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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist Eliquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist Eliquid Review

One of my favorite summer drinks has always been pink lemonade (from Country Time). Something about that light pink color and the tart sweetness that is far superior to ordinary lemonade, you know? Imagine my delight to discover that there’s an e-liquid rendition of this summer beverage! Today I’ll be reviewing Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist, a menthol and pink lemonade delight! While I’m usually a little skeptical of lemon flavors, I decided to brave the tart citrus due to my love of the refreshing flavor of the real thing! So come on, let’s check it out!


Lemon Twist is a subrand of the Twist Liquids (Cookie Twist, Melon Twist, Fruit Twist, Berry Twist, etc.) and comes in both a menthol and non-menthol version. I chose the menthol version to try and imitate the refreshing ice cubes in the actual beverage. Plus, that icy flavor is absolutely divine in the heat of the summer! You can also choose to get a single 60mL or two 60mL bottles in one box, as well as nic-salts and disposables, so there’s quite a bit of variety with these vape juices. I chose the single 60mL bottle, which we offer here for $11.99 (compared to $12.99 on the Twist Eliquids website) or $17.99 here for the two 60mL pack (compared to $27.99 on the company website. While it does make more financial sense to choose the double 60mL pack, I wasn’t sure how I’d like this e-liquid. I’d rather use a single bottle of a flavor I do like, than to be stuck with two 60mL bottles that I won’t use.

The presentation for this single bottle is very well done, showing the company name in big block letters on the top of the label and Iced Pink Punch in bold letters on the bottom of the label. There was a large warning banner on the bottom of both the front and rear of the label stating how this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. The label had a blue and pink ombre color, complete with little silver squares that were undoubtedly supposed to be ice cubes. The label wrapped nearly all the way around the bottle, leaving about an inch to view the remaining e-liquid level. The nicotine level (3mg) was clearly displayed on the front, along with the size (60mL). The entire bottle is a pink plastic, an amusing nod to the e-liquid’s flavor. However, due to the color of the plastic, I wasn’t able to view the e-liquid’s color or an accurate gauge of the e-liquid’s consistency. But I was so amused with the fun vibrancy of the bottle, I didn’t really care!

The rear label was interesting as well, as it displayed an Instagram handle, a website for inquiries, and an expiration date right below the barcode. A warning label was tucked neatly in the top left hand corner, followed by an admonition to keep the product away from children and pets, and to not drink the e-liquid. One thing I found unique about this product is that in the ingredient list, the VG and PG are USP Kosher. I never even knew Kosher vape juice was a thing, but I guess that’s the fact of the day I got to learn! The 70/30 VG/PG ratio is displayed right above the barcode, which I found extremely useful as not all companies provide that on the bottle anymore. Now that we’ve gone over the packaging and general appearance of the bottle right out of the box, let’s check out the fillup!


Being that the bottle was pink, it made it impossible to see the color of the e-liquid until I poured it in the tank. I also had an unpleasant experience when I tried opening the bottle. The childproof cap was so tightly attached to the safety seal that I couldn’t open it immediately. I ended up twisting so hard that the cap broke off in my hand and now I wasn’t able to re-screw the cap back on. I forgot that the cap wasn’t on properly when I put it in my bag; when I went to get something out of my bag, over half of the bottle had leaked into my bag. Granted, it smelled delicious, but the sticky e-liquid ruined several things in my bag and made it very difficult to clean up. I’m sure this isn't the case with every bottle, but just be careful if you have trouble opening your bottle.

The drip tip is slim and easy to insert in my tank’s fill port. I did notice that despite the 3mg of nicotine in this e-juice, the liquid was completely clear. The consistency seemed to be pretty watery, as it moved around fluidly in both the tank and the bottle. I was a little worried to see this because watery liquids have a tendency to burn the coil if you vape it to frequently (also known as chain vaping). In spite of these concerns, I proceeded to fill my tank up after only a few squeezes of the bottle. The scent of the e-liquid wafted to my nostrils, even while filling the tank. And the scent...ohhhhh myyyy goshhhh. It’s a good thing the warning label tells you not to drink the e-liquid, because this vape juice smells EXACTLY like the powdered pink lemonade from Country Time Lemonade. With a tantalizing scent like that, I immediately wondered how this flavor would taste upon vaping it. Let’s get to that part now!


This was my first time trying a Lemon Twist eLiquid and as I mentioned before in the introduction, I’m a little nervous about trying lemon-flavored vape juices. However, Iced Pink Punch was pretty damn good! I noticed that on the inhale, there wasn’t much flavor, perhaps a faint lemon tartness. All three flavors (lemonade, pink sweetness, and menthol) came through on the exhale, one after the other. It was a pretty impressive exhale, as I wasn’t expecting to be able to taste each one of the flavors. The lemon came out strong and tart, but was immediately softened by the “pink flavor” if you will, a soft and sweet taste that made me want more. The menthol was the biggest surprise, as it came at the very end of the exhale. The cooling menthol stayed on my tongue and pleasantly intensified until my tongue felt like it was tingling! The menthol gradually faded and I noted that the 3mg of nicotine produced a very satisfying throat hit, not too strong but noticeable enough to not need a second hit right away.

The scent of the clouds was sweet to inhale, both as first-hand vapor back into my nostrils and second-hand vapor to passerby. One thing I was disappointed in was that my suspicions of this being too watery of an e-juice were confirmed. I noted that if I took too many hits too quickly, I got a burnt taste from not letting the coil soak up enough e-juice for the next pull. And this is such a smooth and flavorful e-juice that it’s hard to resist taking multiple hits in rapid succession.


Overall, I rate Iced Pink Punch from Lemon Twist a 7 out of 10. I was extremely surprised with this e-juice and used it for several tankfuls. The exhale is by far one of my favorite vaping experiences, because I could easily detect each part of the ejuice flavoring. The sweetness of this e-juice is perfectly balanced by the menthol and if not for the occasional burnt hit (from the thinness of the vape juice), I’d have no problem vaping this flavor all day, especially in the summer! But because of the thinness of the vape juice, I’m constantly worrying if it’s a burnt flavor I taste due to the fact that my coil actually is going or if the coil isn’t able to soak up the e-liquid fast enough. I was a little annoyed that the bottle prevents me from seeing the color and consistency of the vape juice until it’s in my tank. And lastly, I wasn’t pleased about the cap breaking off and making it impossible to properly close the bottle and carry it around with me. Again, this may have been a rare occasion, but it was enough to deter me from making this purchase again.

What other lemon flavors or pink lemonade vape juices have you tried? Is this vape juice one of your favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always fun to hear from our vapers around the world. Have you tried anything else from the Twist E-liquid family? Share your experiences with the rest of us! Here at, we pride ourself on attention to detail, customer service, and of course, the best prices in the industry! We’re constantly updating our products and prices, so check back with us often for killer deals and awesome reviews for juices we currently offer and other vape juices we recommend. As always, vape happy, fellow cloud chasers! We hope your tank is full of delicious and delightful e-juice, and we hope your clouds are puffy and chock full of full-bodied flavor!

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