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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Should I Try A Vape Subscription Service? Two Popular Sites We Checked Out! - eJuice.Deals

Should I Try A Vape Subscription Service? Two Popular Sites We Checked Out!

Using a vape subscription service might seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you’re on a budget. But when you take into account how much you appreciate Netflix, Hulu, and other subscription services, using a service to send you vape juice might just be the thing to save you time and money!

In our last article, we touched on a few things that might help alleviate some of the stress involved with finding a new flavor. Today we’ll be going over two of the most popular sites and see what both have to offer. Let’s check out the more popularly known ZampleBox first, and then we’ll compare VapeBox to it.


Zamplebox is touted for being the first subscription service for vape juices. This site was in its infancy when I first heard about it several years ago. VapeBox is the second vape subscription service I found and is very comparable to ZampleBox, with the exception that VapeBox sells hardware as well. We’ll go over that when we start comparing the subscription plans, but our main focus is the e-liquids for monthly subscriptions.

I thought the idea of vape juice supplies as a subscription was a great one, but at the time, I wasn’t interested in adding it to my list of recurring purchases. Now that I’ve looked over it again, I think a vape subscription might be just the thing to spice up my vape life! We’ll start out comparing both sites, in terms of the subscription price, bottle sizes, how many brands are available, and customization options.

     1. PRICE & SIZE

All of the bottles in the plans for both ZampleBox and VapeBox are 30mL bottles. I think this is genius, considering that if you hate the flavor, you won’t be stuck with a large amount of undesirable e-liquid.

Zamplebox offers three different subscription plans, a great way for anxious vapers to test the water as well as for budget-conscious vapers to enjoy the benefits. The first plan offers three bottles for $19.99, making the bottles around $6.66 each in price. The next plan doubles the bottle count from three to six, but only raises the price $10 for a total price of $29.99. This makes each bottle come out to around $5 per bottle. The final plan comes out to twelve 30mL bottles for only $49.99, making each bottle cost $4.17 per bottle. Obviously the more bottles you subscribe for, the cheaper the cost. Just make sure you can go through twelve bottles a month before your new shipment arrives! If you’re choosing nic-salts, keep in mind this adds an extra $1 per bottle.

VapeBox actually has five subscription plans, starting off with a sampler plan of 120mL for only $18 (meaning 4 bottles of e-juice for $4.50 a bottle) all the way up to a whopping Enthusiast Plan of $240mL and 1-2 pieces of hardware for only $60 ($3.75 for each 30mL plus the cost of the hardware). You can also choose two different nic-salt plans for either $35 a month ($11.40 for each 30mL) or $50 a month (equaling a combination of nic-salt e-liquid, devices, pods, etc.).


For ZampleBox, you start off by selecting the number of bottles you want per month. Next, you choose your preferred nicotine content. You can choose 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg for the freebase nicotine e-liquids, or you can go with 25mg or 50mg for nicotine salt e-liquids. The next page asks you to toggle “yes” or “no” to four different e-liquid categories: fruit, dessert, menthol, and tobacco. You can select all four or just one. You can get more specific on the next page, choosing things like “strawberry,” “fruity candy,” and “milkshake.” I got curious and started typing in odd requests like licorice, ice cream, and green tea. All of these popped up! You can note which flavors you’d like to avoid on the next page. Some options were “smoky,” “bourbon,” and “boba.” Again, my imagination ran wild so I typed in odd requests like “avocado,” “papaya,” and “spruce.” You’ll want to get really specific with this as there’s so many weird and eclectic flavors out there, so be prepared to spend some time on the Likes and Dislikes section. The final tab requests your account information, including billing and shipping information, order summary, payment information, and age verification. You’ll be asked to toggle two boxes in order to complete the checkout, confirming your age and the service agreement. You can enter in a coupon code or add additional bottles to your order before you click the checkout icon.

For VapeBox, you click Subscribe and choose your plan. The next page asks you if you’re new to vaping so they know whether or not to send you a vape starter kit. If you already have your vape hardware, they’ll send you new hardware that will work with your current setup. On the next page, you can choose if you’d prefer to get mods, RTA’s/RDA’s, or tanks. You can choose one or all four! The next page was very similar to Zamplebox, as it asks you to select at least three flavors that you like. You’re not able to specify which ones, but rather general flavors like cereal, custards, and fruits. The next page has a long list you’ll have to scroll through to make your selection of dislikes, but it was simpler than Zamplebox as it didn’t force you to think about which flavors you didn’t like. The following page asked your nicotine preferences, ranging from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 6mg+. The page after that was exactly what I was looking for that Zamplebox didn’t offer: customization options! You could select up to three of six available products, and allow VapeBox to choose the remaining ones. Or you could click an option to completely surprise you. The second-to-last page asked you for any notes or special requests about your sample box, which was optional (i.e. request for a rainbow finish or a strong dislike for anything watermelon flavored). The final page allowed you to go over all of your current selections and edit anything before entering your information. Then you were redirected to a page where you could sign up or log in to your account.


One thing I didn’t like about the selection process for Zamplebox was that there wasn’t any information on which brands you’ll be receiving. The site states that there are over three hundred brands from some of the best brands in the United States. However, it doesn’t give you the option to select your preferred brands or steer clear of ones you know you don’t like. If you click on the “Buy Vape Juice” or “Super Deals” tab at the top of the screen, you can browse through which e-liquids you want to purchase individually.

The retail store for VapeBox was extremely detailed and showcased brands I’d heard of before like Kilo, Pachamama, Vapetasia, etc. It was very similar to an online vape shop with a subscription service tacked on. I was much happier with the VapeBox design and decided if I did go with a subscription service, I’d be more satisfied choosing VapeBox over Zamplebox.


While I understand vape subscriptions may not be for everyone, both Zamplebox and VapeBox are excellent options for beginner and advanced vapers alike. These services allow you to try different bottles of e-liquids in small bottles instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money on a large 120mL bottle without even trying it. I learned quite a bit browsing around on both the sites and concluded that they were very professional and easy to navigate. But you shouldn’t take my word for it! Check out either of the sites to see what your best options are. Have you tried either of these sites before? What are some of your experiences with a monthly vape subscription? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re not interested in a monthly subscription, you can always check out our Mystery Grab Bag and get a surprise box as often as you like! Hopefully this article has been able to give you some clarity on subscription services and what to expect when you visit either site. Check back with us tomorrow where we’ll jump back into our e-liquid reviews with Choco Cream eJuice by Cookie King! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us via social media, phone, or email. Until then, may your tank always be full of mouthwatering e-liquid and may the resulting puffy clouds be stuffed with delicious flavor!

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