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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Killer Kustard eJuice by Vapetasia Review - eJuice.Deals

Killer Kustard eJuice by Vapetasia Review

Presto, vape-o, and here we go! Today we have a deliciously creamy and wonderfully smooth vanilla custard vape juice that will please even the pickiest of vanilla e-liquid lovers! The flavor of the day happens to be Killer Kustard eJuice by Vapetasia! Vapetasia actually has quite a few vape flavors under their belt, ranging from menthols, fruits, and other dessert flavors. I believe I have a Peach Lemonade by Vapetasia in my collection, so I’ll try to review that as well soon. For now, let’s check out one of the best known custard flavors in the industry, brought to you by the one and only Vapetasia!


Killer Kustard eJuice is available in a 60mL, a 100mL, or in a nic-salt version. Today I’m reviewing the 100mL version (go big or go home, right?) but you can always choose the 60mL to see if you like it. Vapetasia recently underwent a design change, so the bottle label that I’m describing may be a little different than the ones you see in the store. One thing I found extremely odd is that you can’t buy e-liquids from Vapetasia’s website directly. You have to buy it off an actual e-juice retailer like us. Here at, we used to sell it but had to move on to bigger and better flavors. You can still check out the rest of the e-liquids that we offer from Vapetasia here, but unfortunately our stock of Killer Kustard Original is out. But whoever you purchase it from, you can verify everything I say in this review is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Let’s begin!

The label is pretty plain, but sometimes simplicity is best. The yellow label has a black stripe running through it near the top, and the brand name sits neatly near the top in a legible cursive font. There’s a picture of falling custard placed right in the center of the label, with the words Killer Kustard, 100mL, and 3mg located right beneath it. On the back of the label, the nicotine content (3mg), VG/PG ratio (70/30), and bottle size (100mL) are clearly displayed in bold letters. The ingredient list, warning labels, manufacturing information, and brand logo are listed on the rear as well.

One thing that I noticed was that in the ingredient list, the last ingredient is 100% foreign grown tobacco. I’ve seen this as a disclaimer on vape juices before, but never put two and two together to realize that tobacco is an ingredient in some vape juices, even though the tobacco flavor isn’t mentioned in the description or name. I’ll try to do some research and figure out why some companies add tobacco directly to their vape juices (even if it’s not a tobacco flavor) and I’ll get back to you with my findings. For now, let’s check out the fill-up part of the review!


The chubby 100mL bottle is perfectly clear and easy to see the level of e-liquid left, as well as the color and consistency. The yellow label is bright and cheery, but the label leaves a huge space between the edges that gives you more than enough room to see where your e-juice level is at. The color of the e-liquid was a light yellow, similar to extra virgin olive oil. The consistency of the e-liquid was fluid, a good balance of not overly thick but watery enough to slosh easily back and forth.

I was able to unscrew the child-proof cap off fairly easily to reveal a slender fill tip. The bottle was a little difficult to squeeze the e-juice into my tank, but it filled up quickly. I noticed that once the e-juice was in my tank, the e-liquid consistency and color remained the same. I had told the bottle of e-liquid very close to my nose to get an accurate scent, but I was able to detect the familiar smell of vanilla (very similar to Nilla Wafers). This was a very simple smell, but as an avid lover of all things vanilla, I was very curious to see how this sweet and inviting smell translated into the taste test. Let’s jump right into that part of the review now!


Vapetasia’s website has an elaborate description of Killer Kustard: “An enchanting mix of vanilla and creamy custard, reaching the perfect harmony of sweet and savory.” I took my first hit of the e-liquid and was immediately transported to a world of smooth vanilla goodness. The vanilla flavor was warm and smooth on the inhale, but the exhale was strong and purely vanilla. I was able to detect the custard in the beginning of the exhale, but the vanilla flavor lingered on my tongue several minutes after the exhale. I kept wanting to chew the clouds because the flavor reminded me so strongly of a vanilla pudding/custard dessert.

The clouds were every bit as yummy as the actual inhale. Several times I inhaled the clouds through my nose immediately after I had exhaled through my mouth (also know as the reverse waterfall trick) just to keep enjoying the vanilla taste. I went through several tankfulls of this e-liquid because the flavor was just that good. The flavor never faded even after multiple hits. I relished the fact that despite this being a dessert flavor, my mouth never got dried out or tired of vaping this e-juice. I can easily recommend this as an all-day vape, because that’s exactly what I did. The throat hit was smooth and satisfying, lasting for several seconds before I took another hit.


This was hands-down one of the best vanilla flavors I have ever tried, and I would gladly recommend this to all vanilla and dessert e-liquid fans. I rate Killer Kustard as a 10 out of 10, as there was literally nothing wrong with this e-liquid. The bottle was clear, the consistency was a perfect balance to not clog your coils or deliver a dry hit, and the label was simple yet so informative at the same time. The actual vape juice packed a ton of flavor in each hit, simple in that it only has one flavor (vanilla custard), but powerful enough to not need extra flavors. The flavor lasted for several seconds after the exhale, never got flat or boring even after multiple hits, and the nicotine was pleasant and not at all overwhelming. I usually don’t rate e-liquids at a perfect 10, but I could not find anything wrong with the presentation, product, or taste. And trust me, I tried! Multiple vanilla e-liquid lovers have reached out to me and told me this was one of their go-to favorites to use for days at a time. If you’re looking for an excellent dessert flavor but are uncertain where to begin, you literally can’t go wrong with this vape juice. Vanilla is such a simple flavor, and yet, it becomes complex and comforting in this superb e-liquid concoction from Vapetasia.

Have you tried Killer Kustard or any other e-liquids from Vapetasia? How was your experience with it? What are some of your favorite vanilla vape juices? Let us know in the comments below! Vanilla may be viewed as too simple to truly appreciate, but one puff of this e-juice and you’ll soon change your mind! If you have any questions about this or any of the other e-liquids we offer on our site, you can always contact us via social media, phone, or email. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions! Check back with us next time as we review an e-liquid from The Big Bottle Co.! As always, vape happy, my friends! May your tank always be full of deliciously tasty e-liquid and may your clouds always be refreshing and satisfying with every puff!

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