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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JUUL Starter Kit: Quitting Made Easy - eJuice.Deals

JUUL Starter Kit: Quitting Made Easy

After decades of warnings by the Surgeon General about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, millions of Americans have decided to take the plunge and attempt to quit smoking by bridging the time between smoking and quitting with vaping. Smoking cigarettes exposes you to thousands of toxic chemicals, including carbon monoxide, while vaping, you inhale vapor that is created by heating nicotine that has been removed from tobacco and, therefore, not exposing you to the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes.



EJuice Deals has more than just juice. We offer several varieties of vaping devices like vape pod and vape mod systems. However, one of our biggest sellers is the ever popular JUUL Kits. The founders of JUUL, former smokers themselves, revolutionized the vaping industry forever by inventing a type of vape pen that mimicked smoking cigarettes as opposed to larger devices like pods or mods.



How it Works


The JUUL kit is the simplest and most user-friendly alternative to cigarettes on the market. Like the vape pen, the JUUL device comes with a battery and a heating element, but JUUL is a closed pod system, which means that the pod comes pre-filled with nicotine salt based eliquid that you dispose of when empty instead of having to pour more liquid into the reservoir of a regular vape pen. Then the cartridge is replaced with a full one. When the pod is inserted, gently tap device twice to show charge level. Green means fully-charged, yellow means medium, and red indicates a low charge.



JUUL is the size of a regular cigarette, but it is rectangular in shape, as opposed to rounded, making it lightweight and easily transported compared to larger versions of vape pods and vape mods. Also, in contrast to pods and mods, JUUL does not have any switches or buttons to get started, but is activated by simply inhaling. Upon inhale, sensors activate the battery to power up and vaporize the liquid. The light indicator glows during use to reflect pull strength and while charging. Having a closed pod system stops liquids from escaping through the mouthpiece and eliminates spillage because there is nothing to refill.



JUUL Starter Kits


We pride ourselves on being able to offer diverse portfolios of products for those who enjoy vaping recreationally, but also for those who want to change bad habits. The JUUL Starter Kit does just that.



Right now at EJuice Deals, the JUUL Starter Kit is marked down 14% from $34.99 to $29.99. The JUUL Starter Kit features internal temperature regulation; small battery with a high discharge rate that yields about 200 drags per charge; juice and cartridge sponge wick system; and one hour timing to a full charge.



The JUUL Starter Kit is available it sleek silver and slate colors and includes the battery, the USB charging dock/magnetic USB charger, and 2 pods, one each of four featured flavors: Virginia Tobacco; Mint; Crème; and Mango.



To purchase your discounted JUUL Starter Kit and start your journey to quitting cigarettes today, head over to our site to customize your JUUL Starter Kit now!



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