustively covered the unboxing, let’s check out the fillup!


The clear chubby gorilla bottle comes with a childproof cap, but this was easy to unscrew. I loved how the red label left a little space between the edges so that I could see how much e-liquid was left. Thanks to this, I was able to note the consistency and color of the e-liquid. The e-liquid was light yellow in color, similar to canola oil. The consistency was smooth and fluid, very similar to canola oil as well. The consistency surprised me though, as many dessert e-liquids are sludgy and can kill the coil much quicker than fruit or candy flavored e-liquid. I felt confident that I could use this e-liquid for the entirety of the bottle without needing to replace the coil (which was true!).

Once I had removed the childproof cap, I noted that the fill-tip was slim and allowed me to fill up my tank quickly and without mess. I was very surprised to see that, once in my tank, the e-liquid looked a lot lighter than in the bottle. The e-liquid was much lighter (it had only a tinge of yellow) and was actually a lot thicker inside the tank. The scent of the e-liquid was mouthwatering and I could easily detect the sticky sweetness of the strawberry jam scent. There was a faint buttery aroma as well, an incredible feat considering that the butter flavor only makes up a quarter of this particular vape juice. This was quite a unique vape juice to smell, and I was very curious how this would translate in the actual taste test. Let’s check that out now!


On the Monster Lab’s official website, Strawberry eJuice is described as “STRAWBERRY JAM + BUTTER + TOAST = 🔥🔥🔥.” I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this, but I was also curious to see if this bold statement was accurate. I filled up my tank and immediately took a deep puff. My initial reaction was, “wow, that’s sweet!” The inhale had a very light strawberry favor, but this strawberry jam flavor became more pronounced in the exhale. I tasted the butter at the end of the exhale and marveled at how smooth it was.

However, I’m not sure I ever tasted the toast flavor even though it makes up 25% on the e-liquid flavoring. I know that when you mix more than two flavors together, the third flavor tends to get lost. I took several hits of the e-liquid to try to find the toast flavor, but all I really tasted was the strawberry jam and the butter. Maybe the toast was more on the inhale, but honestly I had a hard time finding it. However, I didn’t see this as a bad thing since I preferred the delicious flavor of the strawberry jam. The strawberry jam tasted sweet and sticky, just like the real thing! I thought it tasted very similar to the Smucker’s glass jar of strawberry jam and kept taking multiple hits just to get more of that rich flavor. I noted that there was a light buttery aftertaste that lingered on my tongue which was not at all unpleasant.

I was very surprised at how tasty this e-liquid was. My first experience with Jam Monster was with their Grape eJuice, which I wasn’t terribly fond of (I felt like I tasted way too much butter and not enough grape jam). But Strawberry was a totally different vape experience, in a good way! I actually used up the entire bottle before writing this review, and had to ration my vape juice to last long enough to review everything! The scent of the clouds was just as sweet as the actual flavor, and once again, I had several people ask me what I was vaping! The throat hit was light but satisfying, and I didn’t get any dry hits or coughing fits while using it. I highly enjoyed the sticky strawberry taste, along with the smooth and buttery exhale at the end.


I can honestly say that Jam Monster did an excellent job with this e-liquid. I’d have to rate this e-liquid as a 9, only because I wasn’t able to detect any toast in the flavor. I do understand that toast must be a very odd flavor to pick out of a dessert flavored e-liquid, but since it’s mentioned in the percentages as being 25%, I felt like this taste should have been a little more detectable. This is in no way detrimental to the overall flavor of the vape juice. The strawberries were warm and sun-ripened, the jam was sweet and sticky, and the butter was smooth and creamy. I definitely recommend all strawberry and dessert lovers to check out this e-juice, especially as an all-day vape juice. The design of the bottle and the listing of the flavor percentages was professional and well-done. The nicotine was satisfying and the vape juice consistency was safe enough for an entire bottle use without damaging the coil. Try out Strawberry eJuice by Jam Monster. I promise you won’t regret it!

What are some of your favorite strawberry e-liquids? Have you tried any of the other e-liquids offered by Jam Monster or Monster Vape Labs? Let me know your experiences in the comments below! I know we’ve been reviewing a lot from this brand lately, but with so many delicious e-liquid flavors, I love bragging on how deliciously flavorful they are! I’m more of a fruit and candy e-juice type of vaper, but nearly every single one of the Monster Vape Lab e-liquids I’ve tried has been well-worth what I paid for it.

Check back with us soon for a delicious vape juice review, a DIY e-liquid article, or a commonly asked vape question that we’re only too happy to answer. If you have a question that you’d like answered, shoot us an email, a phone call, or DM on social media. We’d love the opportunity to be your one stop vape shop, wherever you may be! As always, may your tank always be full of mouthwatering all-day vape juice and may your clouds always be full of delicious flavor!

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